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Magical Items Everywhere This is a story branch containing Magical Items that cause transformation, no matter if they came from an actual magic shop or elsewhere. This story is a ode to the wonderful website of CYOC. Okay, so. Here's the basic storyline: There's a shop that appears in random places, to help those in trouble. The only problem is, the help may not actually be much help at all! You choose the story, you choose the TF. Have fun! Emily, a young girl in her early twenties, entered the shop. Almost immediately she was approached by a middle-aged woman who introduced herself as the proprietor.

Curious about the nature of the shop, Emily returned the introduction and struck up a conversation. The woman tossed her arms up in the air. Does a copy shop have paper? Dear child, in here there isn't a single thing you can't become. Dogs, cats, mermaids, gorgons, aardvarks, you name it!

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It was enough to keep Emily optimistic about getting Mermaid tf tg story she wanted. The woman spoke again. You want to become one? Or change others? Like I said, I've got everything and then some. Just say the word. If you're for real, this store may be the only way I can ever do that. Emily waited nervously.

She still wasn't sure if this store was real and if they really had something that could change her. At last, the lady returned to Emily bringing with her The woman handed Emily a small bottle. After that, whenever you immerse yourself in saltwater you will become a mermaid. The ocean is of course the best, but add enough salt to a full bathtub and it will change you as well.

Drinking saltwater will also cause you to change. You wouldn't want to be suddenly transform by spilling a glass of water or getting caught in a sudden downpour would you? You said to drink half. Does that mean I can change twice? That is, as long as you do not go 24 hours without it. If you do, the effects of the potion will expire. But if you are careful, you will not need it for that. Instead, you may meet another whom wishes to you as a mer. Her lifelong dreams, ly impossible. Emily went home to her apartment.

She didn't want to waste any time before trying the potion out and becoming a mermaid. A quick search in the kitchen turned up a container of salt. Grabbing a beach towel out of the closet, Emily went into her bathroom and shut the door. She Mermaid tf tg story on the water and let the bathtub begin to fill. She poured some salt into the water then put the container on the counter by the sink. She poured half the potion from the small bottle into a paper cup then closed the bottle and left it sitting on the counter as well.

Emily looked at herself in the mirror. The reflection of a fit, attractive young lady looked back at her. Then downed the cup of potion in one big gulp. The potion tasted much like salt water with the slightest hint of fish. Not surprising since it wasn't supposed to cause a change until she got into the water. Emily began to disrobe: off went her shirt, her pants, her bra. A glance in the mirror revealed her pert young B-cup breasts. And finally her panties hit the floor. Before she could take a step toward the tub, she caught the aroma of salt water. It called to her, made her long to immerse herself in it.

This was something new, something from the potion. Controlling herself, Emily walked over to the bathtub and turned off the faucet - the water was high enough. She sat on the edge of the tub then swung her legs over and into the water before letting herself slowly slide in. She lay there for a moment in the warm salt water of the tub immensely enjoying herself. Then she felt the changes begin. You are not logged in. Log in. Story id:. Author id:. Search tag:.

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chapter. Branch Full view. The Magic Shop. The magic store Emily Considers Animal Options. Mermaid Dreams. The Saltwater Mermaid Potion.

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Mermaid tf tg story

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