Orvis hot springs stories

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Aside from after-dark adventures at Strawberry Park Hot Springsmy first foray into the naturist hot springs world started when Josh surprised me with a two-year wedding anniversary trip to Valley View Hot Springs.

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Naturist meaning naked, nude, not even your skivvies…during daylight. Over the next year, I kept overhearing conversations, seeing articles, and listening to radio programs about naturists. People I never expected talked to me about naked hot springs.

More than another five years passed before my next big nude hot springs adventure. Maybe it was because I had already dispelled most of my anxiety and fear around being publicly naked. Or maybe it was because of the space Orvis Hot Springs holds, ensuring everyone feels welcome and safe.

But I fell in love with the naturist hot springs in Ridgeway, Colorado.

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If you find yourself at Orvis Hot Springs which I highly suggest you dograb some tea from the full size kitchen and stroll through the blooming mountain gardens that separate the all-natural, untreated hot pools. Soak up some calcium, lithium, and magnesium in one of many hot springs.

To cool off in between dips, find a little pocket of privacy on one of the many grassy knolls and surround yourself with columbine, lupine, and other native Colorado flowers. Some people believe that the small amount of lithium commonly found in natural hot springs enhances a sense of tranquility.

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All of the hot springs are beautifully ordained with flagstone and other natural rock. Lucky for us, Orvis is continually expanding! Please share any updates with your Nomad Colorado community in the comments section below. Need more than a day to rejuvenate? Orvis Hot Springs offers bed-and-breakfast style lodging, as well as camping. Need more than a soak to repair? Massages are also available. After two much-needed and perfectly-restorative half-day soaks at Orvis Hot Springs with Josh one weekend this fall, I found myself casually telling my brother and sister-in-law about our naturist hot springs trip.

Or perhaps he never expected me to do something like that. Regardless, for a moment, I was proud to feel comfortable enough in my own body to be willing to break down the social construction of clothing…if only for an afternoon or two. But then I reflected on how, well, natural it felt at Orvis Hot Springs to shed my swimsuit and glide seamlessly through the water, overwhelmed with a Orvis hot springs stories of peace. To hold space for the feeling of safety, Orvis Hot Springs has a policy against cell phones and all other electronic devices that can take photographs in the gardens and pools.

Visitors must read and a policy acknowledgment about respect. Please note that children are allowed accompanied by a parent. Orvis Hot Springs. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Name.

Orvis hot springs stories

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