National nude day stories

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He also strongly National nude day stories that she was just using that as her excuse to get them outdoors naked — and he was quite right. Not that he would do anything about it. And not that Amy really needed the excuse. Mark was twenty four and his wife, Jill, twenty six. Eventually, every aspect of her sex life with Mark was discussed. And yet, Jill still knew nothing about Amy. Not yet, anyway.

From her willingness to divulge details, Amy figured out that Jill had a submissive streak and loved to be dominated. Mark, unfortunately for Jill, was also a submissive. Amy, however, was not. Amy invited herself over to their apartment one day. She simply demanded the address and came over. When she arrived, Jill smiled broadly at, what they then learned, was the 19 year old red head.

At first, Jill just thought it was a friendly visit. Jill was taken aback by the command and just stood frozen. Her hands neither pulled away nor continued as the two woman stood face to face in silence. Eventually, Jill let her hands fall free to her side. Amy smiled and d undoing her pants. Pull your underwear off and place them in your mouth. Another beat. Slowly, she bent over and slid the panties to the floor, exposing her bare pussy to the younger girl. She slipped them off her foot and bunched them into a ball. She stared at the ball for a long while, unsure if it was something she could go through with.

Amy, for her part, merely stood, arms crossed over her chest, as she waited for Jill to comply. And, eventually, Jill did.

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The damp panties went into her mouth. It was… different. Amy pulled out her phone and handed it to Jill on the text message screen. Jill took it and typed. She took up position in front of Amy as instructed and waited. Amy circled around Jill like a panther staking out its prey. Jill jerked forward involuntarily; that action earned her a swat on the ass. You are to saw those fingers in and out of that beautiful pussy of yours. Push them in, be sure to twist them as you do. I want you to get that snatch good and hot for me. You are NOT to orgasm. Do you understand?

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Absolutely no cumming without permission. Repeat that back to me. Now I am going to go sit on your sofa and go on my phone.

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She sat down and proceeded to ignore the older girl playing with her pussy on all fours ten feet away. And Jill did masturbate as instructed. She had to slow down her pace to keep from going over the edge and once she stopped entirely. Jill immediately d her manipulations as the wet spot on the carpet below her continued to grow from her vaginal secretions flowing down her thighs. Amy said nothing as Mark entered. He saw Amy first and started to ask something before he saw his naked wife on all fours playing with herself. Amy stood up and walked over to Mark.

She extended her hand in greeting which Mark instinctively accepted despite his shock. But your wife calls me Mistress Amy. Did you know your wife was a submissive?

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Mark simply gaped at his wife. Anyway, your wife has been masturbating for nearly an hour. Would you like to fuck her? Because slave Jill is only allowed to fuck those that I give her permission. Will you do that, Mark? Her tone was friendly but firm. Then kneel before me with your hands behind your head. Mark jumped in surprise. He blinked, swallowed, then started removing his shirt. That particular day, Amy had ordered them to be at her house at 12pm sharp. And had given specific instructions on what to do. In their car outside her house, they both stripped down completely, folding their clothes and placing them on the back seat.

They were only allowed one piece of clothing each — a dog collar. Apparently, people did that kind of thing all the time. Who knew? He felt it would make him seem somewhat more masculine. Jill thought that would be difficult seeing as how Amy had ordered them both to shave their privates completely. Worse, Mark was told that he was to be completely flaccid when they arrived at her door.

That was a bit of a problem, because the automotive nudity, and thoughts of what Amy might make them do, had made him very erect. Jill figured an easy way to fix his erection issue was to get him off. So, helpfully, she bent over and took his cock into her mouth. Her lips swallowed the bulbous cock-head and his manhood disappeared into her mouth.

Meanwhile, National nude day stories toyed with his scrotum, rolling his testes around in her palm as she sucked him off. She swallowed each squirt as he groaned loudly — shockingly loudly inside the otherwise silent car. Once he was finished, she pulled off his meat and watched as his member slowly shrank down.

It continued to ooze semen in the process which she cleaned up with her thumb, sticking it into her mouth to lick it off. They had to park on the street which meant making a fifty foot sprint across her front lawn to the door. Amy had insisted on both of those details. Sure, whatever. Jill knocked rapidly on the door while Mark looked around frantically.

Amy lived on a fairly small street, National nude day stories it was broad daylight in the middle of a Saturday. May we come in? Not just yet. She was bent over slightly and had her legs tightly crossed in an effort to maintain some sliver of modesty. Mark just stood with his hands over his crotch.

National nude day stories

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