Peeing outside stories

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Forgot your password? Morning Piss By WaterboyUk4 hours ago.

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Well the Peak District is definitely a place to enjoy long walks and there are no facilities on many of those walks, so just keep drinking and you'll have no choice! Most keen walkers are used to peeing outdoors, so it wouldn't be out of place to pee outdoors there. Uncomfortable bladder fullness without urge to pee?

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Yes, I get where you are coming from. My sensation is often more about the pressure on the muscles clamping the flow rather than the feeling in the bladder itself.

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Odd pee containers besides the toilet for emergency relief? DoctorDoctor have you any of your own stories to relate?

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That might encourage more people to contribute. For me, Cups, bowls, sinks, bottles are all common place, in fact I have already used a mug this morning. Ones that may count as odd are probably a kettle, the detergent drawer of a washing machine and a paint tin in the garage.

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Basically I will pee in whatever is to hand. Just cups and bottles. The bottles have to be wide enough to get my tip in otherwise I'll piss all over my legs, which I wouldn't normall mind if I wasn't at work. I always pee in my garden and like you its not that private but I always seem to manage.

Peeing outside stories

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