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Media New media New comments Search media. Members Registered members Current visitors. Log in. Search Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search titles only. Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Install the app. Mon Chalet-Denver. Thread starter Barebuns Start date Dec 27, Forums Flashing Experiences. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Barebuns Love to trade stories of our youth! Dec 15, 4, Coldspring, TX. Mon Chalet-Denver, CO Later in the fall, I had discussed that there was an adult motel in Denver that had a clothing optional swimming pool enclosed year round so as to keep out winter.

She could wear her bikini and watch the action. It is at this place that couples swim together nude, as it is a couples adult over 21 motel. It is overbooked on weekends with younger couples; however, on weekday nights, there seems to be older couples married who like coming there, more in the 40s. So we rented a room one week in advance and went. The married couples at night come to watch and be watched mainly. The wife will even sucked her man on the side of a pool or spa while the others watch.

She hopes to spark a few hard-ons from the single or married guys watching, and I might add the wives of the married hope he will get turned on and hard, so she will get some that night at home afterwards. The walk-ins cpls only stay till midnight; while the room renters stay all night. Some of the guys drinking beer, get out of Mon chalet stories pool with hard-ons and walk to the restroom while the women watch them bob up and down.

The rooms have a bathroom, bedroom, and another room. The bedroom has mirrors on the ceiling, so you can watch yourselves or even others on the bed with you, since it is a king size bed, two cols can lay across on the bed easily.

The other room is small and totally mirrored. Mon chalet stories it is a padded love machine or swing, depending upon the room you chose. The love machine allows you to have one person above with legs spread while the lower part allows that person to straddle a bench and either suck-off or lick-out the person above. Well we all watched for a while. And as the evening grew onward, the co-worker became infatuated with a guy about 30 with slim build.

He was continuing to fondle his dick to keep it hard as she sat across the pool staring at him.

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Later we all 3 went across to the hot tub and jumped in. My girlfriend got naked while the co-worker remained in her bikini. I sat on the side of the tub while my girlfriend blew me and another couple in the tub watched. That guy came over and chatted with the co-worker, so we decided to leave them alone together and went back over to the other side, saying I had to get a cigarette. We all had watched him earlier licking out a girl with two other guys, which I found amusing.

After a while we noticed that he had managed to remove her top, showing her boobs. It was like off-again, Mon chalet stories as the top she had was replaced by her and taken off by him, maybe times. It was hilarious to watch. After a while, we spotted a couple that me and the girlfriend agreed to approach to us in the room together. They agreed, so we went and told the co-worker we were leaving with this couple to share.

The co-worker told the guy that she wanted to watch so she left with us with her bra back on.

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We all Mon chalet stories, knowing who it was and made her answer the door. He kind of pushed his way into the room convincing her he wanted to stay. The other couple was experimenting with the love seat. We went in their and watch him lick her out on itso I suggested my girlfriend get down and suck his dick while he was doing it, while I watched. She did just that. After the guy got the co-worker off, the other guy licked her out till she cumed more.

I notice the first guy in reverse with his dick hanging in her mouth just still as hell; no sucking was going on. She just laid there to see what would happen and feel the experience. I just watched from time to time and it was hot to watch. They were there just so her guy could do a 3some FMF. After the left about 30 minutes later, I ask if she enjoyed the experience.

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She said yes, it was awesome. Since half the people without rooms had left, the girls wanted to sleep till in the morning.

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We never got to meet him as she feared we would bring up the possibility of going to a nude place. No soon after that she broke contact with her co-worker of 7 years. So ended a long relationship of fun. Such is life! Dec 14, 6 Southern California. Great Story Is that place still there, what is the name? Far as I know it is still there. You will need a reservation 2 weeks advance to get a room. The name is "Mon Chalet" on E. Colfax; should be in phone book.

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They will only say they have a clothing optional pool open year round, and you have to be 21 to rent a room. They won't tell you anymore, as they do not want to to closed down. Since many persons know of it, it is hard to get in, as most the time they are sold out of rooms. Sep 12, Houston, TX. You must log in or register to reply here.

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Mon chalet stories

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