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Thank you for visiting! Powered by Fiction Portal 2. Invalid E-mail. Password: password is required. Minimum 8 characters8. Exceeded 32 characters. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update. Complicated Childbirth. Without a midwife nor a healer, Sesshomaru had no choice but to do the delivery himself. However, things got very complicated. Not your normal mpreg or childbirth story. New Chapter Alert: Due to requests, kindly indicate in your review to be notify via for subsequence update. s of the start of labor include: - Painful contractions - Dilatation of the cervix - Leakage of amniotic fluid - Bloody discharge a small amount of blood mixed with mucus from the cervix - Rupture of the membranes 3 stages of birth: 1 Early labor last from 2 to 9 hours, dilation from 0 to 4 centimetres 2 Active labor last shorter than Early phase, dilation from 4 to 8 centimetres 3 Transition labor last from 10 to 90 minutes, dilation from 8 to 10 centimetres ' Inuyasha gasped and quickly clutched his bulging belly with both his hands.

As soon as Sesshomaru saw the vicious youkai who had landed a solid blow to Mpreg stories birth stomach, he immediately dashed across the forest, tearing the youkai apart. Inuyasha cracked his eyes.

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Sesshomaru moved swiftly, lifting Inuyasha up in his left arm, then leaping to a branch and slicing the youkai to pieces with his claws. Inuyasha shot his arms around his mate's neck as another pain shot through his being, harder this time. Inuyasha grunted, "It's coming out. He tightened his hold on his mate, clenching him Mpreg stories birth to his body. They flew through the forest at an amazing speed. Sesshomaru caught an odd scent. Looking down at his mate, he saw a damp patch on the groin area. Inuyasha's water sac had broken and it meant that the pup will be out at anytime.

They would not be able to reach the castle soon enough. Sesshomaru scanned the surrounding area, searching for a safe spot to land. Sesshomaru winced, not from the sting in his back but from the pain his mate was currently going through. Sesshomaru stopped by a river. He sniffed the air and looked all around to ensure there were no dangers before lying the limp form of his mate slowly onto the soft grass.

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Inuyasha breathing was labored and his brows knitted together in agony. Sesshomaru brushed the sweaty bangs away and whispered, "My love, everything is going to be all right. Sesshomaru carefully proceeded to undress his mate. When the pants were lower to Inuyasha's kneecaps, he stared in shocked at the sight before him.

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What greeted him were two tiny legs hanging from his mate nether regions. He should have at least three more weeks to go. His mother had ensured it was properly covered as part of his education. However, male pregnancy was not included. No, it was never intend to be included because males can never get pregnant. It did not make any different for human, youkai, or spirit what-so-ever. Inuyasha was a special case though.

Naraku little plan backfired and turned Inuyasha into a hermaphrodite. If not for Naraku, Sesshomaru would still detest Inuyasha and fighting him. If not for Naraku, Sesshomaru would not have found his true love, not to mention building a family or having any pup. Despite of Inuyasha's condition, Sesshomaru cursed did not escape his acute hearing. He asked, "What happen? Yet, Inuyasha was of no fool. Tell me what happen? Sesshomaru had no choice but to admit, "The legs are out. When the contractions in the lower abdomen first start, they were weak, irregular and far apart.

As time passed, the abdominal contractions became longer, stronger, and closer together. All these symptoms did not go unnoticed to Sesshomaru. He silently observed the strength, duration and frequency of each contraction. Also, Inuyasha's heart rate and breathing had increased tremendously.

He must get his mate to calm down. Breathe," Sesshomaru coached as he moved to sit beside Inuyasha and stroked his flashed cheek, "It is all right. Worries were clearly showed in his eyes. Tell him father had to perform blood transfusions to save both him and his mother? Tell Mpreg stories birth father was greatly weakened and was killed shortly in a battle because of that? Now that the contraction had subsided, Inuyasha focused his attention on Mpreg stories birth mate. You weren't there? Sesshomaru continued, "Father gave me a sword that had the ability to allow its owner to see any vision he desired.

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It was from the vision, I witnessed your birth. That was the fact but not the whole story. He did not want to hide anything from his mate but now was not the right time to reveal them as it would cause his mate unnecessary stressed which would not help in his current situation. Inuyasha pouted but chose not to counter back.

Sesshomaru was mentally relieved that his mate did not probed further. They still had a long way to go. Inuyasha could feel that the pup was descending into his pelvis and began Mpreg stories birth feel the urge to push. In an instant, he positioned himself between his mate legs, held the insides of the thighs up and out.

He noted that Inuyasha opening was about three fingers wide and had not fully dilated to let the pup's bottom emerged yet. If he kept pushing, it would result in severe tearing of the skin between the anus and the base of the scrotum. Moreover, the passageway was not large enough for the head which was wider to pass through.

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The pup's body might be delivered but the head would be caught inside his mate. These problems were worse in Inuyasha's case as this was his first delivery and his tissues had not been stretched before. The pup could be injured or die in the process, especially for a premature pup.

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Mpreg stories birth

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