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for Free! Testing Mom's Will Power "A son with raging hormones becomes sexually driven towards his own mother. Score 4. We live in a rural Pennsylvania community so the summers can be very hot and humid but I am referring to the intense sexual heat created by my raging teenage hormones. At this age, all I can think about is having sex and in my case lately, with the most beautiful woman in my world, my mom.

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I cannot help myself as I feel the strong need to masturbate numerous times a day, at least 6 to 10 times. My masturbation fantasies started thinking about all the hot girls in school but since school is out, I began to take notice how gorgeous and sexy my mom really is. Every day she seems to arouse me more and more, causing my cock to get so hard it aches until I have to go to my room to masturbate.

Oh I hear it from all the guys as mom is a teacher in my high school, Mrs. Banner is so hot, Mrs. Banner has great legs, and Mrs. My mind races as they are right, my mom is hot and I cannot help but to fantasize about her gorgeous body. My mom, Lisa Banner teaches 10th grade French language class.

The male attendance of her classes is there mainly to check out my mother without any desire to learn to speak French. Mom dresses very professional and usually wears knee length skirts but you can tell she has a sexy body with great legs. She cannot help but to expose some ample cleavage and the guys are always trying to look down her blouse.

I suppose all the interest in my mom finally got me to look as well and take notice to her beauty. She has that sexy down to earth look. With school finally Moms boobs story for the summer, I see her every day in all stages of dress and partial dress. My cock swells just being near her and smelling her perfume.

It is only mom and me as dad was killed in a car accident about 10 years ago. Dad had a great life insurance policy so mom and I are doing great financially. Mom is very intelligent and manages things quite well. We have a beautiful home with an in-ground pool so I get to see mom in her sexy bikinis all the time. She has Moms boobs story sexy light blue string bikini that she likes to wear to get a tan. My eight inch cock soars to full mast every time I see her in that small thin bikini. I usually stand at my bedroom window, which overlooks the pool, and stroke my thick cock to an intense orgasm.

Mom is a sultry and sexy brunette, shoulder length hair, sexy blue eyes, high cheek bones, slim sexy nose with perfect full sweet lips. When she puts on red lipstick, all I can imagine is having those sexy lips wrapped around my hard swollen shaft. Mom is ever so slightly over weight but it just seems to add to her gorgeously curvaceous figure. She stands about five feet five inches tall compared to my five feet eleven. One of the sexiest things about mom is her breasts and nipples. Mom is a very sexy full grown woman with all the voluptuous curves that go with being a mature woman. Mom has a great ass as well.

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Mom works out every day in our work out room and swims tons of laps in the pool. Her muscles are very taught, her skin is dark tanned and smooth like that of a younger girl. My cock swells and throbs intensely every time I see her in one of her hot bikinis. She has never worn a thong in front of me but my favorite blue bikini exposes over half of her soft butt cheeks.

I guess if I had to choose, I pick her huge sexy breasts.

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As the hot summer days passed by, I thought I noticed a slight difference in the way mom was reacting towards me. Last weekend on Saturday, she was out at the Moms boobs story sun bathing and I thought, just for a second, that she saw me masturbating at my bedroom window.

Are you going to spend all morning in bed? I was too stunned to reply but as I watched mom bend over picking up laundry, my cock hardened. Mom was wearing a pair of grey shorts that were loose but yet clung to every curve her body had to offer.

Her ass looked tremendous as she bent over, her sexy butt pointed in my direction. I had to slide my right hand under the sheets to cover and hold my throbbing cock down. As I did so, mom turned around and casually looked at my hand under the covers. A slight smile turned up the corners of her sexy mouth.

As she leaned forward, picking up another article of my clothing, a drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip of my cock. Mom was wearing a thin white blouse but suddenly I realized she was not wearing a bra. Her dark nipples were erect and swollen, poking out from the most perfect breast flesh I could imagine.

Her tanned cleavage was a spectacular feast for Moms boobs story lustful eyes. Mom looked directly into my eyes, blushed, then she turned and quickly left the room. I was so fucking hard that I quickly pulled out my cock and in five quick strokes, my cum shot high in the air, landing on my chest all the while thinking of my sexy mom. In my rush to masturbate, I failed to realize that mom never closed the door completely and that she was watching me in the mirror, all the while rubbing her pussy until she quickly climaxed just after me.

Later that afternoon, mom came downstairs wearing my favorite blue string bikini. As mom stood in the kitchen, nearly naked right before my eyes, my cock again quickly thickened. I could see her nipples were poking out and she was looking in the frig for something to drink.

I was ready to head upstairs for another masturbation session when mom surprised me. She paused for a few long seconds while she composed the method in her mind as to how to answer my question. I studied her reactions, both on her face and in her body.

Her face was flushed red and her nipples were hard, pressing firmly against the material of the fabric of her bikini top. Mom leaned close towards me, her soft breast and hard nipple touched my arm as I felt her hot breath close to my ear. My cock throbbed as she whispered very softly in my ear, "Well honey,………it means……….

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Forever would I hear those soft words, her hot breath touching every sexual nerve ending in my ear as my cock hardened to full mast again. Mom looked deep into my eyes for a few long seconds until she looked Moms boobs story to see the huge tent formed in my swim trunks. She turned and headed towards the pool with me following close behind her. I followed mom out to the pool and enjoying every second of our short walk. I was light headed and dizzy from lust for my gorgeous mother. Mom reached the lounge chairs and turned to give me the suntan lotion. As I went to apply some on my hand, she laid down, face first on the lounge chair.

This was out of the norm as I stood there wondering what she wanted me to do next. She quickly commanded me her desires. As I looked down at the most beautiful woman in my life, love filled my heart as I knew I wanted to make love to my mom.

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As I lightly sat my body weight down, my knees supporting some weight on both sides of her body, I leaned forward and squirted suntan lotion onto her back. Rub it into your hands first. I rubbed lotion up and down her body, over and over, not realizing as I did so, my erect cock was now pressing between her soft butt cheeks on every upward push.

Mom knew it though as I felt her butt rise up ever so slightly, pressing her soft flesh harder against me. My mouth was dry with lust as I was gasping for air. Mom was naked from the waist up, although only her back was visible but as her body weight pressed downward, the sides of her glorious breasts were now exposed to me. My fingers began to move outward, closer and closer to the pale white inviting soft breast flesh.

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I was enjoying intensely the feeling of my hard cock pressing into her soft butt on every upward caress. I was too fucking excited to talk as only my hard cock was thinking now. She let out an audible moan this time as her butt pushed up into my throbbing cock. Do the backs of my legs now. As I applied lotion to the backs of her legs, up and down her thighs, I noticed her thighs spreading wider and wider.

Moms boobs story

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