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for Free! Score 5 5. Famous Story. Published 6 years ago. She had been to these functions a few times with her husband. It was almost obligatory. Many wives will know the feeling, she thought. It irritated her all the more when she heard her husband laughing raucously at something one of his friends had said.

The laughter gets louder with each drink he consumes. I am the woman you came in with. It certainly made her want to throw up. His boss and owner of a large firm of city ants is Richard Mead, a man in his mid to late sixties who had developed quite a paunch. He had silvery hair and was short of stature. It was difficult to imagine him ever having been attractive to any woman. There were some twenty guests, ten couples all sat down to dinner at the large dining table, each course was served by two Naughty wife stories girls about 18 years of age.

Richard Mead was filling his face with one mouthful after another and eating with his mouth open, which was a grotesque sight. Of course he had the outward s of wealth displaying gold rings on his fingers and what must have been a very expensive watch. Sandra would have estimated her to be around forty-two years of age, easily twenty years, or more, younger than her husband. There is no denying her beauty Sandra thought, her silky auburn hair flowing down towards the small of her back, her eyes a stunning brown shaded by long eyelashes.

She wore a Naughty wife stories red dress with low-cut-back that accentuated her figure as it moulded perfectly around her breasts and into her slim waist. It would be easy to ask what she was doing married to Richard Mead were it not for his obvious wealth. She would say friends loosely because basically they were all backstabbers when it came down to it. Malcolm Crompton was a rising star in the company and was the Managing Director of the operation in the north of England. Apparently he was very clever but had a reputation among female staff of being a bit of a creep, altogether too touchy feely for the liking of many.

His wife was a small and petite, brunette. She wore a short pink dress with a rather low plunging neckline revealing a great deal of cleavage.

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Her breasts were smallish but she displayed them perfectly much to the pleasure of the drooling males. She did not know his name then but he was quite attractive, the classic chiselled good looks, tall, dark and very handsome. Most women, if not all the women in the room, would find him by far and away the only one worth looking at more than once.

The woman sat next to him was an attractive looking blonde who dressed quite classy but did not have a wedding ring on her finger so one had to assume she was not the wife of Mr. Terry Fernley she had met before; he was with his wife Paige. How do these average looking men find these attractive wives?

Paige is brunette very nice legs and well rounded thighs which she made sure everyone could see. Her yellow dress was not too short but enough to ride a good third of the way up her thighs. Terry Fernley was clearly very proud of his attractive wife and seemed to enjoy her display of thigh regularly placing his hand on the one nearest to him as if to say to other men in the room.

There will hardly be a married woman anywhere who has not been abandoned with a drink in her hand and yet expected to smile sweetly at everyone and pretend to be enjoying a boring evening. She was left in that state for a good half an hour. Suddenly, she was saved by Rachael Mead who came and ed her. Sandra was certain that Rachel found these parties just a boring as she did. Sandra raised her eyebrows and smiled at this subtle hint.

Where do you get your bit on the side Sandra? Was it just expected of Sandra too? Is that why she felt bold enough to impart her secret? Well she had point there, Kevin was hardly a stallion but he had been the only man Sandra had ever had sex with and they had been married for 10 years quite happily. No children because Kevin was very career minded. Other married women she had spoken to about their sex lives, as women do, led her to believe that her sex life was quite normal.

Has there ever been anyone else? It was a bit like asking if she was still a virgin. You must sometimes wonder Darling. There was this ab-so-lutely gorgeous hunk of a maintenance man at work who occasionally came into my office to change bulbs and do other little odd jobs like cleaning the windows. I suppose I must have flirted with him a bit too obviously until one day he screwed me over my own desk with my legs spread all over the place. God he was good! Rachel had made it sound so exotic that Sandra was feeling hot, her knickers were getting damp thinking about Naughty wife stories and picturing the scene.

She was intrigued as to her present extra-marital relationship and would have liked to hear more. I want to do a little shopping in Oxford Street. Would you like to come along Dear? Rachael paid for the train tickets Naughty wife stories they travelled first class.

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I find it very therapeutic and good for the soul. She was trying to work it out. Rachael was a friend who had phoned her a few times but hardly what one would call a close friend. Of all the guests at the party why had she so quickly homed in on Sandra? Have you met most of them before? I have met Malcolm Crompton before but never his wife. Terry seems to be good friends with my husband. It did not feel right, like there was a hidden agenda slowly emerging. Sandra thought. None of us would kick him out of bed.

It was like she had inadvertently betrayed herself in some way. I can introduce you to him if you wish. In our little club we all love our husbands dearly. It is female nature Darling, Mother Nature at work. We only arrange a meeting of the club if we can get at least three of the wives to come and know we will all get away with it.

If you saw them Sandra you might think it was the women who were the lucky ones. You really must loosen up and get some fun into your life. This bra will make you look great. Of course our husbands are lovely, we adore them, but there are those times when our minds turn to a good-looking, hunky man who keeps himself in trim and who can last more than five minutes.

All the way back on the train Rachael opened up even more about her extramarital sex-life and it was rich and varied. Get a pussy full of Luther and Naughty wife stories will be having one orgasm after another all over the bed. You just ask Paige, and Luther would just drool over that cute little arse of yours Sandra. Do you mean before she married Terry? The more Kevin climbs the company ladder the less you will see of him, the lonelier you will get, the more neglected you will become. He will spend more and more time away from home stuffing call girls.

The phone calls you get will become less and less frequent. You will have many lonely nights in bed alone. Think about it Sandra. I can tell you that Kevin is going to be promoted and will spend much of his time in Scotland and Northern Ireland where he will be in charge of operations. It is up to you but you might find a use for those panties and that bra sooner than you think. He will lick your pussy with that tongue of his until you are screaming for more and once he gets that monster of a cock into you that magnificent black arse of his will pound you until you think you have never really had a fuck before.

We have the pill and the Morning-after-Pill. Think about it we women have never had such sexual freedom. I would not have John, my second son, if I had taken the pill as I should have and if his real father had not gone all the way when he should have pulled out. He fucks like a steam engine, his cock moves like a piston-rod ramming you like a jackhammer. We girls just love to serve up the pussy and they fuck it for us but it is a two-way deal.

The sex is out of this world. We get the best of all worlds, just think about it Sandra. Could she ever let a black man fuck her how ever desperate she had become? She prided herself on not being racist but interracial sex was something else. Obviously Robert would always stand a chance with any woman but she was happily married to Naughty wife stories even if he does make her puke the way he creeps around Richard Mead and ignores her at those company functions. In bed that night with Kevin at the side of her fast asleep, she was staring through the darkness at the ceiling her mind running over everything Rachael had said.

She could not believe that three, and by the sounds of it more than three, of the wives who had sat at that same dining table with their husbands were having sex with other men. Rachael made it all sound so natural. Sandra asked herself. She did not tell Kevin what she had learned because she knew the trouble it could cause if it all got out and Rachael had after all confided in her as a friend. She was acutely aware that she had mentioned the names of four men, Robert, Luther, Paul and Daniel but only mentioned three women, herself, Hannah and Paige.

It was obvious that Rachael was given the task of recruiting. She turned over and wrapped her arm around Kevin, he was fast asleep. Sandra suggested that they should move to live in Scotland but Kevin did not want to move house. Sandra could easily cope with that and they had nearly every weekend together and made the most of it. They spoke often on the phone while he was away either by using his hotel room phone or more often his mobile but as the workload increased and the job became more demanding he spent less and less time at home.

There was always a good reason. They talked every night on the phone when he was away but it was not like having him at home and he was away between four and five nights a week and sometimes even at weekend. Rachael phoned often to see how Sandra was coping and they would meet in town for a coffee and a bit of shopping Naughty wife stories often. In the past week he had missed phoning twice and when Sandra phoned him on his mobile it was switched off. Rachael started phoning her more often, every few days she was on the phone asking if Sandra Naughty wife stories OK.

She never phoned when Kevin was at home which told Sandra she knew when he was away. The next time Kevin phoned Sandra told him she was not happy with him being away all the time.

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