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for Free! Pee, Myself, and I "Rebecca has some fun with nothing but a full bladder.

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Score 4. Legendary Story. Published 9 years ago. God, I hate school. Sure, people say that all the time, but I really mean it. For one, I go to a private Catholic school. And we have to wear these awful uniforms- hideous pleated skirts that go all the way down to our knees but that doesn't stop certain girls from rolling up the waistband until their underwear- or lack thereof- is showing and we all have to wear white button-down shirts and plaid ties, even the girls.

And, to go along with our skirts, girls have to wear knee-high Panty pee stories socks and mary janes. A lot of girls myself included love the uniforms when they're slut-i-fied. Seriously, it's like the administration was Panty pee stories for perverted Catholic school girl fantasies. They're so removed from the world of sex and porn that they've probably never even heard of such a thing. I'm actually one of the few short-skirted girls who's still a virgin. It's not because I want to be.

I'm just waiting for the right person. Someone mature, who I know will care for me instead of making me another conquest. I'd never admit it to my friends, but I've fantasized about getting "extra credit" from several of our teachers-women too. And once, when it was the time of the month when I was super horny, I day-dreamed about seducing my parents simultaneously. Only once!

God, now that I'm thinking about all that, I'm hornier than ever. I still have an hour and a half before school is out but I don't think I can wait any longer. At class change, I unroll my skirt, trying to look as innocent and pious as possible.

I walk boldly to my car if you act like you're doing nothing wrong, the administrators will assume you are, in fact, doing nothing wrongand drive out of the parking lot as slowly as I can bear to wait. I have to pee. I've had to for about an hour now, ever since I downed those water bottles at lunch. I haven't been wetting myself for long, and I always have to be absolutely desperate to allow myself to do it. Otherwise, I still feel a little weird about it.

I cross my legs as best I can while driving, speeding now that I'm out of the school zone. Luckily, I don't live far away. My car is my baby, and as sexy as I find pissing, I'm not about to ruin the upholstery. My parents are both at work, my brother at classes at the nearby university, and I have the entire house to myself. What will I do today? For a while I've been fantasizing about wetting myself in my uniform, and now I have enough time to wash it before anyone comes home.

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I park the car and waddle up the sidewalk, already close to leaking. My bladder is full to burst, and I have to pee so badly that it kills. I unlock the door quickly and hurry inside before the neighbors can see Panty pee stories. They're just the type to call my parents and tattle on me. I'm not even sure I can make it up the stairs and to my private bathroom. With each step up the stairs, a little bit of pee escapes and makes a tiny spot on my underwear. I roll up my skirt back to my preferred length. How will I soak the skirt?

Roll it back down and tuck it between my legs? I could just imagine the rivulets of pee streaming down the length of the skirt and warming my legs. Or should I keep it short but pull it tight against my crotch? Then I could watch the spot slowly growing larger in my full-length bathroom mirror. It's a close call, but I make it up the stairs, through my room and into the bathroom. There's no fuzzy rug or anything on the white tile floor to worry about, just my socks and shoes. And I wasn't planning on taking those off anyway.

I decide to tuck the skirt in my legs, and I tug it out of its rolls so quickly that I nearly tear the fabric. I manage to tuck it in tight in the front and the back before I can't take it anymore. I feel the warmth spread across my panties, slowly at first. The piss trickles down my legs slowly, making my skirt slightly darker where it's tucked in.

I turn around and face the mirror, watching the pee's path down my legs to tarnish the ly immaculate white socks. Once Panty pee stories started, it's impossible to start. The Panty pee stories gets heavier, and I watch the yellow liquid stream from my pussy, making a huge wet patch on the front of my skirt and utterly soiling those damned knee-highs.

I pause long enough to turn around and crane my neck, watching a similar stain spread across the back of my skirt. I rip off my shirt, facing the front again, and drop it into the puddle on the floor. Next to go is my skirt. Once I've dropped it to my ankles, I finally let my legs apart and piss for all I'm worth. Facing the mirror, I play with my breasts through my tan, lacy bra, imagining it was some other woman standing in front of me, pleasuring herself while pissing.

I stare at the golden stream falling to the floor, little drops bouncing back up where they hit the floor and not my uniform. I'm finally spent. My white cotton panties are ruined, and when I wiggle my toes, I feel tiny puddles inside my shoes. I take off my bra and lean against the shower door, fingering myself through my wet panties. The soaked material feels heavenly against my clit, and I know I won't last long.

I use my off hand to pinch and scratch my nipples, watching their color darken in the full-length mirror. I stare at the body in front of me, at the pussy lips visible through the wet panties and the well-endowed chest heaving. It's not long before I cum violently, soaking my panties with a different liquid. It was a strong orgasm today. My legs feel shaky, and my tits are sore in the best possible way. The wet panties against my cunt make me shiver again and again, long after I've finished my orgasm. Finally done, I realize I'm still wearing my plaid necktie.

I yank it off and pull my panties down.

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I give myself a moment to admire my hairy pussy shaved ones make me think of pre-pubescent girls, and that's not sexy at allbefore I tuck the tie between my legs and yank it up between my pussy lips. I still feel sensitive, so I stand still, letting it sit there and soak up the remaining piss and cum.

I'm overjoyed to find that I can still force a few drops of piss out of my pussy cumming always makes me have to pee afterwards, at least a little bitand I pee on the tie as well, leaving it tucked between my legs. Now having properly soiled my uniform metaphorically pissing on the establishment it stands forI collapse to the ground to enjoy the afterglow.

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Panty pee stories

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