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Chris Hailey's stories Guest authors Comments. My mom says I have to always make sure the guy has a condom on. It feels so much better. It does? You're too young. I'm thirteen, and I'm pretty much regular now. I mean, my period is. I promise I'll get some for the next time. I need you so badly!

A thirteen year old sex goddess! I think we should wait. I'm a man, you know. A grown-up man. I have needs. That's what girls do. But you should. And I want to. But still, we should wait. She'd be proud. You want to see something cool? Open the drawer. You do have condoms!

We can have sex all day!

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Let's get started! Let's get your clothes off now, babe.

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He's definitely thinking about sex now! Now spread your legs and show me how much you love me. At least let me go in bare, OK? I'll put one on later, I promise. Let me pop your cherry bare, OK? Your mama wouldn't mind at all! Just for a little while! It's too big! No condom sex stories so fucking wet! You're so fucking hot! It hurts too much! Oh baby! There you go! Just a little while longer, it feels so good! Just a little while I can't stop now! Oh Cali! Oh fuuucckkk! You promised! I said I was sorry! I don't know. I'm really pissed right now. I'm sorry. Writers love to hear from their readers, so please leave a comment about this story.

Because the ASSTR comments form is not working right now, you can leave a comment by ing me at chrishailey01 protonmail. To help me update stories with your comments, try to include the title of the story you are commenting on, and a username I can attribute your comment to "anonymous" or similar is fine, and if no nickname is provided, I'll just use "anonymous. Erotic Stories by Chris Hailey. Reminds me a lot of my first time Mmmm, just reading it takes me back. Another wonderful story! I'm really glad you liked it, Kitten!

I hope you keep coming back, I'll try to write more like this one, I promise! Loved it one of my new favorites, reminded me of my first time too, although scared the crap out of me I would not trade it for anything.

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Would of like it to be a little longer to see what the result was. Glad you liked it, sweetspot and Van. It's always a bit scary to post stories like this, you never know what people will think of them. I hope you also checked out the follow-up, More Come For Cali.

I was such No condom sex stories slut in my younger days I miss them lol! Knowing grown men loved touching and looking, mmmmmm! This reminds me of my first time, I just read your stories for the first time and they're amazingly well written wow love em : I was a huge tease and I remember attracting a lot of older men it was fun if they were hot haha.

Thank you so much, Sally, I'm so glad you like my stories. And it's great how this one seems to be very evocative for so many of my lady readers. This must be pretty close to how it usually happens the first time, I guess! Certainly it was written from my recollection of what it was like. I'd love to hear more about your first time, and about your teasing of those poor older men. But just like the tease that you are, you didn't leave an address. If you want you can drop me another comment which is really just an to me. I wish more writers would use the style of conversation only - allows so much more room for imagination Didn't use any protection on my later wife when I first fucked her at fourteen.

Hymen had gone, probably via her many sports activities, so no discomfort for her - was great! Got her on the Pill shortly after. Nice writing - from actual memory?? Thanks so much Niceandeasy. I completely agree about the imagination thing. I've always felt that the best erotica le you down a path, but gives you lots of room to fill in the details as you wish. As for this being from memory, there may have been one or two occasions that followed this script.

It's so much nicer to go in bare you know. I love this story,my bf at the time didn't wear a condom. So pleased you liked it, amberlynn. I've heard from a lot of girls that it reminds them of their No condom sex stories time! I'd love to know what you think of the other Cali stories, or any of my other stories. I've added links to the other Cali stories to the end of this story just above the comments ; links to all my other stories are on my Home.

In my case the story's title should have been: "Condom for Judy but no condom for Alice. However, her mother, Alice, fully understood the situation and she made a pact with me: If I promised not to fuck her daughter Judy "if" or "until we married" I could fuck her the mother whenever it was possible and a condom was definitely "not required.

Judy and I did not marry and hence we never fucked, but Alice and I fucked even through the first five years of my own marriage. What can I say lol! Very true! My boyfriends father seduced me when I was in high school and he also refused to use condoms. Having grown men drooling over me was so hot. I loved the attention and because of the attention I could never be forceful when I tried to tell someone no.

I had to barter for the rent once and my landlord would come over all different hours and he also refused to wear a condom Part of it was probably because I was pregnant He would come in to collect the rent and make me spread my legs for him. He always made me feel so cheap and dirty though. He would sometimes make me strip and bend over on my dining room table and just undo his pants and leave me with cum running down my legs. Another time he called me and told me to be naked in bed waiting. He came in, pushed his pants to his knees, climbed on me, fucked me and deposited his cum in me.

He told me to close my eyes and not move until he came back. He had a friend he owed money to and used me to wipe the debt.

No condom sex stories

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