My friend hot mom stories

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She walks around in bikinis that showcase her long legs, tight ass and big tits; she also dresses up often in pantyhose and short skirts that have all of us guys drooling.

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I, of course, said yes, for a few reasons:. It was what I did, build things and I could do it a lot cheaper and faster than a company could. I hoped to get to fuck her…even though it still seemed like a far-fetched dream. She suggested I start the second week of July, which happily coincided with Barry would be gone on a two week hiking trip with his father a dumb ass who divorced Sandra a few years ago…no one can fathom why.

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I, of course, agreed and shot a load in her honour every day until I started working for her. The week before I started, I got to see her every day as I brought over des for the shed.

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Every day she would suggest changes that required me to bring back a different de. She dressed in sundresses every day, or a t-shirt and short shorts that almost no adult should wear…except her. It was like she was taunting me to take her, even though she had always dressed like this…something I believe frustrated her jealous ex-husband.

Just then Barry came downstairs and we headed out for one last night of partying before he went on his trip…oblivious to the fact that I was hoping that while he was gone I would get to fuck his mother. I arrived as scheduled at eight the following morning and was greeted by Sandra, in a robe, clearly having just gotten up. I could see a little of her ample cleavage, and briefly fantasized just tugging her robe open and devouring her right then and there. That said, I wanted to take my time, to be sure I had read the many s of her interest in me right…it would be humiliating and potentially friendship ending if I was wrong.

Search for:. For me, fantasy became reality this summer.

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My friend hot mom stories

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