My first time anal story

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Anal sex is a bit like a roller-coaster: exciting for some, nerve-wracking for others, and an experience with so much fun potential. Maybe anal sex is your main or only option, because of your anatomy or because of vaginal discomfort.

Anal can also be a kinky alternative to vaginal, oral, and manual sex, or a kinky way to give or receive double the pleasure. And then take it into the partnered space. If you do graduate to anal sex, there might be some physical discomfort in the beginning, since your muscles are trying something new.

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That's why it's important to take it easy, be patient, and ensure that the receiving partner lubes up during anal sex. Sexologist and reproductive justice activist Michelle Hope ly told Elite Daily that one of the most crucial aspects of anal sex is that the anus is not self-lubricating, "and therefore has a higher risk of tissue tears.

Lube is your best friend when looking to explore the back door! As for emotional discomfort?

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There really shouldn't be any. Sexual consent is always and absolutely necessary — no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

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Another aspect to consider is safety during anal sex. Use a condom to prevent the passing of STDs. And if you're switching from anal sex to vaginal sex — in that order — a new condom is necessary. Once you've got the time, lube, condoms, and a patient, consenting partner, you'll be good to go.

The following first-time anal stories will give you a glimpse of what your first time might be like, physically and emotionally. Here are 10 women and non-binary people on their first time having anal sex: the convos they had leading up to it, how it felt, and whether or not they'd do it again. Michelle Hope, sexologist and reproductive justice activist. Updated: June 24, Originally Published: July 15, Alone Time My first time anal story Key. My partner had had anal before and loves it. I wanted to try it because I was curious about it and he was down to try something new, too.

I think I was more excited to do it than he was because I wanted to brag to my friends about how I was so 'sexually adventurous. She had a boyfriend, too and was coming to get something before the two of them had sex. She had assumed me and my boyfriend would already be at dinner. When she opened the door my boyfriend popped up, covered himself in the blanket, and hid behind my door.

While I was shocked finding this out, it was kinda nice. I got to explore a little of lesbianism and the dominant kink of mine I was all down for this kind of scenario. I really enjoyed being on the giving end of pleasure, in that sense.

I'd love to do it again, but my current BF isn't into it, which is fine. I got to at least play it out once! Foreplay Helps A Bunch. My SO and I tried anal, and it was awesome. We were actually kind of irresponsible and didn't really work up to it, but did use plenty of lube and had done a lot of foreplay.

I was OK with it and relaxed, and I experienced almost zero pain. I never seem to get quite as wet as when we do anal doing anything else Since we first started doing anal, we have bought a slim dildo that we use to loosen me up a bit before his penis and it has helped a lot. Turns out anal was something that we found interesting and different. It feels more naughty, like doing it on a sofa.

We were a little wary of PIV [penis-in-vagina] sex, but were feeling sexy. We had never done any anal play before, but my husband said that he wanted to finger my ass, so I said OK. Then one thing led to another, and we did it.

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It went well. I'd tried anal with exes and he could never put it in because it was too painful. I just relaxed and let it happen. It was pretty enjoyable. No soreness, blood, or poop.

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But when you meet someone you love and care about and trust, and they really want to try, you also want to try for them. First few times were awful. We had to stop. And stop. I didn't like it. I didn't want to do it at all. I just really wanted to please him with it, so I spent a lot of time reading how to help make things work out smoothly… The key is: Be relaxed. No really, it hurts if you are tense. A couple of days ago we tried it again, and I actually got off at the same time as him while doing it TL; DR: Anal can be nice.

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My first time anal story

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Here's What It's Really Like To Try Back-Door Sex For The First Time