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The little girl from next door was in my kitchen sitting on a bar stool next to the counter. She was only 12 but her breasts were already quite well developed and she was facing me with her shirt open allowing me to gently feel and suckle her adorable little exposed titties that I had just freed from her lacy bra. Her hands were behind Neighbor girl sex story neck and she was trembling with excitement as I squeezed her little orbs and kissed and chewed on her rock hard pink nipples.

Her name was Charlie short for Charlene and I had been slowly coaxing her to allow me to do this for several weeks now. I was going to fuck her, of this I had no doubt but I wanted it to be consensual even though she was really too young to know what she was doing or to legally give me permission.

She was underage jailbait but that only made it even more exciting for me. She had been coming over to visit me with her brother so they could swim in my pool for several weeks now and as long as they were together, their divorced and now single Mom, seemed to be o. She worked until 7 pm.

Lately however her brother had stopped coming and Charlie said he preferred playing with his friends so this let us be alone which soon led to Charlie wanting me to cuddle and fondle her, which in turn led to her wanting me to teach her how to kiss like a grown up. She was a precocious little girl and soon learned how to French kiss with her tongue and an open mouth. Today after a lengthy kissing session, I had lifted her onto the stool and started to undo the buttons on her shirt.

She protested a little at first saying her Mom had told her not to let strange boys see her breasts but I soon convinced her that I was not a strange boy, but rather her Neighbor girl sex story up 50 year old neighbor and after some more deep kissing I soon had her bra off and her titties exposed to my touch, which was where we were now. She was mewling with pleasure and always being one to act on the moment and not let opportunity slip away, while I continued to suck on her breasts, I slowly moved my hand down her bare midriff to the top of her tiny shorts.

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Meeting no resistance I continued to suck her nipples while my fingers gently undid the top button on her shorts and slid the zipper all the way down exposing her her little flowery panties. Charlie gasped as strange new feelings ripped through her young body but she made no effort to stop me as I teased the very top of her tiny slit with my forefinger. Before she had time to think about what was happening, I lifted her off the stool and onto the ground where I deftly slid her shorts and panties down around her ankles and made her step out of them before lifting her back onto the stool.

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