Orgasm machine story

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Lucy lay on the bed gasping with exhaustion as Mike disconnected the probe that was filling her slit by releasing the socket connecting it up to the computer programming. Despite the fact that it filled her completely she had orgasmed so often that her sticky juices were dribbling down her thighs.

When he pulled the probe out, Lucy let out a moan of pleasure and her juices flowed freely. Mike looked at the sticky state of the probe and laughed. Lucy did her best to sit up, and when she had recovered her breath a little she grinned at Mike and said. Big problem is finding one! Lucy cleaned herself up and put her lab coat and trousers back on. Despite much effort to dry herself she felt her panties quickly dampening again as her juices still continued to dribble out in the afterglow of the event.

She thought for a while, then smiled a wicked grin. Dont quite know how you get someone like that into a Sex Machine though! Just tell her we would like her help with the research. And my clit is definitely a little tender from all that pleasure! And my nipples still ache from where we used those clips on them the other day as well.

Mind she wont be demure for long once we fully connect her up to this little baby. John Orgasm machine story he wont give her any choice in the matter when I explained the reason why I chose her.

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Might as well go home now Lucy, then we can make an early start in the morning. Lucy did a pretend curtsey to Mike, and said " Yes Sir, your horny little assistant obeys your command. She hoped it was good news! She knocked nervously on his door, and entered when told to do so. You are to report there at starting time on Thursday morning. Of course after that you will be free to do as you wish anyway! Stripping off, she was surprised when removing her pair of panties that even now a small dribble of her juices was trickling down her thighs.

She wiped herself down again, and for some reason unknown to herself lifted the damp paper to her nose. It smelt sweeter than she expected, though with a slight metallic tang. She just put that down to her senses being heightened by the experience of the afternoon. She slipped herself into the hot bath, and gasped as the water ran up inside her slit, causing her to almost orgasm in pleasure as it washed over her clit. And again when she lowered her tender nipples under the hot water the sensation was amazing.

She couldnt resist the concept of slipping 2 fingers inside her and working firmly on her eager clit, while playing with her breasts and nipples with her other hand. It wasnt long before she let out a loud moan as another powerful orgasm burst through her. Removing her fingers from her soggy pussy she was surprised to see her juices had a definite silver tone to them, but just put that down to the new bubble bath she was using.

She just put that down to all the toning the electro-stim devices were giving them. She decided not to tell Mike about this the next day, more because she didnt want to stop the research for something that was probably only her imagination! The idea of being naked in this unit didnt appeal to her very much, even if it was only 2 women who would see her that way. The thought had crossed her mind of going sick for the day, but she suspected all that would have meant was being volunteered the next day!

Also going sick needlessly was not the sort of thing she could do. Soon she found the room where the test would be carried out, and nervously Orgasm machine story on the door. She entered when told, and found 3 smiling faces waiting for her as she peered round the door, 1 man and 2 women. These are my 2 main assistants Lucy and Kirsty, and they will prepare you for the unit, and check you are OK afterwards. Mike briefly explained to her all the devices she would be connected up to that morning, working down her body from the brain data scanners to check for things like brain tumours, down to the little metal boots she would wear to check Orgasm machine story strength and bone density of her feet.

She gulped slightly when he told her about the electrodes on the temples, the face mask she would need to wear and the heart regulator devices, and let out even louder gulps when he told her about the sensors that would be attached to her nipples, the suction cups over her breasts to check for breast abnormalities and the sensor probes that would be inserted up her vagina and rear.

When he finished he asked her. Stephanie looked nervously and said, " Err, these vaginal and anal probes, will they hurt at all?

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Mike just smiled gently at her, " A little bit my dear if you are a virgin, but nothing too dramatic. I will ensure you dont get too much discomfort as they enter anyway. She supposed she was only losing it in terms of her hymen being torn, not in the real sexual sense anyway. The 3 women entered the room, and Stephanie eyed up the MDU nervously, but relaxed when she saw it.

It seemed nothing more than a sunken bed that she lay down on, and a transparent sheet that fixed over the top once she was inside it. There did seem to be small holes in the sheet, but she assumed they were simply where the wires and sockets would go through to attach to the diagnostic units. She stripped naked when promised by Kirsty that no one else but them could see her, and stood before them. A full figured, blue eyed blonde should have been quite a catch! It was Orgasm machine story clear however though that this girl was chronically shy, and that was probably the reason why she was still so single.

She explained to Stephanie how to breathe through the face mask which she quickly learnt to do without problem.

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She had to admit to quite enjoying the suction effect when the breast cups were placed over her ample orbs by Lucy. She did however let out a little squeal when Kirsty attached the clips to her nipples! However Mike had readied himself for this moment, and the moment he heard her cries through the headphones turned the stimulators on at a low level.

Not enough to arouse her, but enough to take her mind off any pain she may have felt! They then helped her to the bed, and helped her slide herself in, then the 2 women connected up all the other devices as necessary. Stephanie was so enjoying the nice tingle in her breasts that she didnt notice just how wired up she Orgasm machine story becoming! It was only when everything else was settled and they started to insert the 2 probes into her that she realised!

She started to cry out when the vaginal probe entered her so Mike just turned the stimulation up slightly more, Stephanie relaxed and entry was achieved. Kirsty then gently pushed in the anal probe as well before sealing Stephanie in. The complete check will take about hours, but we will be making sure everything is fine throughout.

And at the end you will find out just how healthy a young woman you really are. Stephanie just nodded as best she could, hoping Lucy was right.

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She saw them go back to Mike, and then a minute or 2 later her whole body began to throb gently. So far this didnt seem as bad as she had feared apart from a couple of moments of slight pain. Be interesting with someone as quiet and shy as her to see if we get any reaction at such a low level. Clit, nipples and breast tissue all showing Orgasm machine story s of stimulation enjoyment.

Natural increase in heart rate for a sexually stimulated woman, but within safe limits. The vaginal and anal probes throbbing were causing her to moan with pleasure, and the tingling in her breasts was something she could grow to enjoy. The tingling in her feet and ankles felt like they were being kissed by needles, but in a nice way! All Sexual thought units now functioning. Stephanie gasped as the stimulation within her suddenly grew greatly in intensity, but the strange thing was that her thoughts were being filled with all things sexual.

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She began to think of herself having tits, arse and a pussy rather than breasts,a bottom and a vagina, and how nice it was to have them played with in this way. Steadily increase all levels to maximum. Lets wait and see the reaction. Her whole body began to shudder as a long stream of orgasms raced through her, even with the probe inside her slit her juices began to flow steadily down her thighs.

A milky secretion flowed from her nipples and dribbled down her tummy. By now even through the mask she was wearing loud moans filled with animal passion could be heard coming from her. About 30 minutes and a dozen powerful animalistic orgasms later, Mike was happy with the. The milky secretion indeed seemed to flow more for several minutes before subsiding slightly. Pulse Orgasm machine story breathing returning to normal levels,heartrate slightly high, but no higher than expected and within safe parameters.

Readings are more than fine for a girl who has apparantly had 37 strong orgasms!

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Release all brainwave controls, check for function status. Better clean her up a little first though!

Orgasm machine story

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