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It was to celebrate my husbands' boss being a father of a baby boy. I am Nina. We have no children as we have decided to delay being parents till we settle down with a good financial base. Vivek, my husband, who is 2 years older than me, was working as an Engineer for Mr. Raghavan's firm since the last many years and they had become very good friends; in fact we had become very good family friends, - visiting each others' houses, for lunches and dinners or just a casual drink.

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Komal, Raghavan's wife had delivered a day earlier and was at her parents' house, which was a day's travel. We had become very close friends. To celebrate this occasion, Raghavan had given a party, to us and another 3 couples whose husbands worked in the firm, at his home which was a beautifully landscaped bungalow on the outskirts of Pune. It offered a fantastic view of the mountain range and offered good privacy. Though sparsely decorated, it had the touch of a connoisseur. Though we were just 8 guests, Raghavan had brought food for 20 guests.

The mood had lightened and the jokes had turned raunchier. While some of them giggled, the Office party sex stories ed in with bursts of laughter. As regards the house, it was palatial. It had a huge sitting room, placed at a lower level with the upper level holding the kitchen and dining room. This created an aura of vastness and spaciousness in the room. The dining room was open and had no walls. The architect had deed it, keeping privacy of the diners in mind, in case of casual visitors. The kitchen was any wife's delight, holding the most modern gadgetry.

There were three bedrooms; one was on the ground floor, while two were on the upper level. However, there were two more bathrooms with toilets at the lower level next to the kitchen, which were kept for casual visitors and guests. The nearby one would now be used for the baby and was superbly decorated with curtains, soft toys and a rocking cradle. The evening had slipped into darkness and the drinking binge had started having effect on all of us.

One of the wives expressed her wish to me to use the washroom and I directed her to one of the lower toilets. Since she was not aware of the house, she requested me to accompany her.

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I went and showed it to her. As she closed the door, I saw Raghavan in the kitchen and went in to help him out. Any help? Raghavan turned around and was surprised to see me. What are you doing here? Hope you are enjoying the party? Nina you please use our bath, on the first floor, in case you need to.

Komal has all the right things for make-up, in case you wish to powder your pretty nose. I am sure she will understand and not mind. I Office party sex stories use the down one," I replied. And please drop the 'Boss' part. Please call me Raghu. You are family, Nina," he stressed. I blushed with the heaped adoration and being called family. Raghavan is about Vivek's age and was dusky, if may call him. He was in his shorts and a baggy tee-shirt. It hid his muscular frame and his flat tummy. However, the calf of his legs gave a good hint that he exercised regularly and would be good in bed.

Looking at him, I was surprised to feel a tingle between my legs. Was I going moist? It must be the 3 glasses of beer I had guzzled, I thought. I went to help him as he picked more beer and soda bottles from the fridge. Since it was a casual party amongst friends, I was wearing a loose white shirt over a knee length dark blue Office party sex stories skirt.

To accentuate my 5' 5" height, I was wearing 4" heels. This attire made me stand out amongst the crowd. The other ladies were wearing either salwar's or saris, which are normally worn by Indian ladies. As he passed on the cold bottles from the fridge, I kept them on the tray to be carried out. I leant forward to pick up the tray, and that very time Raghavan reached out his arms from below to pick up the trays. Our hands criss-crossed and my right breast rested squarely in the crook of his left elbow. An involuntary sigh of pleasure escaped my lips, as his arm pressed my boob and lingered on.

Though it was an unplanned action, this fuelled my desired tingling and I could feel myself going moist there. In fact I was expecting my periods within a day or two and as a precaution I had worn a slim pad. In a short time I felt that I may have to check on the sanitary pad. Raghavan realized it as an after- thought and hurriedly removed his arm. I didn't mean to," He apologized. The tray fell back with a thud. At that moment Aarti came out of the toilet.

Everything okay? Luckily Mr. Raghavan was there or the bottles would have crashed to the floor.

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As Aarti left to go down, Raghavan whispered "I am really sorry. I did not mean it. I wanted to flirt with him a little, as he picked up the tray and I picked up the ice-bucket and started for the door. I was sure that he must have been really horny with his wife away for 3 months. These thoughts were really playing on my mind, and by that time we realized that we had reached the group.

Someone had cracked a joke and they were having a good laugh. Even the ladies were behaving like the boys and having a good time. Everyone had their glasses almost empty. The rest of the guys said that they wanted to go for a pee and left with the other two ladies.

Aarti went along too.

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I should have been more careful. But it was a pleasure too. I had decided to let my hair down for once. And remember, you may please use the upper bathrooms. We have upgraded it to the best we could make. This made me very inquisitive. Since Vivek had been with the company for a long time and Office party sex stories have been may visit to each others' houses and parties, the ice between us broken down a long time ago. Between the Raghavan's and our family we were like age old friends, but the habit to call him "Boss" had not broken down.

Though we were close we had not crossed any limits of married life. I had seen Komal exchanging looks with Vivek, but had put that as a normal thing to happen between friends. Vivek too had never brought up this topic. But today was different. The long absence of Komal and abstinence of sex must definitely be getting on Raghavan. Could it be that he was in a horny mood. And was he hitting on me?

These thoughts were creating turmoil in me. The beer too was not helping and I let myself swim in these thoughts. I am tall and slim, and have a 34C bust line, which has made many he turn during college days.

Office party sex stories

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