Naked sibling stories

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I was able to clear things out with my sister But later saw my sister naked. Not just that, that unknown woman fingered her pussy in a video call with me. On the other hand, my relationship with my stepmom was going in the right direction.

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I also messaged her on Skype, and there was no response. For the next few weeks, I progressed with my stepmom while continuing my usual routine at night. I started talking more with her, and that helped me to observe her curvy body closely. Her body was so tempting that I could hardly take my eyes off that. Anyway, it was going well, and she was also helping me with my study.

We were bonding, and I was finally feeling at home. Everything was going well; even me and my sister were back to our normal selves. Then one day, it was Saturday. I woke up in the morning and went to the bathroom to pee. Maybe it was Naked sibling stories accident, but the door was open, and my sister was taking a shower inside. I had just woken up and barely noticed her there.

I started singing as I took out my cock, which was semi-hard, and started peeing. My sister was naked right in front of me.

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We both looked at each other without saying anything. She looked so much angry, but I noticed her taking her eyes down to my cock. So I put my cock inside my boxer and walked outside.

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I said sorry on my way out and rushed towards my room. My sister was naked in front of me, and I cannot explain how hot she was. Her boobs were medium-sized, and under the shower, it was all wet. It was clean shaved. As I was doing that, I heard a knock on my door. Adjusting my boxer, I opened the door, and it was my stepmom with coffee in her hand.

I smiled at her as she walked inside. Everything alright? Even though it was such a beautiful sight to look at my sister like that, I was still afraid, thinking how she would react.

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I was still inside my room when Priyanka came inside my room straight from the bathroom. She had a towel wrapped around her body, and her shoulder, face, and hair were a little bit wet.

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But as she sat beside me on my bed and put her hand on mine, I looked into her eyes. It looked like a good couple staring for a while before she finally spoke up. We are both responsible for what happened earlier. So just forget about it, okay?

I should have knocked. She looked into my eyes. I was all into my own sister. Her face turned red, and she moved her hand away. Maybe she was feeling the same. I could see her fleshy thighs right in front of me. My cock was reacting to it in a naughty manner. Naked sibling stories just sat there feeling proud and embarrassed at the same time.

Later, we three had our lunch together. Dad had already left for the company. Because of the encounter, I had with my sister earlier, I was still feeling horny. Everyone was in their room, so I locked the door and went to that chatting site again, hoping to see that unknown woman. Maybe I was lucky.

The woman was there. I started stroking my cock slowly. For a while, I just told her about the encounter I had with my sister.

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Then she started asking about my stepmom. The juice was oozing out of my cock in excitement. So there was very little chance of her catching me. As usual, the door was slightly open. I peeked through the small opening, and my stepmom was in the same position as before. This time, she was wearing a maxi. Her ass was facing towards the door, and she was using her phone.

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As she moved a little, her maxi moved upwards, almost exposing half of her Naked sibling stories. What a scene that was. Her milky white legs and thighs gave so much excitement to my cock that it was trying so hard to come out. To my surprise, she did something very naughty. I was completely shocked when she took her hand down between her thighs. She rubbed her crotch through her maxi. At first, I thought she was rubbing because of an itch, but as she rubbed it for a while, I was sure she was rubbing her pussy. She started moving her body. Maybe she was getting horny. My stepmom was still rubbing her pussy.

I was enjoying it so much. I rushed towards the bathroom as I was about to cum. It was so intense that I stayed inside the bathroom for a while. This much for this part. In the next part, things will progress further between my sister and me. I will explain how I finally get my first girlfriend. So stay tuned and happy reading. What did you think of this story?? If IndianSexStories2. If you're on ISSstories.

Naked sibling stories

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