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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. A humorous but erotic story about a wedding reception gone wrong, and how the guest decided to make the best of it.

As always, all characters portrayed are over the age of 18, and the story is pure fiction. Small nude weddings are nothing new, but mostly it is naturist that have them.

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The story I am about to tell you is about a nude reception that was not planned to be. My wife had planned this wedding for over two years, it was not a large event, and the reception was held in a private home, a mansion you might consider it, built like a rustic lodge, a large one in the middle of acres of woods, the driveway is a half mile long.

Being in a cold climate, in fact in northern Maine.

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My father-in-law built the house to provide an escape from the cold weather in the winter. He built it with a separate building connected in the back, it Nude wedding stories a large rustic room fitting for that area of Maine. He even managed to make the pool look a little like a wilderness pond. Everything was going according to plan, we had the wedding in the Church before we gathered at the house. Of course like all good plans, things can go wrong, a snow storm made things more difficult and kept some older relatives from even coming to the wedding, and even more pass on the reception.

I am guessing the median age of our guest was in the 30's. Everyone honored the no children request which was a surprise to me, I have some real asshole relatives that like to defy others request, it's kind of a Maine mentality too. All was going fine, the drinks were flowing, the more wealthy friends of my in-laws were standing around in a group talking, kind of did the birds of a feather thing, and were in their own world.

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Then the nightmare started, and a nightmare of extreme proportions it was. Five mask gunmen with automatic rifles appeared as they entered the three doors to the outside. The music Nude wedding stories and people froze in absolute fear. As soon as they had all the doors but the one to the house chained shut.

One guarded it, as one cleared the house, that had only a couple of people in it anyway. Once they felt comfortable that things were secure, they rounded up all the guest and caterers in one corner. I knew some of the guest were armed, it's Maine. I was actually more worried about them doing something stupid, then I was the gunmen. These were not everyday thugs, these people knew what they were doing. There had been a couple of similar events like this pulled off in the state in the last year, all involving the wealthy, and no one has been hurt.

In the one that I had read about, the thieves were similarly dressed, and required all the guest to strip naked, and took their clothes, giving them a longer get-a-way time. It sounded like this might have been them.

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I can't lie, even though I had quite a raucous bachelor party with strippers, I was a little turned on with the thought of seeing my wife's hot friends, the bridesmaids nude. Also, the caterers had some hot girls working. Only two of the actors involved in the robbery spoke, one gave the commands and one other one would converse with him privately.

The one that spoke with us, had a mic in his mask I am guessing, as his altered voice came out of a bluetooth speaker mounted on his chest. Sounded funny, but no one laughed we were all petrified. The order then came to strip off all our clothes, everyone kind of froze. I decided that my bride and I needed to provide leadership, we did not want anyone to get hurt. We started first, most of us had a lot of clothes on with tuxes and cumber buns etc.

Woman with fancy dresses and undergarments. I was first to be naked, I wanted to hurry, so I could help my bride, and then have time to watch the other hot girls strip, because at the time, I thought it might be the only good thing resulting from the robbery. We were ordered to move to the dance floor away from the clothes all over the floor. It was quite a sight to see, I did not even think about being naked myself at that point we were all in the same boat. I could see a lot of people were cold, and my father-in-law pleaded for them to let him turn up the heat, and one escorted him to the thermostat.

Because of the pool the addition was equipped with quite a heating system, but it was going to take a while to catch up. Two gunmen were going around picking up all the clothes and belongings, just packing everything up in boxes they brought to sort out later, and were making sure to get the jewelry people had on. They wanted everything of value, one waited for Trish to remove her clit piercing, it had a real pearl. They took everything made of cloth, tablecloths napkins, most of the drapes, anything that could be used to fashion some temporary clothes.

Electronics, everything worth fencing. They knew what they were doing. They were in a hurry of course, and the fact that it was still snowing and blowing made getting out of there more urgent. They left a smaller TV by the pool, that we would later use to check the weather after they left, and it was not good. Options: Nude wedding stories someone for help, with a drape wrapped around them in a snowstorm to get frostbite who knows where, if they even made it, ther wait for someone to get there would be long.

So I told our DJ to pretend it was normal reception. And we went over the standard program together. My father-in-law retrieved an old boom box that had no value to the thieves, fortunately his music cd's were homemade playlist with no value to them as well. Plan was to go on with the first dance, garter toss, cut the cake etc. Get people buzzed, so they don't spend the night trying to cover their privates in vain.

There were already s of excitement in many penis's, nipples and vaginas. Bride and Father dance, fun to watch them trying not to touch bodies, brides nipples did touch d chest once or twice. Then there was her d penis, well let's just say the booze relaxed everything but it.

Trying not to look at your naked daughter, focusing instead on her hot naked friends, as they stand around and watch, apparently got him excited. Let's just say, it was a short dance, dad then scurried off, and found a place off by himself, trying to pretend to look out the window as his weiner returned to normal.

My dad is not a perv, but drinking can make him do inappropriate things at times. Trish, was Nude wedding stories little trashed too, she likes dad, how much? Enough to hold him against her body as they danced, and put her head on his shoulder. Dad, well he is old enough to not get a total hardon at that point, but young enough for us to see his half hard cock, sticking out between his daughter-in-law's legs. No problem for Trish, she is a slut when drinking, and let's face it, if your wedding was going this bad, or unexpected, Nude wedding stories another drink, and she did.

Then there was the traditional little kiss after the dance, but she gave him some tongue, grabbed his naked ass cheeks, and pulled him tight against her even harder. I have to say I was a little proud of the old guy, never seen him erect before, and Trish did not seem to mind it rubbing against her pussy's lips. He was all smiles despite the embarrassment of the boner, can I blame him? But he soon was off with her dad, by the cold windows waiting for the swelling to go down.

Sitting down with limited cover of tables no tablecloths, no chair covering, all taken by thieves, so we could not use them as cover. Things said by guest as they sat down on the bare metal chairs, Oh My. Damn, all these things ended with "that's cold".

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Things heard, "that's a nice tattoo, did it hurt as bad as the nipple piercings? Time for the garter toss, I could not wait. I wanted to see how you remove a garter from your bride, without giving everyone a real nice view of her beautiful unobstructed bald pussy.

I sat Trish down on a chair, I got one that was already warmed up by someone's ass. I wondered how long it would be until Trish started feeling the champagne. Trish did not eat much nor did I, your nervous enough under normal conditions, being robbed, ordered to strip, and now naked at your reception puts you over the top.

She was just so beautiful naked, I was kind of past being embarrassed, and so proud to have the hottest girl in the house, and all of her on display.

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I got on my knee, trying not to flash my ass and balls to everyone, but how do you do that.

Nude wedding stories

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