Mom vs mom catfight stories

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Register Search. Home Help Chat 16 Register. Attention Mom v Mom Story Buffs, where is the conclusion of this story? CIndyF Newbie 1. This is a mom v mom story that was posted several years ago ? I am posting it here in hopes that there is someone out there that is familiar with it or possibly has the conclusion of this story. It's a very hot piece, extremely good build up, but just when things are going to happen it ends or hopefully not.

Again this is not my work I just need a finish. Thanks Sara was having coffee in her kitchen it was early morning and she had nothing planned for the Saturday ahead of her. She tried to put some thoughts into a plan and then do something about it. Nothing was coming so she sat. After about a half hour of doing nothing she heard her son Tom starting to stir upstairs.

She figured that would motivate her to at least get up and start breakfast. As she slowly stood her she looked out the window across the yard towards her neighbor Linda.

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Linda was moving around as she was slowly they saw each other smiled and waved and went about their tasks, Both women were in their late 30's and both had bodies that were hot at one time but were now fighting early s of gravity. Sara had an average bust nothing overly large 38 B cup with s of sagging. Her waist was slowly expanding from what from a 34 to 36 and her butt was now a 40 she.

Her hair was shoulder length and was dirty blonde. Linda was about the same her bust was still holding its own at 36 B and her hips and butt were just a little sleeker than Sara's. She wore her hair in a short curly perm which also was dirty blonde bordering on brown. Both had the s of raising young teenaged boys.

Sara's Tom was 13 and Linda's Joey was just turning Both boys were in the same school. Sara was climbing up the stairs and didnt think of knocking on Tommy's door. It was slightly open so she quietly sneeked in to see what he was up to. As she did she noticed he was on his computer. From where she stood she could see over his shoulder Mom vs mom catfight stories was shocked to see what he was watching.

She had already caught him looking at all the porn which she knew she couldnt stop and just ignored it, but this time she froze from watching what was on it now. Two women catfighting! As she did she noticed that as he was watching he was also masterbating. Sara became flush, not that he was masterbating but that he was doing it while watching two women catfighting across a livingroom floor on the internet.

Their hands were burried into each others hair and both were fighting like no tomorrow. Sara was familiar with what Tommy was watching she knew it was real and not fake stuff like the WWE. Just as the two women on the screen were deep into a vicious hairpull Tommy gasped, and Sara saw a few spurts of cum sail into the air. She remained quiet but Mom vs mom catfight stories her son had a tremendous orgasam from watching the two women fight it out. Slowly and quietly she backed up and slipped out the door and quickly went into her room quietly closed the door and locked it.

Her face was flush from watching her son cum. She inadverntently put her hand to her crotch and she felt that she was very wet from what she saw. Calmly she pulled her champion gym shorts down and snaked her fingers along her labia and into her vagina and began teasing her clitoris. It took just a few strokes before she had to sit down on the edge of the bed engulfed in her own tremendous orgasam. It felt very good. She felt nasty that she got turned on watching her son get off then relieved herself because of it.

It had been a long time since her divorce that she ever felt that way and it made her very hot. Something triggered her when she saw Tommy jerking off while watching two women catfighting on the internet. Slowly she was catching her breath, her vagina was still throbbing and she realized she had a full morning still ahead.

She needed a bath! Linda was getting ready to take her morning shower, while she was changing into her robe she heard Joey typing away on his computer. She figured he was chatting with someone nothing to worry about. The typing was intense for almost a minute then it stopped. She didnt think anything of it until she thought she heard a woman's scream that was cut short.

Now Linda like Sara had dealt with Joey's internet curiousity the same way. She knew he would go to the porn sites she wasnt worried. She knew he was masterbating while doing so, again she didnt worry about it. She figured that this scream was one of those videos but the sound of it wasnt extacy but rather pain. And it was something she had heard way back in highschool and college. Linda was curious she passed Joey's door and it too was open. She crept in just like Sara did and looked over Joey's shoulder. She saw his hand vigorusly jerking his penis that didnt surprise her she had seen him do it before when he was absorbed into what was on the screen.

But just like Sara she was taken aback by what he was watching, two women catfighting. She was also amazed at the viciousness that the women were fighting each other with. She was about to say something when she noticed that he was also in a chatroom and the other person was asking him what he thought of the video. She kind of let it go she knew Joey was getting off on whatever was happening on the screen. But just as she smiled she became courious with who Joey was chatting with. He had been versed into what to do and not to do in chat rooms.

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She trusted him to do the right thing. He would tell her if something was wrong. But she became also absorbed by the two women catfighting, and when she saw Joey's spurt of cum fly onto the screen she knew it was time to get out of there.

She did and ran quietly to her room, locked the door and sat down. Her crotch was wet, and she had to relieve herself which she came very quickly it was fast and intense. She too had never felt that way before and it was getting her hot. She never had incestual thoughts it was just the moment and she got wrapped up in the emotion of it. She slowly and quietly opened her door made sure Joey's door was still closed and ran to the bathroom where she remained for almost an hour. Sitting in the tub thinking about what she just experienced.

Sara emerged from her room and she saw Tommy leaving his room and heading downstairs. Where are you going young man? Tommy froze. Over to Joey's. Ok you know where the cereal is so eat before you go. Ok mom he shouted from downbelow only to ignore her as he slamed the door to the outside. She didnt go into the bathroom she went into his room.

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Tommy was in such a hurry he forgot to log off his chat. She sat down and noticed the links to the women catfighting. She clicked on them and began watching what he had watched. She was surprised two women who looked like around her age fighting like crazy. Pulling hair, slapping, breast grabbing a few punches to the head and body.

There were a few fights featuring younger girls with big boobs but as she explored his computer she was seeing more collections of fights featuring women about her age. They looked like mothers who had nothing to do but fight other mothers. She was curious about his fetish. As she looked she saw his chatroom logs. She saw the one he was using just that morning.

Mrs Jane Evans was a mother down the street, who Sara thought was a bitch. Sara just dropped her jaw from reading it. Tommy wanted to see her in a catfight against Linda or possibly Jane Evans. She was drawing a blank from reading all this. She slowly got up from the keyboard and made sure it looked just like it did when he left.

She was getting hot again and needed to relieve herself once more.

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As she entered the bathroom and ran the water for the tub she began to think about all she had witnessed already. Linda greeted Tommy at the door and said Joey was upstairs. He was a blur as he said morning and thanks. Linda was slowly getting her act together still thinking about what she saw Joey do and what caused it.

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She poured herself another coffee and started out to the patio. As she sat down she heard Joey and Tommy talk she was right below their window. Did you leave your computer on, Joey asked? You think your mom will read it? Yeah she cant miss it. Linda was curiou about what she was supposed to read. She got up and slowly made her way to Sara's kitchen door. The boys could not see her the way she went. Linda opened the door and calmly called out for Sara. Sara was still in the bath when she heard Linda. It brought her to her senses when she didOh Linda up here in the bath. Linda made her way up and opened the door to see Sara just getting out of the bath and into her robe.

Oh sorry Linda gasped.

Mom vs mom catfight stories

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