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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I'm of the opinion that the phrase "mind-blowing sex" is used imprudently and often describes quite ordinary sex. Sex with Noemi, however, was mind-blowing in its truest sense I'd even venture to call it transformative.

True to her names, the woman had a sexual grip on me, which eventually became an all-consuming obsession. I hungered for her and feared the extremes to which I knew I would go just to literally smell her pussy. Noemi was the femme fatale an expert at bringing men, particularly this man to his knees I detest moving, but in retrospect moving is what lead me to Noemi. You must understand though that my sheer hatred of moving came from the idea of having to place everything that I own into a claustrophobic cardboard box for shipping to some other obscure location.

It's not the shipping so much that bothered me, as the thought of having to aggravate my organizational system.

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Moving inevitably involved a messy house, cluttered boxes, and chaos. For a person like me with obsessive-compulsive disorder OCDthe lack of control, cleanliness and order made me nervous I'd call my friend Jasmine she was a guaranteed fuck fix.

She was mature enough to fuck with attention but without the attachment. We had been friends for years and I kept her on speed dial for these very moments. I called Jasmine over because I knew I wouldn't get any packing done without first getting off. As agreed, her visit was a brief one because we both lived busy lives and only seldom had time for morning rendezvous.

That day, Jasmine rang my doorbell and when I opened it she smiled at me deviously. Jasmine was average height, light brown skin and a short sassy haircut with bangs. She was a bit on the thick side, which I liked though I always thought her slight hips and butt didn't quite seem proportional.

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What she lacked there she made up in her huge tits. I unlocked the front door and before I could open it completely she was pushing her way in, making her way to my bedroom and leaving a trail of clothes behind her. A quick, no strings attached fuck I was always up for that. In a matter of seconds, Jasmine's long thin legs were spread out taking up the whole bed. Her heavy panting matched the rhythm of her hips, which rolled under the spell of her fingers. At my bedroom door, I watched her pleasure herself as I removed my clothes releasing my throbbing dick. Damn Jasmine was raunchy and sexy as hell.

I loved that. She ran her long fingers in and out of her pussy and then she pulled her drenched fingers upwards to massage her clit.

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Nothing actually, I just love looking at a woman pleasure herself. Jasmine was uninhibited and the creamy puddles that she was leaving on my sheets were evidence of her pleasure.

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I walked over to her and inched my long index finger into her begging pussy. I felt Jasmine's entire body shudder. My one finger thrust became a slow two-finger downward stroke and that sent her hips shooting towards the ceiling. I threw her over on her stomach and pushed her head down towards the bed. She smiled a nasty smile over her shoulder and I grabbed her hips to fuck her from the back. I eased in just the tip of my dick, playing in her wetness. She moaned in painful anticipation of my hard-as-steel dick. This was supposed to be quick so I dipped my dick in her wet, creamy pussy once more before I gave her the long stroke.

I pulled back away from her pussy and then pushed forward quickly and powerfully. I paused letting the feeling of her warm pussy linger and then begin the sequence of strokes that always lead to an electric orgasm. I've always loved fucking Jasmine. Our rendezvous while seemingly spontaneous were actually quite measured But this was precisely what she and I loved about it.

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Over the past few years, I had listened to her moans, observed how her hips responded to me, and learned what made her shudder. I studied her meticulously so that I could now eventually with ordered strokes have the certainty of her volcanic orgasms. With my OCD, I not only enjoyed the power that came along with being able to control her orgasms, I needed it to cum. I continued to thrust into her faster and harder. Jasmine's body responded and she screamed, "Yes! Each word matched the hard thrusts that I plunged into her. She wanted a fast fuck, so I gave it to her.

I pounded her pussy relentlessly, her wetness dampened the base of my dick and her pussy was oozing with delicious cum from every angle. Within minutes, we both came hard. Derek, why don't we do this more often? She glanced at her watch and began to roll out of bed. An energizing fuck with Jasmine was just what I needed She got dressed and walked past me with only a smirk to let me know she got what she came Mind blowing sex stories.

I finished packing everything that day and moved to NYC where Noemi changed my life Apart from the physical move itself, I enjoyed my new job as a marketing manager in New York City. That fateful day Cindy, a petite red head, who always took my coat offered me coffee. Flat ass and small tits, definitely not my type but her friendliness made her kinda hot.

I'd fuck her. Shit, I forgot we have a new client today. I hate Friday appointments, I thought to myself. Wanting to avoid working a little longer, I entered my office and went straight over to the large panoramic windows. I was still getting used to my minimalist office overlooking Times Square, which had a nice leather couch to the left and a silver-framed desk with Mind blowing sex stories modern glass top.

All of my office accessories were silver including pencil holders, paper trays, staplers, and laptop. I can't work unless everything matches in perfect order. Even the panoramic window reflected a type of ordered chaos of the New York City streets. But before I could take in the view completely I turned and there stood a tall beautiful woman with deep chocolate skin, long black locks, and almond shaped eyes.

Her hair was swept into an intricately detailed hairstyle that reminded me of an exotic flower.

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An explainable feeling rushed over me as I sized up the goddess standing at the door. I walked towards her feeling as though I was being pulled by an unknown gravitational force. She wore one of Mind blowing sex stories black pencil skirts hugging her size 8 curves and a silky emerald blouse that I noticed had two diamond-shaped buttons undone.

Was it me or was her mahogany cleavage sprinkled with small traces of glitter. An understated pear-drop diamond necklace dangled on her chest and demanded full attention to her voluptuous tits. Her shoes were these amazing black, shiny stiletto heels with blazing red soles.

The one's that have an opening that exposes just two toes. She clearly took care of herself: flawless ebony skin, slightly athletic build, and great posture. Perfectly medicured and pedicured, everything about this woman screamed she was high maintenance She extended her hand and she gave me an firm handshake. That's when the flood of thoughts began I managed to smell fleeting hints of her perfume, which lingered Mind blowing sex stories around her and teased my senses.

It was sweet and subtle, yet fiercely arousing. She began to speak, "We've been anxiously awaiting your arrival. Brownstone industries attracts talented young professionals from all over the globe. You should feel proud to have been selected as a new member of our family. I watched her full wine-colored lips pronounce each word I heard what she said but I could not bring myself to respond. She looked at me while tilting her head to the left side and it was then that I realized that she was hoping for somewhat of a response. Oh no, did I just say "desires".

What was that? I kicked myself for sounding like a freaking moron. She lifted her left brow, paused and then replied, "Welcome to the team, Derek. Meeting at 10 am. With that, she walked away with slow, deliberate steps, smoothly swaying from side to side unintentionally bringing my dick to attention. From the back, it was clear she had that elusive hourglass figure with the perfectly proportioned butt, hip and legs to match.

When the door shut, I was left with only the lingering smell of her perfume and a hard as a rock dick. That, my friends, was Noemi. I had heard she was a real "ball-buster" and my first impression seemed to confirm that. Call me a masochist, but I love so-called "ball-busters". Powerful, confident, smart, and sexy. Women like her fuck like they deserve to cum, they are aggressive with their pussies, hoarding each drop of a man's cum as much out of personal delight as out of a display of their sexual power.

These women demand that men give them pleasure and they take pride in returning the favor At least that's what I imagined. I admired woman like these from afar. Just the thought of her discipline made my dick throb. I shut my office door and locked it carelessly.

I had two hours until the meeting and there was no way I could concentrate. I'd been high strung since I moved here and Noemi had gotten into my head.

Mind blowing sex stories

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