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This is my first story to iss, I am a daily reader of this site and just thought to share my exp, please forgive me if I do any mistake. She always wears a salwar kameez and sometimes a kurti with jeans, personally I used to love her wearing sari but she used to wear very less she is married and has no kids, I will discuss her figure later and her hubby is out of town for work and comes only once a year for one month.

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Now let me come to my story. So as usual she was talking to me and I started flirting with her which made a excited as she did had sex for long time. So I started talking more naughty which she took very sportingly than suddenly her duppata fell and her bra strap was seen so I said your pink colour bra is awesome on which she just smiled and went to balcony. So I gathered some courage and asked her that her hubby is not here than how she satisfies her.

She suddenly said till now no one was their but from now you are my secret hubby who will help me satisfy my fire within me and she started kissing me in balcony, we broke and went to her bedroom as it Naughty teacher sex stories my first time and she was my teacher so she was teaching me how to do it. Soon we were in our inners and I started kissing her body as I saw in one porn.

She started moaning ahh ahh mmm aahh ummm ohh very good keep doing, you are learning faster you naughty boy which made me more excited and she guided me to remove her inners and I saw a naked women for the first time.

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Her figure was 34 28 32, her skin was so fair and white that milk also seemed yellow in front of her and I started oozing pre cum from my penis. Then she gave her boobs in my mouth which I sucked and kept sucking; her nipples became so hard and pink than she guided me to her pussy to lick it.

First time my dream fantasy came true to see a women squirting and then she made me lie on the bed and removed my underwear. She took my cock in her mouth and gave me my first blowjob. When she was sucking mine, I was also making sound like omg ahh wow amazing and I cum in her mouth in few min as it was my first time.

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After sometime I was ready for next session so she applied a cream on my cock which made is numb and pulled on a condom. First I slowly started thrusting my cock and later increased my speed as she applied some cream so I was totally numb on the tip of my cock I fucked for 20 min. She was making sound and enjoying ahhh ahh ummm.

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Fuck me harder ahhh uhhhmmm ohh which got me more excited and I fucked her in same position and then changed our position to doggy style and came in her after few minshe removed the condom and sucked my penis dry and soft. While fucking her she cum more than 3 times which satisfied her and we had shower were we had quick sessionshe washed my underwear and gave me her panties to wear which I happily worn it was very soft and comfortable as I was in flaccid mode and I left for my home. After that I did many times with her and now I left her tuition.

Many times I miss her so I use her panty to masturbate and relive my past movement. Hope you liked it. Sorry it was a bit long. Awaiting for your response and suggestion [ protected]. What did you think of this story?? If IndianSexStories2.

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Naughty teacher sex stories

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