Mother son marriage in history

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When Your Children Marry. Marriage is an important transition in the life of any adult who marries. But often when a son or daughter gets married, their relationships with their natal families changes. It is often said Mother son marriage in history a 'daughter is a daughter all of her life, but a son is a son 'til he takes him a wife.

Merrill considers the process by which men 'get pulled into' their wives' families and the ways in which men are sometimes more connected to their wives' families following marriage than to their own families. But what is it about a relationship with a son that changes when he marries? And why do daughters tend to stay closer? Why do mothers experience greater difficulty in negotiating relationships with married sons than with married daughters? Why do daughters tend to stay closer and maintain stronger ties to their natal families than sons do?

This book answers these questions and offers advice for mothers on how to maintain strong ties with their children when they marry, negotiate relationships that may be fraught with new challenges, and accept changes when they happen. Sharing firsthand s from mothers, sons, and daughters, the author sheds new light on this neglected topic. Deborah M. Merrill is associate professor of sociology at Clark University. Deborah Merrill has written a book on sons, daughters, marriage and in-laws that is both insightful and a delight to read.

Merrill interviews young marrieds and their moms to see how the marriage of adult children changes their relationship to their mothers, how mothers-in-law fit in, and how SOME women succeed in forging a strong extended family to include the new members. The result is a book that is terrific science and fun! Skillfully weaving material from in-depth interviews with mothers, adult sons, and adult daughters, Merrill presents evidence for traditional patterns but also suggests that recent trends toward gender equality may have led to more parallel relations with adult sons and daughters.

The book tells a fascinating story about changes over the life course as experienced by parents and adult children, starting before marriage and extending to the parents' later life.

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It discusses how divorce in either generation may alter these patterns, and how relations with parents, in turn, may influence adult children's marital quality. This book would work well in undergraduate classes on families or gerontology and would be an engaging read for a general audience. It includes helpful suggestions for practitioners; for researchers, it will serve as a rich complement to studies using more survey-based approaches.

It shows how women mothers and daughters nest the new family within existing parent-child relationships.

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Merrill of Worcester, associate professor of sociology at Clark University explores whether or not this saying accurately describes marriage and intergenerational relationships today in her new book, When Your Children Marry: How Marriage Changes Relationships with Adult Children. The book, which is based on interviews, examines how marriage changes relationships between adult children and their parents and how this differs for sons versus daughters. This book makes useful contributions to thinking about the importance of gender and marriage among the complex factors affecting intergenerational relationships.

Table of Contents.

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