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Vicky laid down the sponge and looked at her handiwork. It took over an hour of scrubbing, but she thought the stove looked almost exactly the way it did when she first moved into the apartment. She could not believe she had let dirt and cooked food build Nipple tease stories on the stove the way she did. She supposed it came from having her two younger brothers living in her apartment. Trying to keep up with her own life and with them was almost too much sometimes. Her youngest brother elected to live on campus this year and the other decided to move in with friends.

Vicky was happy to have her apartment to herself once again. She had enjoyed two years on her own before her first brother graduated high school — then she second followed a year later. It was not that she did not enjoy having her brothers around. She adored them both. However, she had won her freedom, and the ability to enjoy a decent-sized apartment on her own. Having that suddenly disappear under a tidal wave of pizza boxes and pleas to help with essays at the last minute was not what she thought of when she thought of youth and freedom.

Looking around at her apartment now, one would never know that two college-aged boys had lived here. She was happy. That happiness was compounded by the fact that Todd was on his way over from work. This would be the first night since the two of Nipple tease stories started dating that they would have her apartment to themselves. Vicky put away the sponge and cleaner and washed her hands to cleanse them of the smell of cleanser. As she finished, a knock sounded at the door. Vicky dried her hands and walked up to the door. When she opened it, Todd stood there with a trio of roses in a small vase.

Vicky ushered him in, taking the roses with a kiss and placing them on the counter that divided her kitchen and living room. He walked up to her and put his arms around her. Become a god in bed: tips for improving your game. I have the place to myself and we can do whatever we want here. Todd gave her a wicked smile that made Vicky shiver. Did you set up the restraints like I told you to? He removed her t-shirt and her bra slowly, leaving her shorts on her, and guided her to the bed. Vicky sat against the headboard and watched as Todd brought the restraint straps from under the bed and over the headboard.

He brought the cuffs at the end of the straps to each wrist and fastened them tightly, but not so much that it hurt her wrists. When she twisted her arms, she enjoyed the satin feeling inside the cuffs. It was smooth, cool, and relaxing.

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His brown eyes darkened and a chill moved up and down her spine. She loved to see that look in his eyes. It gave her a deep thrill and a sense of something almost like fear. Vicky Nipple tease stories small clips with black tips over the clamps, and a small stiff feather. Vicky gasped and closed her eyes. He brought his lips to one nipple, sucking it gently. His tongue teased over it, flicking left and right, up and down, and then in circles. He stopped and moved to the other nipple, sucking it gently before teasing it with his tongue.

Todd spent longer with this one, flicking his tongue across and circling around the nipple. It felt very nice, but Vicky began to feel a tickle in the other nipple. Vicky writhed, pulling against her restraints, and moaned again. She opened her eyes when Todd stopped and looked at him. His eyes were just as dark, and a playful grin played over his lips. Vicky let out a sigh, expecting him to lick it again.

Instead, he took one of the clips between his fingers and pinched it around the base of the nipple. Vicky cried out as the pain from the sharp squeeze moved down her spine to settle between her legs. The pressure around her nipple was enticing and painful.

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Her want and desire built between her legs. She wanted Todd to rip off her shorts and take her, opening her legs and thrusting rough into her. Instead, he picked up the other clip and brought it to her breast, pinching the nipple and clamping it tightly.

Vicky let her head fall back and a deep moan escaped her lips. Both nipples screamed and ached. The pain from the clips moved through her body, igniting her senses in new ways. She was very aware of her bondage now and her inability to stop the pain that was at once maddening and delicious.

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She began to move her legs, kicking them down the bed. Todd took hold of her thighs and straddled them so that he kept her legs from kicking. She was helpless now and her mind soared, her thoughts becoming a blurred jumble in her mind. Vicky closed her eyes Nipple tease stories let her mind float in its new height as something soft and stiff touched her nipple, waving across it back and forth, up and down.

The feather moved to her other nipple, flicking over it lightly before spinning over the tip of her nipple. She could feel one delicate barb pushing into the pucker and let out a loud, deep moan. Vicky tensed her thighs, feeling her arousal growing as the barb tried to penetrate into her breast, soft and light, spinning, and turning. She breathed slowly, letting her body relax, feeling the tension Nipple tease stories the feather brought to her back slowly releasing.

Todd breathed out and warm air Nipple tease stories the tip of one nipple, quickly turning cool. Like the feather, it tried to penetrate into the pucker and Vicky twisted away from it. She loved the feeling of it, but she did not want to say so. She was afraid of what would follow. Vicky bit her lip and tensed her thighs again, feeling her arousal growing to new heights. She tried to remember a time when Todd had her so worked up, and could not. He blew again over her nipple, the air piercing into the pucker of the nipple. Her bondage and the pleasure met in her mind and body, combining, mixing, and evolving into something new.

She cried out, her body tensing as her pleasure grew. A sharp feeling started in her nipple and spread quickly along the breast. In the clamps, her nipples swelled, driving more pain through her body. She cried out again, louder this time as her body trembled. Between her legs, her desire exploded and she ached more than she ever had before to feel Todd there. As her trembling ceased, Todd stopped blowing on her nipple. Gently he removed the clips from her breasts. Vicky tilted her head forward and opened her eyes.

She felt buzzed and almost dizzy from the sensation. She shuddered as the last of her pleasure moved through her body and looked at Todd. Vicky realized she could not speak. She was not sure if she would whisper or yell, or if her words would even make sense. It was as though her whole body had to relearn how to work. She nodded instead. I want to do this more, to find new ways to make you come than just between your legs. Vicky felt a new desire push through her body. Todd saw it too, and this one he fulfilled. He kissed her deeply and passionately, his tongue pushing through her lips to dance with her own.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his body to hers, letting her feel the weight and warmth of him against her still sensitive breasts. Vicky smiled and kissed Todd again. Yes, she thought, this would be a fun adventure to have with him. She could not wait to see what delights he thought of next. Hi, I'm Dave. And I'm a No, not really. Hence, these are my chosen topics for this blog. I'm fluent in 3 languages: English, Profanity and Sarcasm. I own a of male sex toys, and my personal "toybox" is growing rapidly.

But prostate toys are my favorite. So, enjoy the ride, and drop me a line if you have something to say!

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Erotic short stories: a Nipple Tease for Vicky. Kinky breast play. Pure and simple.

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Todd promised her a surprise. Plz write new about these plz plzzzz Post a Reply. Dave December 7,

Nipple tease stories

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Erotic short stories: a Nipple Tease for Vicky