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I woke up feeling like a kid on Christmas day. I was so excited; the package would be arriving today at am. Checking the clock it was almost quarter past eight. There was to be no sex before I collected the package because I wanted to have maximum fun with its contents. Well some of it at least. While they prepared breakfast I had a bath and brushed my teeth.

By the time I was freshened up the finished breakfast. I put on a movie and we ate breakfast. Leaving them to watch the movie, with strict instructions that no sexual activities of any kind were allowed, I went upstairs to await the package.

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At exactly I heard a vehicle stop in front my yard and blow the horn. Coming out I saw a huge black man driving a pickup that had two large crates in the back of it. Nearing the truck, I recognized the man. He was none other than Derrick Warner, also known as Rick.

He went to university at the same time as me and my friend and was studying pharmacology as well. Greeting him, we began to talk. When Jon told me who this stuff was to be delivered to I just had to come deliver it myself. Jon would have come too but he had to fly to a conference in Germany. Taking a crate each we carried them in the house, placing them on the living room floor. Quickly I made us two large drinks and we sat down to go through the crates. The crates contained everything I ordered as well as a few things jon Peehole sex stories Rick wanted me to try.

Some of the trials they included were very interesting. It only had one dose but I was happy to try it. Then there was a new drug that they were developing in secret for the US Government. It was a healing enhancer. A couple dashes of a white powder caused any wound to heal no matter how deep, even broken bones.

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In it he said were billions of nanites that Peehole sex stories the body to heal itself in a matter of minutes or hours depending on the severity of the injury. I looked at the tiny bottle, my mind racing with the possibilities; I could do whatever I wanted to the slaves, even disembowel them, and then just heal them again. Grinning we continued looking at the trials. The next was an injection to reduce the waiting time for a baby from nine months to a little over a week. Next was a device that stretched the womb to massive proportions. It is meant for people with pregnancy fetishes but this time no baby or complications are involved.

This was getting interesting. After that we went through the stuff I ordered with him giving me tips about how to use or administer some of the drugs and equipment. Thanking him he left, saying he had to deliver some stuff for the Trinidad prime minister. Apparently the prime minister liked to rape his aides then make them forget with the amnesia drug. God I love this country!

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I decided not to show them all the merchandise all at once, so I carried the crates in the command center and selected certain drugs and equipment. I took the enlargement pills for me and Chris, the breast enhancement and lactation injections for the girls, the urethral sounds, the gag reflex removing tonic and the instant healing powder. The rest I put into storage to be used another day. When I entered the pen they all crowded around me to see what I had brought. I showed them the drugs and told them to form a line. Chris and I each took one of the enlargement pills. After a few seconds we could feel our erections growing.

They were the same size as before, the process would take almost a week, but they were rock hard and felt strange. Then it was time to give the girls their injections. For the drugs to work they needed to be injected directly into the center of each breast. For the pain sluts that would be no problem but Barbara would give a little trouble.

To avoid that I started with her. Securely, I bound and gagged her in the gyno chair, adjusting the back so she was at a forty five degree angle to the ground. Then I sucked each nipple to get it hard and wiped it with an alcohol swab to sanitize it. Firmly I grasped her left nipple and pulled it as far as it would go away from her body. Placing the tip of the needle against the tip of the needle I slowly pushed in the two inch long needle until it reached the center of her breast. During this she went wild, struggling as hard as she could to get free, tears streaming down her face from the pain of having a long, thick needle forced into her sensitive tits.

Once in, I pressed the syringe forcing 20ml of the drug into the breast, then slowly I pulled the needle back out. By now she was breathing heavily, sweating from the pain, a single drop of blood hanging from her nipple. The Peehole sex stories breast went similarly but with less screaming and fighting, as she was more accustomed to the pain.

The pain sluts took their injections easily, uttering a gasp of pain as the drug was injected into their mammaries. I had two things to try left, the sounds and the healing powder. I decided to use the powder on tiffany and the sounds on Savi. Picking her up I put her in the gyno chair and strapped her down, adjusting the leg stirrups for maximum access to her ass. Her anus was so small and cute, just a tiny, dark, donut of muscle. Sticking my face between her cheeks I licked her ass feeling the sphincter clench and relax on my invading tongue, enjoying the sweet, slightly musky taste of her ass.

After a thorough rimming I lubed a finger and stuck it hard up her ass. She let out a sharp squeal of pain as my thick digit suddenly speared her virgin hole, making her squirm with pleasure and discomfort. Smiling I withdrew my finger with a hard tug, ripping it out of her ass, making her groan. Quickly I lubed my cock and pressed Peehole sex stories against her tiny hole.

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Holding her hips for support, I rammed my cock Peehole sex stories her, ripping her sphincter terribly and forcing it in until my lower stomach slapped against her dripping cunt with a wet splat. She screamed in agony, her eyes bugging out, the cords in her neck straining, arching her back against the onslaught of the hard cylinder of meat in her virgin ass. Giving her no time to adjust I began fucking her hard, trying my best to damage the delicate tissues of her ass. Blood splattered everywhere from her ruined asshole.

It leaked down her crack pooling on the chair cushion, drops of blood splattered on the floor, thrown in random arcs from my swinging balls as I stroked in and out of her hole like she was a veteran ass whore and not a thirteen year old anal virgin. The pain, pleasure mix sent her wild though, soon after my entrance, though her back remained arched, she began pushing back against my thrusts, trying to get more cock in her tight hole.

It was extremely tight, so tight that it forced blood out of my cock when I pushed it into her. The feeling was heavenly, hot, tight and slick with her dark blood, the perfect lube. Soon she began bucking, her lips moving silently as a huge orgasm started in her tortured rectum and spread throughout her body. Her muscled tightened in her thin frame threatening to break bones from the force they exerted.

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At the peak of her orgasm her eyes suddenly rolled back in their sockets and she fell back in the chair, limp. She was out cold. Undeterred I thrust into her loosened ass until my balls tightened and I emptied my balls in her ass. When my orgasm ended I withdrew my still hard cock from her ass, leaving it ragged and gaping, blood pouring out of it. Her hole was mutilated beyond belief. Big gaping tears started at her torn anal ring and snaked their way up her rectum walls until they went out of sight up her ass.

Blood poured freely from her ass. Filling a ml syringe with a strong saline solution I pressed the nozzle against her ass and filled it with saline. Peehole sex stories caused an intense burning pain that woke her up, screaming her lungs out, tears streaming down her face.

Leaving it until she settled down to a loud sob. Placing a basin below her ass, I pulled out the syringe. A deep pink stream of liquid gushed out of her still gaping hole into the basin, her ass having no ability to hold the liquid in or even slow down the flow.

Her anus was destroyed. Taking a large dildo I dusted it lightly with the healing powder. Holding her down I rammed its fourteen inch length up her freshly fucked ass, stretching it to two and a half inches in diameter. She screamed shrilly Peehole sex stories the tears in her ass were torn even wider than before. When the dildo was fully embedded in her ass I attached a harness over her hips to keep it fully in her ass. By my calculations it should take about twenty minutes for her ass to heal fully and the dildo should allow her ass to heal wide open instead of back to the tiny pucker she had before.

I was curious to see whether she would have any control over her bowels or if she would be incontinent, either way this could get interesting. Carefully I unstrapped her and lifted her down. She stood quietly, hunched over, with her legs wide apart, grimacing as she tried to straighten up, and the dildo filling her guts causing considerable discomfort. Her huge lips still covered her urethral opening so I got two lip spreaders.

They are leather bands that buckle around the upper thigh right next to the pussy. From the band there are some small, smooth jawed alligator clamps attached to the leather bands by elastic cords. Quickly I buckled the bands around her upper thighs, opened the little alligator jaws and fastened them onto her fat pussy lips. They worked like a charm, pulling her fat, dark lips to each side and exposing her pink gash in-between.

Her cunt hole and pee-hole were now clearly visible and easy to access. Normally it is about two inches long and one quarter of an inch in diameter, just the right size for the sound. Using a syringe I squirted some surgical lube into her urethra. She squirmed as the cold gel traveled up her sensitive tube. Then I rubbed some lube on the sound and placed it at the opening. Pressing it in gently, the sound began to slide easily up her urethra.

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She gasped in surprise as the cold steel rod pressed into her ly unexplored pee- hole. Soon the tip butted up against her urinary sphincter which was holding her hole shut so no pee could escape. Not wanted to go through that just yet I withdrew it until only the tip remained inside and began fucking her with the sound, pressing it against the walls of her peephole to stimulate get G-spot.

She immediately began to moan, squirming at the mixture of sensations spreading from her urethra. When I saw her telltale s of impending orgasm I sped up even further, my hand almost a blur as I carefully fucked her pee-hole with the sound.

As I saw her reach the edge I shoved the sound deep into her urethra, pushing it straight through her resisting sphincter and up into her bladder, still fucking her but with longer strokes so the sound traveled the length of her urethra and up into her bladder. With a howl she began to cum, her Peehole sex stories writhing with pleasure and pain from her first sounding. By now, half an hour had passed since I put the dildo in tiffany. Unfastening and removing the harness I kept a finger on the dildo to keep it in her ass.

Grunting and grimacing she began to force out the dildo.

Peehole sex stories

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