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Sort by: DateRatingViews. For example. David has just arrived late. I looked her up and down. She was slim, but not skinny, and definitely not fat. Her body was well prop Every day for the past month, sixteen-year old college student Ashlee Meadows had lain soaking up the sun's rays in the next door garden, turning gradually from chicken skin white to Mediterranean bronze. And every day, older neighbour Anthony Lynch had peeked discreetly from the other side of the fence, watching the transformation.

So much time and effort had Anthony put in on mowing that particular patch of lawn that the grass there began to resemble the bald snatch he imagined nestled between Note: I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the positive comments on the first one, so here is the second one.

Still based on a true story. My phone rang, pissing me the fuck off, but I picked it up anyway. I had just begun to train his sixteen year old daughter, Non concent stories, as a sexual slave. He had sent her to me last night, and I was just dozing off at five in the morning when the knock came. I opened the door. There he stood, where only twelve hours earlier his daughter had stood, a supplicant, the necessary handcuffs around her tiny wrists, Non concent stories key to those restraints in her mouth.

She h Her introduction to it had been vastly different to mine; at the hands of two big bullies; brutal, humiliating and very, very painful. By th So my name is Jim. I'm 19, and am packing a huge cock. I put that bad boy to use. So one day, I saw this hot cunt walking down the hall in the math building at college. I was like, "HEY! Ya cunt! Get over here! So, I whipped out my 11 inch fucking beast of a cock, and shoved it down her throat. The bitch started He woke up with his arms around a woman, one hand grasping her breast softly, the other resting on her crotch with a finger inside of her.

He flexed the finger and the woman gasped and woke up, looking at him. It was most obviously still McGonagall, but she was much younger, somehow. Maybe 20 years old, from appearances.

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He grinned his evil little grin as she opened her eyes and looked right into his, wiggling into him and causing him to get very hard against her ass. For appearance sake, Harr Harry walked round the school the next day, whistling a happy tune to himself. He was thinking about the night before and his new women… yes, they would be very happy with any of his new arrangements.

Another plus of the bond they all now shared, apart from the girls being unbreakably in love and loyal with him, was that they would accept whatever he did, no matter what. He could chop off all their limbs for all they cared, and would love him all the more for it. It would also alter their person Every day I get up early to be at work by am.

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In the construction industry one is expected to be early when the weather is the coolest of the day and expected to put in long hard hours. Well today was no different. I get up, brush my teeth and head out the door. Except for just a moment I paused then glanced back at the bed to see my girlfriend sleeping peacefully and shrugged my shoulders as I noticed a slight glow and a glimpse of a grin on her face.

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When I started the pick up the image o Harry walked through the halls with a grin on his face. He had a new scare on the corner of his eye from another encounter with Voldemort. He had been captured and tortured for over 3 months, and truth be told he was slightly insane now. People avoided him, including his old friends and his girlfriend from before he was captured. But he had a plan. He had done nothing but learn since he got back last month, and he Non concent stories enough to know what he could do. He just needed the right opportunity. There I was at work and had finished lunch so it was about 1.

It was the emergency department at the hospital were I worked as a nurse. Bev had fallen of a ladder at home whilst cleaning the ce Letter 1 Guilty By Accident Dear Judge, Now I was supposed to write you this and explain how come the woman I accidentally did was not illegally done after all. What she was turned out to be the party of the first part of the party. I been told I was supposed to use legal words because that is what the defrocked lawyer that went to a mail order law school and has a real diplom I mean, why would they be willing to serve anyone for no pay or pensions?

House elves LIKE to work. Lorna Brown Was 25 years old, coloured building surveyor from London. Although not outstandingly beautiful, she was above average. What Lorna did have going for her was a body which was anything but average. She had a stunning figure and by far her best asset were her legs. They were amazing, although not overly long they were perfect. Her legs were what Non concent stories caught the attention of her ex boyfriend Steve.

When making love, he would spend more time on her legs then anywhere else. Steve was t I mean, why would they be willing to serve anyone for know pay or pensions? I know it's short but I hope you like it. I really need your feedback please so I can learn to write better. Thank you all. His eyes were shivering in fear, or was it anticipation. He was nervous and for whatever reason, I had little care. He was a boy, a thirteen year old boy.

It was dark in his bedroom. I was sure it was warm but my skin still crawled with millions of shivering bugs. All I wo It was about 2 months before I was able to spend the night with my cousin again. I was very excited after what happened last time. I was especially happy now because I was going to spend Friday and Sat night there. I arrived around pm and it was all I could no to hide my boner.

I could not wait until later! I was really disappointed when I found out my uncle did not have to work Friday night. My cousin had noticed my boner and he knew why I had one. When we went to bed he was full of que So this is an actual non-consensual sex story. With non-consensual sex that stays that way. In my fantasy mind I love rape and torture and I hate fucking stories that say they have rape and toruture but, come up short.

Non concent stories

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