Pantyhose crossdressing stories

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Preface: I would like to begin by thanking all who will read my story here. This is a sissy story based on many thoughts I have imagined, many times throughout my life. These erotic thoughts have been enjoyed for a long while in my life.

Like many sissy girls, stories like the one I will wri My name is Jeff. I date girls every now and then but I always masturbate about dressing up as a hot chick and seducing a hunky guy. My biggest turn on is putting on women's clothes and makeup.

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I never really had a chance to explore it much when I was growing up. In college I had a secret stash of 1 stick of lipstick, and when I felt really dangerous, I wou Hi, readers, here is a new hopefully erotic story series of a sissy's decline to that of playing a sissy slut and then without her knowing soon to be a enslaved sissy maid and slut, featuring your sissy girl Chantel.

I'm sitting inside my car, it's late, a faint drizzle falls a I arrive at my studio dressed for another day of fun and exciting dominatrix work.

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I park my "Plum Crazy Girl. On my feminine looking body is a red leather form fitted mini dress with loose pleated, A-line skirt barely coverin This story has become a little different in how I planned to write it as compared to my stories. It has been fully written up already, as of this first ed chapter. Doing it this way allows me to better proof read and adjust for future chapters before ing each. I will submit uplo on a regular basis for my rea Chapter Two: My reveal, a true reveal for the sissy in me.

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I reach to the bottom of the stairs and at the front doorway entrance, Helen and Jenny are standing and looking at me in my black maids dress, white tights, black velvet 5 inch spike heel pumps, wig and makeup. The look on their faces seeing me dressed as such is priceless.

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This is the first time He Prefix: Welcome to my next erotic story. This story will be written from the point of view of a Transvestite Dominatrix. It is a new twist in my mindset as I normally identify as submissive and as a sissy maid and slut to a dominant Master. It's my 'kink' but I have danced around in my mind a story from a position of Chantel being a true Transvestite Dominat Matt's bliss ended almost as soon as it had begun.

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The girl he had met and who not only was pretty and smart, but also enjoyed his crossdressing decided that career was her priority after merely few weeks of their relationship; the two broke up as she moved to a different distant city. Matt still had a good job, amazing boss and sympathetic Pantyhose crossdressing stories, but d We have not submitted anything for almost a year as daily life as certainly been in the way for ALL of us. My wife and I decided this one would be a slight change to the submissions. It is all fantasy but we both would enjoy bringing this one to "true" life if ever possible.

Enjoy and we always welcome any comments! Continued from Part 1 My girlfriend, Carol, and I made love to each other about 2 times per week. She was also getting fucked on a regular basis by her jock fuck buddies.

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I never asked how many guys she was hooking up with on the side, but, I guessed it was at least five, because there were five jocks that she tutored on a daily basis. She put on skimpy c SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Crossdressing In Pantyhose Stories. Sort by: Best match Most recent. On Off.

Pantyhose crossdressing stories

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