Master x slave reader lemon

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Warnings: Smut. Female reader. Talks about slavery. Obi-Wan and reader are of age. I would say The hot suns of Tatoonie beat down on Master x slave reader lemon neck. His Master, Qui-Gon Jinn spoke quietly with one of the locals.

The local gestured to some cantina telling Qui-Gon Jinn it was a cheap place to get food and water and maybe somewhere to rest for night, if the locals were kind and the Jedi were lucky. Qui-Gon beckoned his padawan to follow him towards the cantina. Loud music and chatting could be heard outside the building. Obi-Wan and his master walked through the busy cantina, people eyeing them suspiciously as they walked past. Finding an empty table, they sat and ordered some food and something to drink. They softly talked about their mission and how they were going to find somewhere to stay for the night.

Deciding upon walking the streets to find somewhere to stay was their best option. Deep in the quiet alleyways of Anchorhead lie a sinister system. Not the usual working slaves. Women enslaved for their beauty. Most of the slaves were Twi'lek, but some were humans. Her attire left little to be imagined, and the chains around her neck and hands seemed to be irritating her skin. Never been used yet. Despite her chained wrists she attempted to reach for her sore neck. Her slaver grabbed her by her long braided hair, her throat on full display, she knew he had a blade and would most definitely kill her.

Obi-Wan could see the fear in her eyes. He thought for a moment. Obi-Wan was shocked, this was the first time he had used the force this way and it worked. He stepped forward and the girl flinched. Let me take off your chains. He looked at her attire, giving himself a mental reminder to cleanse himself after this mission. He hesitated before taking off his deep brown robe and handing it to the girl.

She took it and wrapped it around herself. We will keep you safe. Qui-Gon was puzzled to see his padawan with a girl who was wearing his robes. Obi-Wan and the mysterious girl got into the room Qui-Gon had found. Obi-Wan sat next to the girl, giving her plenty of space since she did seem timid.

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I would die if I had to do another dance for creepy criminals. Obi-Wan tried to keep his eyes on her face, but as the robe opened more it was hard to focus. The girl turned to look at him, his red face caused her to smile. Her hand reached up to brush his cheekbone slightly. Their lips touched for a moment but before they could do anything else Obi-Wan sensed his Master.

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Qui-Gon entered the room, tossing some clothes into her bed for the girl. Getting up and walking to the bathroom to change. Will you be fine here with the girl? Qui-Gon Jinn bid his padawan goodnight and left to go to his own room. The door to the bathroom opened. Her long hair was still in a braid, cascading down her back and Obi-Wan swore he had never seen anyone as beautiful as she. She handed Obi-Wan back his robe and gave him a smile, silently thanking him. Her hand reached out to touch his long Padawan braid.

Her fingers gently touched the be woven in. I think it would be rude of me to make you sleep on the couch, especially after you rescued me. I will be fine on the couch. The howling of the wind outside was all that could be heard and the occasional yelling from the cantina down the street. Obi-Wan could hear the girl tossing and turning. He looked in her direction, her back was turned to him but she saw how she curled in a ball. He wondered what it was like, being sold into sex slavery by your own family, just for a few credits.

The girl rolled over again, facing Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan knee it was wrong, but nevertheless, he got up and walked towards the bed, laying down. He faced the girl and her eyes bore into his. Her small hand reached out to hold his hand. He would surely have to meditate when he got back to the temple. The kiss was gentle, and inexperienced. Obi-Wan cursed himself for craving this so much, to be kissed, to be held, to be loved.

Obi-Wan looked at her with curiosity. Obi-Wan gulped, trying to find control. Obi-Wan found his own hands undoing the many layers of his robes, the room become too Master x slave reader lemon for that many layers. Obi-Wan felt alive. The passion, the fire that burned inside him longed for more.

Obi-Wan has never seen a woman bare, let alone this up close. His oath to celibacy was hanging on a thin thread.

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He flipped them over, his self control gone. His lips attacked her collar bone and her whimpers encouraged him. He reached between them, lining himself up with her. He pushed in, watching in awe as the girl below him threw her head back.

He too was in ecstasy, never feeling anything like this. She had only danced for her slaver, never used in this way, but she had been an adventurous teen. He hit a spot inside of her that made her lose it. One hand dug her nails into his shoulder, the other hand scratching down his back. Obi-Wan increased his speed, groaning and moaning. Obi-Wan felt a buzzing feeling in his stomach, and the way her walls clenched around him he assumed she was close too. The buzzing in his stomach tightened into a coil and then it snapped. Her chest heaved with heavy breaths. Obi-Wan collapsed beside her on the bed, his body covered in a thin layer of sweat and his chest heaving.

Master x slave reader lemon

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