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FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus includes. Cancel Apply Let me invite you to a world where Monsters rule a world and humanity has fallen into the Stone Age. Two worlds never meant to intersect Grimm Hunters by GravelessUniverse reviews In a world where Grimm don't dissolve when they're killed, Hunters would use their bits to make better weapons and armor.

Of course, everyone has different priorities. And don't forget to attend Scavenge and Survival class after. Almost forgot. Welcome to Monster Studies! Monster Huntersman by flameclawsxx reviews When a complete rando gets his memories erased n stuff, he is granted the gamer ability and is sent to another world. The Stygian by Gallian Squad 7 reviews Ozpin tells of an old legend, where sibling gods created the world of Remnant and it's eternal foes. But, did not some of the elder god's creations survive even once?

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According to one book, there were some, and they were powerful enough to fight the Grimm to a standstill. But, that's only a story Well, Ruby knows otherwise.

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After all, she's the Icon of the Stygian. Monster Hunter: El viaje de Ruby by shuujin. Remnant Hunters in the New World by CondorReaper reviews The Fifth Fleet was not comprised of just one ship, for it would not be a fleet if that were the case. So aboard the other ships lie our favorite cast of hunters and huntresses.

Michael Seraph has seen so much in the short hunting career of 4 Years. And in Remnant, the new students have begun to form teams.

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Hear us ROAR! But that was changing. New species of Grimm are emerging. Unfortunately for them, there's a new hunter who's already all too familiar with how to fight them. The Monster Hunter of Remnant by Larzar reviews What happens when a legend comes true and monsters from another world start pouring into Remnant. Monsters that even the Grimm are scared of.

Team RWBY and a new friend have to go on a journey to kill the creature responsible and revert everything back to normal. But of course, nothing is ever that easy. T for future violence. When the two of them are recruited by a mysterious silver-haired Caravaneer along with a prissy noble and a introverted self-reliant girl, they'll all have to learn to work together to defeat a deadly new Elder Dragon called the Gore Magala, a wyvern that spre death and madness wherever its shadow is cast.

Since the rise of civilizations, armies were formed to combat the monsters. Since the rise of kingdoms, man has turned his weapons on himself, blood drawn wasn't always a monster's. Since the rise of ruins and monster's shadows overcasting man's future, a mighty faction-the Hunter's Guild-formed, their shining hope. Of Hunters and Monsters by Murakumo-shogi reviews Ozpin investigates the Emerald Monster hunter stories fanfiction for a Grimm but instead discovers that there is more to the world than what meets the eyes. Set before the Breach. Your Feedback on my story would be great.

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Monster hunter stories fanfiction

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