Mlp diaper story

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You curiously walk the dirt-paths of Ponyville at PM. It's dark, but the streetlights are allowing you to see. You're on your way to the new castle created in Ponyville, owned by Princess Twilight Sparkle. Of course, you're not going there just because you want to, because knowing Twilight is really tight with Princess Celestia, the last thing you need is to be caught trying to break into a Castle.

You're on your way there because you've been invited by Twilight herself, to attend something called a "padded slumber party". You have no idea what that is, and just the words "slumber party" make you uncomfortable.

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Last time you checked, a slumber party is for mares, not stallions. Plus, you know you would become the most hated pony in Equestria after the others found out you rejected and disappointed Equestria's heroines, so you accepted. Soon, you reach the large purple Castle. Just staring at the Castle makes you feel even more uncomfortable. Not because you know six important ponies are in there, it's because you've never seen the inside of a Castle. Plus, you still don't like the phrase "slumber party". Had she said "sleepover", that may have made you feel a little better.

Anyway, you step up the stairs and rang the doorbell, waiting a few seconds before the door opens. Twilight is standing in front of you. You nod and walk into the living room of the Castle, Mlp diaper story five other mares sitting on sleeping bags, surprising you heavily. Not because you're in the same room with them, it's because they're all wearing diapers. Thick, disposable diapers, the same color as their coats. Only one that's unique is Rarity's, which is covered in gems. But, that doesn't matter. What does is why the heck are they wearing diapers.

You look at her to see she's wearing a diaper as well, making you seriously uncomfortable. Every mare in the room is wearing diapers. She smiles and rubs the back of your head with her hoof. You slap her hoof away from you. We all got diaper fetishes".

You instantly have second thoughts about the whole thing and turn to leave. We really want you here! You have to strain to fight a blush. You've always had a little crush on Fluttershy, and the fact that you're in the same room as her is driving you crazy. We just want a guest to partake in one of our only secret parties".

Like you said before, you don't want to spend a night with diaper-fetished mares, but you definitely don't want to break Fluttershy's little heart. I'm just censoring myself". I even have one extra diaper, just for you". She picks up a white diaper and zaps it with a color spell, turning it from white to the color of your coat. You fight Mlp diaper story blush and take the diaper with your hoof. She fires a teleportation spell at the diaper in your hoof and teleports the diaper onto your bottom. You yelp a bit at the diaper, but have to admit it isn't all that bad. It feels soft and warm, and you actually start liking the feeling.

Twilight giggles.

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You nod and sit down on the purple sleeping bag, next to Rarity. Anypony care for a snack? You nod, as well as everyone else. The doors and windows are locked, and only Twilight can open them. You can sleep whenever you like, but you'll just be missing out on activities". You nod. You can do whatever you want, as long as you clean up after yourself.

But don't take my word for it". She points at Pinkie, who swallows a large mouthful of peanuts and lets out a loud burp without saying "excuse me". And, prank calls are allowed, as long as it's a place still in Ponyville. We love doing prank calls during Mlp diaper story You have to use your diaper only. All of the bathrooms, even the ones upstairs, are locked so nopony can get in them. Plus, you have to wet and mess your diaper at least once, and you can't change yourself, either. Somepony else has to change you, and it has to be in front of everypony.

But, you don't have to change right away. You can fill your diaper until you want to change it". That catches your attention. Not only do you have to wear a diaper, you have to use it, and someone else has to change you. Oh, pardon me". She lifts her tail and grunts loudly, dropping a large log into the back of her diaper, the smell instantly starting to emanate around her. I'm sitting right next to you, and that smell of yours is disgusting! As gross as it Mlp diaper story on its own, it's even grosser that you have to do it too if you want to leave.

Plus, you can't try to escape, because like Rarity said, everything's locked, and only Twilight can open them. Nopony else has authority over you. Heck, you can even fill your diaper to the point it bursts before you change yourself, as long as you clean up after yourself". Rainbow Dash answers for you. If they're asleep, then yes. My advice, don't fall asleep before Rainbow Dash does. I woke up with cayenne pepper in my nostrils one time". You gulp.

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She smiles and looks at you. The mares move and sit in a circle.

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You're sitting in between Fluttershy and Rarity. Pinkie Pie, Truth or Dare? Pinkie's face goes from confident to worried. You lean in and whisper to Fluttershy. She smells strongly of body odor, and not even the skunks in my cottage can stand it". You sigh, thanking your lucky stars it isn't you who has to do it. You watch Pinkie place her muzzle in Rainbow Dash's hoofpit and inhale for the full five seconds, coughing and wheezing loudly afterwards. Everyone else laughs as Rainbow Dash sniffs herself loudly and exhales. I got that record in the bag!

After she returns, she's ready. If Ah weren't Mlp diaper story annoyed by yer fast yapping while Ah was tryin' to buck them cherry trees, Ah don't think Ah would've been able to keep workin' there". Pinkie giggles lightly. Truth or Dare? I don't really go with that one much". Applejack smiles evilly.

Rarity's eye go seriously big. If I defecate in it, I'll have to throw it out and make another one. Can't I just wet myself?

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I could wring it out like a sponge". I don't want to defecate myself in front of our guest! Rarity", Twilight says, "We're all waiting for more turns, here.

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Can you just do it? I'll help you make another one". Rarity groans and raises herself into a squat, her tail raised to the ceiling. She then grunts as hard as she can, quickly depositing two large lumps of poop in the back of her diaper, spraying the front with her pee as well. After a loud sigh of relief to catch her breath, she sits back down, squishing the waste against her flank. Her glorious diaper was once white, but now, it's dark yellow in the front, and slightly brown in the back. And a stronger smell is starting to emanate between you all, even stronger than Applejack's.

Mlp diaper story

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