My fattening story

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General Rating. Download Submission. File type : Text File. Perhaps you could stay there for a spell, and then spend the night in the warm barn with me. You can stay here until your journey south. When she was nice and full, she went back to the barn and slept next to the fox, buried in his warm fur.

The fox waited until she slept, then took his time to look her over; she was certainly getting heavier. He rubbed her pronounced belly, delighted at how plump she was looking. He measured about her with a tape, and concluded that she would be quite fat enough to cook in a few weeks. The goose continued to eat and fatten up.

She My fattening story looking marvelously well-fed now, her waddle becoming slower and wider with her rounded girth. Night after night, she flew back to nest in the barn, always beside the fox. The fox would always smile, and watch her as she slept, waiting until she fell peacefully quiet to feel how big she was becoming. He licked his lips and crooned: "Oh, my darling little goose. You are getting quite heavy.

I wonder how long it will be before you cannot fly? On the next night, he waited My fattening story she was sound asleep, and then gently lifted her onto a scale. You will be a fine meal - perhaps a feast, even, if I can get you fatter. Let me see The goose awoke the next morn to find the fox gone, but a silver tray before her. With some effort, she lifted the lid of the tray with her beak, and discovered a large white cake, complete with sugary icing. The goose honked happily and began to nibble at the cake.

She ate and ate until she was quite happily full, finding the cake to be quite gone at this point. Her belly filled to bursting, she laid down for a nap. The fox slipped back into the barn door, pleased with what he saw. How will you fly, if you are so fat? She didn't even have to open the lid this time; the cake was open before her, shining and colorful. The goose beamed, delighted to be able to taste the delicious sweet cake again, and began eating.

She finished the whole cake with little trouble this time, honking sadly that there was not more - but she had eaten quite a lot; it was time for another nap. The fox crept back into the barn, standing over the goose, peering down at her; he smiled widely. There may not be food to eat later, so plumpen up! When the goose next awoke, she was surrounded by all manner of baked confections. Cakes, brownies, cookies, pies - all with loving messages from the fox. The goose could hardly believe her eyes - there was so much to eat! She did not even have to get up to reach the sweets; she stuck out her neck and began to nibble.

She nibbled and ate all day long, filling her large belly with fattening, sugary food. When she could eat no more, she honked with joy and nestled down for another sleep. He looked at the goose, asleep among the half-eaten trays of a dozen cakes, cookies, and pies. He chuckled at how the dial spun and where it stopped, patting the goose's gently heaving belly. I cannot imagine you getting any fatter; but I am curious - how plump and round can I make you? How much will you eat and grow?

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She looked up at the fox, whom she had not seen in several days, and smiled at her wonderful friend. I am afraid that you will not be able to fly south for the winter. Of course she could still fly, she thought to herself. All geese can fly! She was determined to show him; she righted herself, and beat her wings, and waddled. But she never left the ground, and soon she was out of breath. But perhaps you can wait to go south until next year. I will keep you all winter, if you please," he said, putting a possessive, strong paw around her middle, squeezing her belly a My fattening story.

What are friends for! The next morning, the fox was standing over the goose. She smiled when she saw him, but there was a gleam in his eyes that was unfamiliar. He had food with him, though; bags and bags of stuffing, sweet with spices! She wobbled to her feet, honking with delight, beginning to peck at the bags hungrily. Eat and eat, all that you please, and then perhaps a bit more By the time she did, My fattening story was enormous, her thick layer of downy feathers dwarfed by her plump, round thighs, her bulging fat belly, and her tender breast.

The fox measured her progress, biding his time, knowing it would be best to wait until she had finished; when she had eaten all that she could and had fallen asleep again, he began to pluck her. Every warm, snowy feather he picked off of her body, exposing her girth in full; he marveled at her weight, putting her on the scale one last time, noting with joyous approval how heavy she was.

She was the fattest goose he had ever seen. He took care in preparing her; he had worked so hard to fatten her up, there was no sense in wasting the opportunity to enjoy a truly grand meal. He basted her as she slept, coating her naked body in a thick, sweet sauce.

Then he gently lowered her into a warm pot of water, careful not to disturb her - he soaked her in seasonings and sauces and creams. She was going to be delicious. She awoke after a while, honking strangely at finding herself de-feathered. She turned to her friend the fox, who merely smiled, rubbing her great plump middle. She honked in question. He licked his lips.

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There's just so much of you, it would be a shame to not help you taste superb. The goose squawked and honked in panic, but soon she was subdued by the warm waters as she boiled to perfection. The fox crooned her a goodbye. I loved watching you grow fatter and fatter - I knew that if I coaxed you into eating more and more every day, you would plumpen yourself up too much to migrate with your kin. And so now you're My fattening story with me, my fat, tender goose - you'll be a wonderful treat to warm my long, lonely winter. Goodbye, my plump companion.

I shall miss you when you are gone. Prev Main Gallery Download. The Fox and the Goose: a weight-gain story. Just something I wrote up one day. I enjoyed writing it, though it's very fetishy and has little plot to it. But I hope someone else can enjoy it somehow. Aldi Anthro Artist link. I rarely read stories but I loved this one! Thank you, I am very glad you liked it! Wonderful story, Del! I also appreciate how you avoided plugging in escalating s i. What a nice comment, I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much! And yes, I'm not very fond of quantifying the weight gain, it's so abstract for me to imagine 20 lbs, 50 lbs, etc.

I'd rather just try to describe it a little and then leave the rest up to the readers imagination. Plus, I think everyone likes different degrees of fattening. I'll try to write more soon! Thank you so much for the encouragement. Nixx Digital Artist link. Oooh that was eerily good! I really enjoyed the pace of it. Didn't take too long, but wasn't too short.

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And not giving the goose much personality made her seem more like food than anything else. Good stuff!

My fattening story

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