Nba groupie stories

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As the season went by, any games he had near my city he would invite me. Same drill every single time. Towards the end of the season it was clear that I was getting in my feelings as I began feeling used. Was this all it was going to be? I approached him with that feeling and he did apologize for the misunderstanding and he assured me those were not his intentions at all.

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With that he finally invited me back to his home team city. He booked my ticket, sent for car service, and just like that I was waiting in the lobby of his luxurious condominium in Dallas. Excitement filled me when I seen him as I felt maybe we were getting somewhere with me finally coming to his home instead of a hotel room.

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I was a little thrown off by news. It all started labor day weekend of I decided to hit up a popular club in Dallas by the name of Privae.

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I was dressed fresh to death with a goal in mind; tonight I would get me a baller. I met one of homegirls up at the club and about 25minutes of being there a group of NBA ballers walked in.

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My girl was clearly familiar with the group and knew a few faces, me not so much. Next thing you know we were getting cozy in their section, pouring up drinks and partying to the loud tunes of southern music. Couple of shots in I started feeling myself and asked my girl to put me on.

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He was very polite with that southern gentleman demeanor which I instantly fell in love. Up On Game. All Rights Reserved.

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Nba groupie stories

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