Pet hotel story cheats

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Tap Pet Hotel is an iPhone game developed by Pocket Gems that lets you build and manage your very own animal hotel.

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Quick Start Guide Getting Started. The main goal of the game is to constantly make your hotel bigger and better. These can be purchased from the build menu the little blue hammer in the lower right corner and they come in various types. Each kind of animal will provide a different amount of experience and rent income.

Keep in mind that you can only buy each type of animal once, before it will become temporarily locked. Depending on the type of animal the build can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. To collect it, simply tap the coin. These rooms perform various functions, such as bathing or feeding, and they will also earn you money at specific time intervals. The other way you can earn a bit of extra cash is by picking up trash.

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Things like bottles, plastic cups, and other garbage. To get rid of it all you need to do is tap the trash, which will also earn you a small amount of coins. The first is to make sure that you connect rooms together, either by placing hallways or tubes reminiscent of of a hamster cage.

The glass tubes are the cheapest, but just like the pet rooms, they will become locked temporarily right after you purchase them. Decorations are also important for keeping your rating up. Initially you will only have access to a small amount of the options in the build menu, but as you gain experience additional options will unlock. And this goes for the temporarily locked items, as well.

So, for instance, if you buy a bat room at level five, it may become locked again until you reach level eight. This prevents you from only purchasing a whole bunch of the cheapest animal rooms.

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But thankfully you can spend some of your hard earned money on an expansion. There are three ways to grow: left, right, or up. You can also buy new backgrounds for your hotel, though they are purely cosmetic. Like most social games, Tap Pet Hotel has two types of currency.

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While in this menu you can also visit neighbors which, in reality, are just random other players and you can earn a bit of extra money by collecting the trash in front of their hotels. Now you have all the skills you need to manage the biggest and best pets hotel around.

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Pet hotel story cheats

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