Muscle transfer story

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This is an archive of the Evolution Forum from to directly downloaded at the time of its closing. You may the new forum at Muscle-Growth. You last visited: Today at AM. Search Forums. Show Thre Show Posts. April 14th,AM. Hey, a while back i wrote Little Brother Muscle under another username, i had a draft 2 of that, but it vaporized off my computer, oh well! Ned and TJ had been roommates at their school for about 1 month.

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Both of them were 19 years old with Ned being about 6' 3, pounds, and while he often worked out with TJ he just wasn't as big as he wanted to be. He was fairly strong and was defined, but he wasn't big. TJ on the other hand had been working out since he was 15 and was pounds of muscle. His arms budged and flexed at the slightest move and his lats could be seen through any shirt. His shoulders were wide tapering to a 34 inch waist and his traps supported any wife beater he would wear.

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His only short coming in comparison to Ned was his height. TJ was only 5' 10, and while he wished he could be a little taller his muscle more then made up for it. The year progressed and after a month Ned had gained about 5 pounds, but it just wasn't nearly what he wanted. He wanted mass, he wanted strength, he wanted TJ's muscle. He always worked out with TJ so he knew his normal routines and knew that he always lifted heavy weights for multiple sets which cause TJ to get bigger and bigger.

TJ had gained 8 pounds in the same month Ned had only gained 5. One night Ned came home to find TJ admiring his body in the mirror of their room and that was it, he just couldn't stand it anymore. That night Ned when on the Internet to find a solution to his fantasies and desires.

He came across a website that sold a special sort of clothing that could take the muscle of one wearer and transfer it to another. It was much like a Under Armour shirt in the sense that is clung to the body and conformed to muscle, Ned decided to order a XL shirt so it would fit TJ. He had found what he had been looking for, but he also knew that even if he were able to get TJ's muscle it wouldn't be enough, he wanted more then what TJ possessed so he also bought steroids to secretly give to TJ.

It had been two months since school had started and it was now TJ's birthday. He gave TJ the shirt for his birthday and said that they could now work out together in style. Ned knew that the more TJ wore the shirt the stronger it would be so he would wait a couple months before performing his full plan. In the meantime he slipped steroids and growth hormones into TJ's protein drinks and watched the show of TJ's growth happen. Over the 2 months TJ got bigger and thicker and stronger. One day Ned remarked how large TJ had gotten, 30 pounds of muscle in only 2 months.

TJ laughed in response and mentioned how his birthday shirt would soon be to small to contain his body. Ned knew it was time to finish his plan. The next day he would take the shirt and complete the transformation. The next day after classes the two went to go have lunch, but they didn't notice they accidentally left their door Muscle transfer story. Pete had been wandering the hall ways looking for people to talk to and noticed that Ned and TJ's door was propped open so he went in to say hi. Upon entering he saw that they were not present and turned to leave as he noticed the special shirt sitting on TJ's bed.

Pete thought that TJ was a very hot guy and had over the months noticed his intense muscle growth. He secretly also wished to be large and muscular. At 5'6 and only pounds Pete had a defined body, but a small body. He often fantasized about under amour shirts and how they felt so he walked over to the shirt to check it out. It was still sweaty from one of TJ's work outs and he took it and pulled it over his head. He got the shirt in position, the Muscle transfer story only reaching down half of his biceps, but not stretching over them.

The stretchable shirt actually hung loose on Pete draping down over his waist and he just loved the smell. He lingered in the room a moment to long as the door opened. TJ and Ned had finished their lunch and were returning to the room.

TJ didn't know Ned was to perform his theft of muscles soon while TJ showered, but all Ned's Muscle transfer story were shattered as he opened the door to his room. There stood Pete with the shirt loose over his body. It started deep down, he could feel the strength building in his stomach, spreading throughout his whole body. Ned ran over and tried to get the shirt off, but he couldn't, it was too late.

Then it started happening to TJ also. TJ had been weaning a semi-tight tank top that showed his veiny budging arms and suddenly they started trembling. He became woozy and fell onto the bed. The shirt started getting tighter and tighter.

He could feel his pecs touching the fabric, the sleeves rolling up over his biceps. The veins budged as muscle grew to where the veins had protruded, and then the process repeated. His qu ballooned out and also grew veins from no where and his calves popped out as if from no where. Suddenly he started getting taller and taller, he passed the 6' mark and made it to 6'5, he was huge, he was tall, taller then Ned had been and more muscular then TJ had been. The transformation ended Muscle transfer story he screamed in delight and felt the muscles over his body. TJ just looked on in disbelief.

The tank top he has once been almost bursting through hang completely loose on his short 5'6 frame and his muscle-less body. Ned just looked at Pete with severe anger, but then also with a little secret joy. The shirt now contained the ora of TJ and Pete, if he could get the shirt, then he would become more massive then Pete was now. It could be good that the incident had occurred. So tell me what you thought and continue if you wish!!

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That was nice! And no sexual connotations for once to start! I should think of a way to continue this.

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April 14th,PM. April 15th,AM. Well my new story "Life's Not Fair" is gonna be a kid muscle growth story, in fact, there won't even be the slightest bit of sexuality in it So look forward to it. April 15th,PM. We could use another kid muscle growth story on the site. When do you think you'll be able to post the first chapter? Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Search this Thread Advanced Search. Rate This Thread Excellent. All times are GMT The time now is AM. - MuscleGrowth. Addendum by archiver: This was originally part of Muscle transfer story.

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Muscle transfer story

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