Older sister sex story

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Jenny was only a little older than my eighteen years, but she matured long before I did. By the time my cock started reacting to female flesh, my sister had a body that was driving older boys and men crazy. To me, it was pure torture in my own home. My first hard- ons were caused by her. I lusted after her all day — and not just in my heart, either. It started slowly. When she saw me watching, she always seemed to linger, finding some important task that required her to stay within my sight after her shower.

The towel fought a battle with her supple, young body.

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The rough material seemed to caress her creamy-white tits. Once in a while, the towel would lose the battle, slipping just enough for me to peek at her luscious titties, or her brown, fur-covered cunt. Growing up around my sister was interesting. Hell, it was more than just interesting — it was exciting. I quickly found that Jenny enjoyed our games as much as I did.

She teased me in little ways that changed subtly as my body thickened and matured. Looks became touches, and then caresses. The last summer she lived with us, Jenny was really into tanning in our fenced backyard.

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She let me lotion her back when the folks were out. Her old, black, one-piece suit evolved into as skimpy bikini, usually with the top untied. She now had much more skin that needed a coating of tanning oil. I happily volunteered for the job.

I liked touching the back of her sexy frame, but I pushed it until I was actually rubbing the more interesting side. Did I get to fuck her? No, damn it! We never did anything. Not even a quick hand-job. I wanted it, and I think she did, too. While I was just entering college, she moved out west to live with some guy.

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Our reunion came after a long, tearful phone call that I received two months ago. Jenny said that everything had gone wrong. Her boyfriend turned out to be an asshole, and he Older sister sex story skipped out on her. Our parents said that she should move back with them. I made the same offer, and to my surprise, Jenny said that she would be arriving at my apartment the next night — if it was okay with me. I was attending college about a thousand miles from our family home. The apartment was owned by one of the team boosters. I was supposed to be house-sitting for him.

Yeah, right. House-sitting — for as long as I kept catching footballs, that is. Anyway, it was no place for me to live for free. When I opened the door for my big sister on that night two months ago, she was even more lovely than my memories of her. All of twenty- one now, Jenny had colored her hair. She was now a blonde. The long curls fell around her shoulders, framing that angelic face I had seen on the succubus haunting so many of my horny dreams. We sat on the couch until late in the night, talking about all the things that had happened to us over the last three years.

Jenny had arrived with a couple of bottles of wine. The first was already gone, and we were putting a pretty good dent in the second one. I guess we were both becoming a little tipsy. Then she started to talk about that last summer — that last summer when our sexplay Older sister sex story almost got out of hand. I knew that I was making you all worked up over me. I loved it when I made you hard. I could always tell, too.

I used to go inside afterwards and finger myself until I got off. I remember when I let you put lotion on my titties that first time. I went to bed later and played with myself, thinking about you suffering under that little swimsuit. You grew so big that the head of your thing was sticking out in the open. Jenny was moving on the couch now, her sexy body squirming as she humped her hips up a little. Her hand had moved. The fingers were now on the inside of my thigh, creeping upward slowly. Jenny leaned closer.

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Her lips came toward mine. Then closer still. The pink, moist tip of her tongue came out. It ran slowly around her slightly parted lips until they glistened in the light.

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The last inch between us disappeared, and her lips Older sister sex story mine. Her tongue was insistent, worming into my mouth and fighting an intertwining battle with my own. Jenny took charge. She opened her blouse, showing me those beautiful tits of hers. Trembling fingers pulled off my T-shirt. Our next kiss was skin to skin, her tits mashing into my chest.

Her hands searched for the buttons on my jeans. She had me naked in seconds, and then her own clothing followed, ing in the pile near the couch. Her body was also somehow fuller and more sexy — without her having gained a pound in weight.

This time I could touch freely, and be touched just as openly in return. Jenny settled down between my open legs. Her big tits dragged down over my belly, crossing over my cock in a wondrous, sliding delight that was over much too soon.

Come for me. Come in my mouth. It jerked, bobbing back and forth over her lips. A shiny bubble of pre-cum burst as she kissed my cockhead. The slippery fluid stuck to her lips, stringing out from my prick as she looked up into my eyes once more. She knew I was watching.

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Jenny smiled. Then she licked her lips and moaned. My cum-trail broke, melting into her tongue. The nipples pressing into my thighs were upright and urgent now, denting my flesh with their rubbery hardness. Let me get you off. I love giving head, anyway.

Older sister sex story

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