Nursing home sex stories

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Register here to post. Posted Sat 9th of March Report. Nursing home adventures When I was young I had always wanted to be a Nurse, being a strong 18 year old male without formal schooling it was always going to be a battle, I had been turned down by all hospitals offering student programs but was told if I had a few years in aged care it would look favourably on my next application, so I went to a few different nursing homes looking for a job.

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When I had finished I pulled out and left the room. The rest of the shift was uneventful. They both thanked me for a wonderful time, and I returned to my job.

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I then feared that this was the end of my job, but I was wrong he explained to me that if I continue to care for the residents like I have been doing that he would make sure that I could train to be a sponsored nurse for his facility, but once a month he would have to test my nursing care Nursing home sex stories at his home, I immediately agreed.

The clients apologised for what happened and stated they would understand if I left but they would love me to stay and that there was no film taken it was just a ploy for them to play. I have now been a nurse in aged care for 15 years Mr and Mrs Smith have both left me as did 2 of the other men, and now my nursing care is assessed by the boss, his brother and on a different night his recently married son, I have never spent more than one shift without my cock in a pussy or a cock in my arse, I have found that no matter what the age the sex is great.

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Nursing home sex stories

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