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Below are comments submitted by GoToQuiz. So I was never a big wetter growing up, I had only maybe peed my pants 3 or 4 times after I was potty trained until I was 15 years old, but when I was 15, I was out to dinner with my entire family, and I didn't want to get up during dinner because I was having a nice conversation with my cousins. Finally though, I was bursting, starting to leak a bit into my underwear so I got up. I started to head to the bathroom, and I was sure I could make it, because like I said I've never really had a problem, but as I was entering the bathroom, I suddenly started feeling the strongest urge so I squeezed my thighs together as tight as possible, but as I did, my thighs started to feel warm and I looked down and started to see a growing dark oval on my light jeans.

I quickly shuffled into the bathroom as quickly as I could and tried to hold in the pee as much as I could. I got into a stall assessed the damage, then started to dry off as much as I could. I had to go back to the table with my whole family with a large wet stain though, which was beyond embarrassing, especially for being 15 years old!

I had several accidents as a kid but as I got older they became more embarrassing. She took too long and I couldn't wait. When she opened the door she said Hurry! The saw that my pants were already wet and I was crying. I was at my d for the weekend and I was too lazy to go to the toilet the night before so I was like Ill go in the Peed my pants stories. In the morning I realised I was holding my crotch and it hurt so badly when I moved.

I got out of bed and I really really had to pee. I just about walked out of my bedroom when I saw someone was in the bathroom It was my dad, I asked him how long he was going to be and he said about 10 minutes because he was shaving and his gel went everywhere if it wasnt over a sink, I wasnt comfortable peeing in front of him so I Peed my pants stories to wait. I held on so desperately and banged on the door yelling at my dad telling him to hurry up. My dad finally came out and he walked into me knocking my bladder which made me start peeing but somehow I managed to control it, I struggled to lock the door from bouncing up and down, after I locked the door I couldnt un button my jeans!

My bladder finally gave in and no matter what I did I couldnt stop and then my dad made fun of me all day. This is my story. One day at my elementary school, it was almost over. But there was one problem. Anyways, I just waited till the end of school. Then it was afterschool, where I got more recesses.

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But at recess, the teacher said, "Choose a partner and go. And when Peed my pants stories finally said yes, let's call him Jesse. That's when I peed for 5 seconds straight and made a wet spot. Then he shouted, "swish, splash, pss, pee. I peed all over the floor. Here's another one probably even more embarrassing.

Once when was 12 I needed to pee really bad. My sister who was 8, locked locked herself in the bathroom which caused me to wet my pants. She started laughing at me and I started to cry. Later she told mom who saw the wet pants in the hamper and got mad at me! It was so humiliating. Ok, I dont have any stories but Ive peed my pants a lot and its gotten to the point where I dont drink anything at school anymore because if I do, I will get distracted and very anxious about needing to go and will want to go even if I just need to only slightly.

I also do a potty dance like a little kid even though Im 15 lmao its so embarrassing and I dont want people to stare at me and yes, I peed my pants like a week ago but at least it was at my house Well, our class did terribly on a test, so we had a punishment : no bathroom breaks during class.

This new "rule" applied the very same day that because of a thunderstorm no breaks were made. This day also Peed my pants stories and my friends decided to do the who can drink the most water challenge. I had drank 2 liters. By the 2nd class me and my friends were desperately crossing our legs trying not to pee our uniforms they were pretty tight. I was like come on you are an 15 year old girl, you can hold some pee for 4 hours.

I kept inspiring myself but in the end of the 4th hour one of my friends peed herself AND GOT Expelled, so for the next one hour I did the most desperate pee dance you can imagine, I hit with my legs which I crossed every 5 seconds multiple times the cute guy sitting next to me and I had to explain him I was bursting and he said it was OK.

I asked my last friend which hadn't peed herself yet but before I finished my sentence pee was coming out of her double crossed legs. I didn't understand but then the guy next to me whispered "you just. Then tannoy announced change of platform, so in mad dash to get there rivulets of pee were running down my leggings onto the rail tracks below the platform ledge. On approaching the railway carriage in sodden pee soaked pants, proceeded to push into other commuters boarding, probably wetting their clothes from my p pants fabric.

Once I was on the couch about to go to the doctors office and my mom shouts " make sure you use the bathroom" And at the time I didn't have to so I didn't then I wait then I have to badly but I don't then I have to go so bad. But a really good show was on and I was leaving soon so I Decide to get one of my little brothers diapers so I do and I don't miss my show bc I was right next to his room so I pull my pants down and put it on but I don't make it in time And I peed all over the floor and my pants are a mess and then I change and then leave.

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I was in 6th grade when this happened my teacher had told us to use the bathroom before the test and of course me I don't have to go so I don't I have to go though during the test and my teacher should NOT let us go so I wait I had to go so bad I decided to ask the teacher and she said " No you should of went when I let you break" like all teachers do and of course I don't have any thing to pee in so I Decide to try and wait.

And when a good lets say 10 minutes pass I have to go so bad I ask again and she says the same thing so I go sit down and I just CANT wait anymore so I cross my legs and just can't and I just sit there waiting and then I just can't wait so I pee a little and the a little more then more it comes out and then I start again and cant so I put my hand in there and push it and it works so I let go and it all come.

So I was at my bestie's wedding, front row. I was so busy getting ready earlier, i didn't know i had to pee. And my best friend hates when you pee your pants, like she'll comment on it for a year before she forgets. I really did not wanna pee my pants, but the bride was walking down the aisle. I was wearing a dress, and so was my other bestie. Turns out she had to pee the same level i had too.

So I was on the aisle, Kayla idk was squirming next to me, And when the bride's long train comes next to me, i pee. And now a part of the train is yellow. Thank god she doesn't notice. And when the start kissing, Kayla lets out a long hssssss. I whisper I peed too, and we're happy. Turns out The groom's father saw all of this, and let's my bestie know at the dance. He does not approve of me or Kayla. Like I said, she mentioned our accident for the next 2 years. Every time me and Kayla visit, the groom's father says" Are you gonna pee your pants like you did at the wedding?

I have a wetting story, When I Peed my pants stories five me and my mom were at the park I really had to pee but I was playing with my friends and didn't wanna ask my mom I kept playing 5 minutes later I spurted and I saw a lake making my urge worse I dug a hole a peed in it all my friends saw me but I was distracted. I was only five so my mom didn't care. Ive had so many pee stories like that, many in school, id love Peed my pants stories share with you Faith, me [no s]. I was a big wetter as a kid and as a youth. Many times I peed myself at school, at malls, on hikes, in car Don't leave without browsing the quiz.

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Peed my pants stories

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