Naughty pee stories

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I pee on things I shouldn't. Plastic chairs, the floor, laundry, the edge of the guest room bed, in cups and bowls. AsI used to pee outside behind the doghouse and into Barbie's little toilet. I'd fill it with my pee and then flush it and when mom would find it, I'd say it was really old water. I also used to pee into tissues in my bedroom as a teen and several times sat on my trashcan and emptied my bladder completely. I've peed my pants twice, but I didn't like it. I want to have the Barbie toilet back so I can pee in it again or buy 's training toilet to pee in in my bedroom.

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If I didn't hate the vandalism aspect of it, I'd love to pull my pants down and urinate on a cinema seat, full-blast during a movie and let it soak in. I'd like to pee in the floor in a washroom and under a desk in a library. I also want to pee in a hotel room - right into the carpet, leaving a big puddle behind. I'd also sit on the couch and relieve myself and then masturbate. But boy do i get off on seeing other people do it. Those videos are my favorite, especially carpets in hotels or dressing rooms. So far I have went in the laundry basket all the over the clothes, onto towels, on a sweater, on the side of the bathtub, and in my dad's container of nails.

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I masturbate afterwards every single time. You need a Premium to access that feature! We provide many cool features for confessions exclusively for premium users Go Premium.

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Naughty pee stories

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