Mormon missionary horror stories

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Many seem to think that the horror stories of Mormonism are reserved for the fundamentalist sects, like the Warren Jeffs-led Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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But I think that that church, also, spied on and targeted me, and lied about it. Such an action could make a member feel unwelcomed. Un… membered. And it did with me. I was only able to report my activity to the Support Center, as copied in an reply from the church:. This was the reply:. And, of course, I did indeed request the.

The Strengthening the Members Committee. Just a few weeks later, the bishop of the area, in a second lunch meeting with me, wondered why the church would have done that. He indicated that it could have had to do with my being public about concerns via a blog the horror!

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The church is pretty big on that and Mormons can do it through their online membership s. This begs questions about the role of the Strengthening the Members Committee. If criticism is found, the committee may forward information to local church authorities, who may bring charges of apostasy, which can result in excommunication. Of those hundreds invited, at least 75 were practicing believers. And a few invited have held high rank in the church, so they could have been on the committee itself.

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The interview was going to be on the 30th and the invitations went out over the weekend, so the 27th makes a lot of sense in that the church got word of it and acted within 72 hours and before the interview took place. Of belief and family. If they are not willing to abide by their own documents, if not their own scripture, how much do they believe themselves? Yet, they will punish others? As discipline, if not excommunication, seemed right around the corner, perhaps if I was more of an activist, I would have waited on that before reing.

The church would have been the bad guy and probably resulted in the sympathy of loved ones, even devout family. But in reing, I was the bad guy. If church members believed in their scripture and not cultural practice, they would be, too. That I felt the spiritually damaging Big Brother the minute I opened that on the 27th. Rhett Wilkinson has won 13 journalism awards over just 5 years of applying for them. Also been a successful pro se litigant.

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How the LDS church spied on and targeted me, and lied about it. Rhett Wilkinson Follow. Mormon Surveillance Religion Belief Family. The Seer Stone. Written by Rhett Wilkinson Follow.

Mormon missionary horror stories

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