Mermaid transformation story

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He felt like ice from the chill that seeped into his body from the cold dungeon room. But he was waiting, still, waiting for the next strike to his bruised and bleeding back, for the next painful thrust into his screaming lower half. But that pain paled in comparison to the deep, unsettled betrayal that ravished him. The deep, uncontrollable sadness that turned him inside out.

Huffing, the man shakily lifted his head to look around, Mermaid transformation story his arms in his bindings. He was so thoroughly strung up, his ts had begun to ache. But there were the dreaded footsteps. Coming back to play with him, to play with his horrid feelings, to hurt him and bind him and violently assault his senses.

Groaning, the man lowered himself in his chains, and he began to shiver, his eyes sliding closed. Those heavy boots descended the stairs, and as he looked up, Krogan found himself staring at the form of Viggo Grimborn. Krogan thought, a smile etching his lips. Kathryn stretched her newly reformed legs. The bright full moon lit up the beach. Kathryn heard a laugh and looked up and saw a woman approaching.

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Here let me help you up" The woman put down the stuff she was carrying and Mermaid transformation story Kathryn's hands and helped her to stand. Once up Kathryn was able to get a few steps and then the woman let go and Kathryn was able to walk on her own. Everyone has this same problem when its her first time".

Oh here before I forget" the woman hands Kathryn the stuff she was carrying. It was a dress, a pair of flip flops and a purse. Everything she would need for the night to find her mate for evening. The woman wished Kathryn good luck and left her for her to get ready. Once Kathryn was ready she looked around for Samantha, her mate from last year, that was going to help her find her first mate. After finding her, Samantha was already in her clothes for the night.

The two of then stood there in amazement as the moonlight from the full moon lit of the beach. As far as the eye could see they saw mermaids in different stages of their transformations. The two walked up the beach to the parking lot where a line of taxis were waiting for them to take them to the nightclub. They got into the first cab. Samantha recognized the driver.

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Who's this with you? That's why Rachel is here in my cab. As soon as we have all you ladies at the club we will mate. Natasha is what I chose. Right then they showed up to the Enchantment Under the Sea Nightclub. A mermaid owned and runned club that is only opened a few times a year.

Samantha and Kathryn got out of the taxi and Samantha came to the front of the taxi and gave Natasha a kiss on the cheek.

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Samantha and Kathryn walked to the front door where Big Tony the bouncer was standing at the door. He lifted the rope and let the girls in. It's a sort of a thank you for your help after all these years" Samantha explained to Kathryn.

The girls looked around to see if there are any guys they like. All around the room there were mermaids paired with a guy. Kathryn then saw a cute guy sitting alone at the bar. Her instinct was telling her that he was the one. All Kathryn did was nod her head. The two of them started talking and of course the power of the mermaid worked its magic on Mike.

They took to the dance floor and danced for a few songs. It was during one of the songs that they kissed. The power of the kiss sent Mike into a trance. His eyes turned from a brown to ocean blue. The eye color of all mermaids.

To test if the trance is working Kathryn took Mike's hand and lead him to the ladies room in the back of the club. You see this ladies room Mermaid transformation story not like any other ladies room.

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It is just a room for the mermaids to go into Mermaid transformation story test the trance. They walked into the room and it was full of mermaids and their mates. Kathryn looked around to see if Samantha was there but the only person she recognized was Natasha and Rachel. Rachel was down on her knees giving Natasha a blow job. Kathryn found a spot along the wall and pinned Mike up against. The two started to make out.

Kathryn started getting all hot and horny. Her pussy craving Mike's penis and cum. Kathryn stopped kissing Mike and then worked her way down to Mike's pants. She unbuttoned his pants and pulled Mike's pants and underwear down. Mike's penis sprung out and it was hard. Kathryn looked at it for a second. It was completely hairless. She didn't know if it was from the kiss or if that was Mike's style. But his legs were also hairless and she knew that it was from the kiss. This was something that the mermaids taught her during her mermaid school. Kathryn started working Mike's penis up and down with her mouth.

She was enjoying every moment of this as this was her last year and forgot everything that happened to her. Her clit started throbbing.

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She took one of her hands and started to rub it. She increased the speed of her head movement and the movement of her hand rubbing her clit. She came fast. In her mouth she could taste the pre cum coming out of Mike's penis.

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She stopped. The men aren't allowed to cum in the club. They are only allowed to cum on the beach. Mike pulls up his pants and does what he is instructed to do. While they were walking out of the ladies room Kathryn looked Mermaid transformation story again.

Natasha and Rachel were just finishing up. Natasha looked in her 20s now compared to 40 something she is in really life. Kathryn also saw Samantha was working on her mate. They walk to Mike's car and got in. They start driving to the beach where Kathryn was earlier in the night. Just the thought of the sex had Kathryn's heart and juices run. Before she knew it she grabbed her dress and took it off.

She started to play with her breasts and her vagina. All the while Mike was still in his trance driving to the beach. When they got to the beach Mike parked the car. Kathryn didn't put her dress back on.

Mermaid transformation story

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