Office christmas party stories

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Katie Gray News 0. As he was now legal, our coworkers proceeded to get the poor kid absolutely hammered, three or four of them in particular, who bought most of the drinks for him.

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The restaurant we were at has a special of 6 different colored shots nicknamed the Rainbow. They bought him three sets, on top of beers and other shots. This guy was so far gone at the end of the night that I had to hold the straw still so he could drink water.

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My boss waited a few hours to tell everyone he was joking. It was priceless. They were wheeling the food fine, until they hit a little bump. Emergency dentists are very hard to find. At our Christmas party, everyone was drinking and having a good time. One of the cooks was wearing a hat and I playfully grabbed it and put it on. Thinking we were playing a silly game, I grabbed it back. She promptly slapped me across the face. It was my first time meeting her and also my first and only face slap. My manager avoided me for my next two shifts before he pulled me in the office to apologize.

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The whole office smelled of tequila. And those that did interview me thought I was already hired and were training me.

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Suffice to say, I took the job. So, I dressed in a new body-con dress and platform heels. Turns out, I was literally the only person there who was single, and the rest of them were all considerably more conservative in their outfits. The highlight was having to go onstage to get a certificate they give to all new employees at their first Christmas party.

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I snuck out after with my coat and a shred of dignity. Let us know your best ones!

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Office christmas party stories

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