Nipple clamping stories

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Gromet's Plaza Bound Stories. I went for the interview and got the job all they were interested in was did I like bondage, they explained they were a company that made bondage gear and they want a full time research assistant. My sole job was to test their bondage gear and for that they would pay me mega bucks. So here I was my first day not knowing what to expect but very excited knowing I was going to be tied up half the day.

The girl in reception welcomed me and took me through to the locker room. Today you will be working in reception she told me and handed me some cloths and told me to get them on. I opened the bag and found a pair of silky red panties a bra stockings and a garter belt. I felt embarrassed having to dress in front of this girl and I struggled to get the panties on as they were so tight even though they stretched. The bra I thought I would never get on and I was sure it would rip but with help I got it on it was made of satin and very shiny Nipple clamping stories it wasn't until I got it on that I noticed there were holes for my nipples and metal plates that covered the rest of the nipple.

The girl led me back to reception dressed as I was in my underwear and I felt very embarrassed. She led me over to the display stand in the corner and asked me to sit. She produced a large boot twice the normal size and she proceeded to put both my feet into it and pulled up the leather to my knees. She then laced it up tight so both my feet were bound together in the giant boot. She told me to kneel on the wooden step on the display and then strapped my legs to the step and then placed a collar around my neck and locked it in place.

This was closed followed by cuffs for my wrist which were again locked in place. She locked a chain to one of the wrist cuffs and then pulled my arm up my back towards the neck collar and passed the chain through the collar and brought the other wrist up to match it, she then pulled it really tight and locked it in place. The main effect of all this was to force my nipples through the whole in the bra and they stood out like organ stops and my tits seemed even bigger than they normally do.

The phone rang and she left me to go and answer it. I looked around me and wondered how I had ended up in my undies in a public reception. She returned and noted Nipple clamping stories had sat down on my legs. I screamed as they bit but only a low grunt came out of the gag. She then attached the clamps to a chain which went over the bar in front of me to a post and she forced me up right and locked them off. Suddenly I was aware of a itching in my tits that's what the spray was it started to drive me mad and the only way I could get relief was by pulling back against the clamps, but it was a mixed blessing to far and my nipples hurt.

I Nipple clamping stories with this for a long time and it was made worse by the fact that my legs ached and I wanted to sit down. The ball gag was making me drool all over my tits. What made matters worse was people calmly walking past me as I knelt there in my undies. A couple came in and were invited to wait for there appointment. The man came over and looked at me walking around me and looking at my tits and then my arse. The girl on reception came over and gave him the details of the equipment being used.

He commented on how smack able my arse was and the girl then showed him there range of canes and paddles. I suddenly jumped as my arse was set on fire by the cane and this made me pull on my nipples which hurt even more. Five more times the cane landed and the man then asked if the cane left any marks. The girl pulled back my panties so he could see and all I could do was kneel there mortified.

He stopped and the girl showed him my arse again. The girl went away and came back with a little box with wires and showed him the metal cones inside the bra as she attached the wires to them. These controls send a tiny electrical current she explained and turned the knob. My tits bounced up and down and I tried to get away from the shocks to my tits.

To really make it more effective the bra needs to be wet she explained and proceeded to get some ice water from the drinks machine. She tipped the water all over my breasts and suddenly the shocks were ten times worse. Just then one of the salesmen came in and took them off into the factory leaving me still tied.

I mumbled to the girl that my tits were still being shocked, she realized and stopped the machine and said, "You did very Nipple clamping stories it will soon be dinner time. If you are caned in the morning we try not to cane you in the afternoon. This is Jane you will be with her after dinner. We ate our dinner and it was true no one did look at us and there were all sorts of strange costumes being worn in the canteen.

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We stripped naked and waited for the man, Nipple clamping stories came in with a plastic suit each and told us to put them on. They were transparent and as I put my feet in I saw it had built in plastic socks. I was surprised as it wasn't tight.

Pulling it up I suddenly saw plastic knobs in the crotch and were my tits would go, they weren't sharp but would make life interesting. The suit covered all of my body and only left my head free even the hand were covered in the plastic. The man came over with a tube and a clipboard and came to me first. He looked at the clipboard and then at my suit he made some adjustment to the suit so the spikes were in the right place. It was a strange suit made of lots of pockets all over, the suit had little metal valves in some places.

I suddenly felt the suit filing with freezing cold water not actually inside the suit but in the pockets. Two minutes later and my leg was held in its embrace, he moved on to my thighs and did the same. When he had finished my leg was unmovable it felt like it was in a vice though it didn't hurt.

He carried on and did the whole suit and by then the spikes were rubbing my tits and pussy.

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He lay me down and checked his board and said, "I will adjust it now. I was now stuck unable to move any muscle as they were compressed by the water. He did the same to Jane and then approached us with ball gags which he soon had in our mouths and strapped behind our he.

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The man came back later and released us and it was then time to go home. On day two I arrived at work and again was taken to my locker and given a parcel of clothes. The receptionist showed me the chart of what work I would be doing for the week and what clothes I would need which was not normally very much. Today was similar to yesterday, a tight bra black this time with tight satin panties, stockings and high heel shoes. I went down to the fun room to start work dressed as I was in my underwear. A man approached me and asked if I was the new girl. I explained I was.

The pillory bit was very shiny and attached to poles that came up from the base. He made some adjustments and then I had to put my hands and neck in it, it fitted like a glove and held me ridged with no movement. A thin steel plate was put into place between my legs and lifted up Nipple clamping stories front poles so I ended up lying on the thin plate. It was again made of stainless steel and was narrow enough to fit between my tits separating them.

At the other end it went between my legs and back to another pole which could be raised or lowered. My feet were loosely chained to the poles. The man came round to the Nipple clamping stories with the usual big ball gag and put it in my mouth. He then put a try under my tits which was part of the de and fitted onto the pole and could be adjusted.

He undid my bra and pushed it out of the way. He went behind me with another tray and added that near my bum. He the came back with a thick block of ice and put it on the tray directly under my nipples. I lifted my legs and bum as best I could so that my poor nipples didn't rest on the ice. He went behind me again and I felt ice on my bum from the other tray, I moved away from it only to have my nipples touch the ice. This was what they thought was fun! I was in constant movement either I got frozen tits or a frozen bum.

What made the whole thing worse was the ice was melting and running down my bum into the most intimate places.

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Three men came in who were buyers for a night club chain and laughed at my little dance. I was just like a specimen to them one pulled my tit to the side and showed the others how firm my nipples were with the cold then looking at my arse he ask how the ice would effect me if I got caned.

Nipple clamping stories

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