Mother son car sex stories

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I am jitu from a small town from south Maharashtra. I am 26 yrs old, a well build, 6.

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So now coming to the main incident. Nearly one year ago my father had goon to Nagpur for his business deals for 20 to 25 days. I was engaged in driving so was not able to see the Sean with concentration, but was pleased to see that my mom was seeing it with lots of concentration. Again after driving for more then hour we ware stopped on the check post.

I was not able to see what was happening, but it was clear to me that the cop was playing with my moms body, as if I came near to my car, the cop ran away. Again after driving for 1 hour, I got hungry because I have taken a light dinner from home so that it would not make me sleepy, it was nearly 1am in the night I took the car to the dhaba to have some thing to eat.

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As if my sound increased, she started crying very loudly. After passing some time my mom said to me in very whisperingly voice that would I satisfied her. I was in heaven now. We reached Nagpur on next day noon nearly at 1 Am. He also ordered me to keep the message for him instructing the suit no. We would hire. We took our baggage to our room.

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Now we both ware undressing Each other. I put my rod in to her pussy.

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I fucked mom for 3 times that night This was my real experience. All readers please reply me [ protected].

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Mother son car sex stories

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