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Mike Category: Group Sex. Total 0 votes. Mff erotic stories woke up feeling deliciously happy and rejuvenated. He smiled to himself thinking about the events of the evening and reflected that all was well with the world and the universe was unfolding just as it should. In short, he was feeling pretty pleased with himself. He checked the other side of the bed to ensure that Debbie was not there and an even brighter smile lit up his face. Category: Group Sex. I'm a fifty-two year old guy on a long dreamed of sightseeing trip through the Scenic Byways of Oregon and Crater Lake.

Rainier and Mt. St Helen's after which I'll catch a plane back to my home in North Carolina. I'm retired so time is not important at all. I rented the car in San Francisco and plan to return it up at the Seattle-Tacoma airport. SeaTac. Looks like it hardly would leak at all in a storm. Driving back from the book store I couldn't help but grin at the events of the last couple of days. I'd had a threesome in a clothing store changing room with a clerk and my wife, then I'd just got Mff erotic stories making passionate love in the back of my SUV parked in the parking lot of my favorite book store to a pretty young pregnant woman whose name I didn't know.

Category: Incest. The following morning was almost a replay of the one before. I woke fairly early and drove over to Mom's hotel, letting myself into her room with the spare key, again. The drapes were not drawn shut as they had been yesterday, but stood open allowing the faint light of dawn to softly light the room.

Derrick woke up at Summer had just begun, and he was thankful for moments like these where he got to sleep in instead of waking up at the crack of dawn to head to class. Summer school was set to start soon, but he had at least another week to savor these moments of laziness. He headed Mff erotic stories to his apartment complex mailbox to clear his junk mail, when he noticed a SUV parked by the curb, its back laden with boxes and a mattress. HER It's our three year anniversary but you're away for work so I've flown overseas to be with you. I've just finished slipping in to my silky short red dress when I hear a knock at the door.

I've organized for us to go out for dinner so I peep through the eye hole to get a quick glance at what you're wearing. You look so incredibly sexy. You're wearing charcoal shoes, a pair of nice black dress pants, white striped shirt and holding a single red rose.

For the past several years I've played in a co-ed soccer league, something I said I'd never do in my younger days. But I've discovered over the years that playing sports with girls can be a lot of fun, and recently that fun level hit a new gear. The team had just won an intense match on a hot day and several of us decided to go to a local watering hole to celebrate the win. Margaret had long kept quiet about a desire to participate in a threesome with a man and another woman.

She was no lesbian, not even really bisexual. But she did like looking at pretty girls, and she thought the site of another, naked pretty girl making love to the same man as her would be highly erotic. And, if she were honets with herself, she found the idea of a few accidental brushes of soft, silky female flesh tantalizing. Category: Mature. There were three generations of blondes occupying the table at the food court in the mall I had recently begun to manage.

I had seen them before, perhaps each Saturday for about a month now. With each visit they captured more of my curiosity. It didn't hurt that they ranged, in order, from bubbly and precious, to perky and pretty, to downright seductively sexy. The youngest was no more than a few months old, I estimated, a jolly pink-faced infant being lovingly bounced on the knees of her mom. s: 1 2 3 ».

Mff erotic stories

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