Petticoated sissy stories

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Here's the story of three lovely ladies, Who were bringing up three very lovely boys. All of them had nice long hair, like their mother's The youngest one in curls. It was AM and I was standing alone at the bus stop, waiting to be picked up for my first day back to school. A chilly breeze danced underneath the, not too full, short petticoat that flared out my equally short, red plaid pleated skirt.

My long, white knee socks, ending in my black patent leather Maryjanes, did afford me some protection from the chill. I wore a crisply ironed and starched white blouse with a Petticoated sissy stories Pan collar and the training bra, underneath, had tissues stuffed in the cups to give me a modest bit of cleavage. With my left arm, I girlishly held my school notebook up against my bosom. In my right hand, I held my purse. My braids were precisely done and each had a red plaid bow at the end to match my skirt.

My face was lightly made up and my pink lipstick matched my nails perfectly. Gold heart earrings adorned my pieced ears. On the back of my head, I wore a straw hat with a red plaid band around it which ended in long ribbons hanging down the back. I was a perfect little eight year old school girl, with two exceptions.

First, I was heavily diapered, with plastic diaper panties covering them. Covering those were red plaid matching bloomers with ruffles edging the leg openings.

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Second, I wasn't an eight year old little girl. I was a thirteen year old boy in the eighth grade on my way to Junior High. As the bus pulled up, a tear trickled down my cheek. When the bus door cranked open, I very hesitantly climbed aboard.

A stunned look of awe and disbelief from the driver greeted me, which was followed by a giggle. As I started down the aisle, a brief hush came over the noisy crowd of students. The hush was broken by an unseen voice. As I reached the back of the bus, the two little girls separated, creating a space for me to sit between them. I carefully sat down on my butt, allowing my petticoats and skirt to encircle me. They were too short to smooth under me.

Well, misery loves company. At least I wasn't the only one who would suffer the humiliation of attending school as a little school girl. Our mothers, certainly and no surprise to mehad gotten together to plan all of this. Both Erica and Denise were dressed and petticoated similarly to me, except Erica's pleated skirt was tan and Denise's pleated skirt was navy blue. Both were equally short like mine.

Erica wasn't wearing a hat but instead, wore a huge white, floppy ribbon bow at the top of his permed ringlets and sausage curls. Denise had a hat much like mine and had navy blue ribbons tied at the end of each long braid. Both were very red faced and fighting back tears.

They must be Petticoated sissy stories diapers, I thought. Denise answered in the same manner when I asked him. I just pray I can hold it all in until I get home. Not unexpectedly, the bus ride was sheer hell.

Did your mommies tie them? These were only a small sampling of the taunting the three of us suffered at the hands of the boys and girls. At least, I thought, no mention of diapers was made. As we reached school, being at the back of the bus, we exited last to a horde of jeering, laughing onlookers. Sadly, it was a fitting name for us, I thought. Denise was the last to step off the bus and, in the panic of the moment, tripped slightly and stopped his Petticoated sissy stories with his hands.

But his skirt and petticoat flew up long enough to expose his diapered and pantied bottom to the teasing crowd. I'll bet the three of them must be! As we made our way to the front entrance of the school, we saw Miss Quimby standing by the door. She was the assistant principal and in charge of discipline. She waved to us to come to her and told us to hold hands and follow her. Three little school girls obediently waddled forlornly behind her, hands clasped in each others', to her office. It was so shameful walking through the halls dressed as we were and holding hands.

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We were teased all the way there by our classmates. In her office, we were seated on a long bench facing her desk. She spoke. And you will be dressed and diapered similarly, every day, for the entire year. Arrangements have been made, through the efforts of Caroline's mother who is a teacher in a grade school in the district, for you to attend school as Denise, Erica and Caroline.

You will be treated as and act like girls for the entire school year. Perhaps by that time, you will have learned how to behave properly.

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The Petticoated sissy stories of you have been enrolled in all the same classes and your lockers are next to each others'. You have the same lunch period. At all times, you are to hold hands, as you just did, while walking to your classes. Each morning, after getting off your bus, the three of you are to quickly station yourselves at the main entrance where we just came in and you'll act as student body 'Greeters'. Meaning, you will curtsy to the students as they enter the school and wish them a cheery 'good morning'.

Do you girls understand me so far? Miss Quimby continued. You're not real girls so you can't use the girl's bathroom and, dressed as you are, you certainly don't fit in a boy's bathroom. Besides, that's what your diapers are for. If and WHEN you mess your diapers, you are to raise your hands and, politely, ask your teacher if you can be excused to go to the health office to have your diapers changed. What I just said holds true for the entire school day, up until one hour before dismissal. If you wet or poop yourselves in the last hour of school, the nurse won't be bothered with changing you.

You'll just have to wear your mess until you are changed at home. If you have pooped your diapers in that last hour, you will have to walk home, because none of your fellow classmates should have to endure your stinky diapers on the bus ride home. You are lucky that all three of you live close to school. Also, in that last hour, we won't have you stinking up your classroom.

A large play pen will be set up outside the nurse's office for you to sit in until dismissal. You can bring your books and study there and do your homework, as your last period is a study hall anyways. Do you understand girls?

Miss Quimby further continued. Now, there is a brief assembly for the entire student body in the auditorium in five minutes. You will be introduced to them on stage and your circumstances will be explained. I have prepared similar brief statements for each of you to read aloud to the school. She handed us each a piece of Petticoated sissy stories with our statement to read and dismissed us to the the auditorium.

We curtsied as we left. As the three of us made our way to the auditorium, Dr. Hayes, the Petticoated sissy stories, directed us up to the center of the stage and told us to just stand silently. The auditorium was full. There were many giggles and laughs at the sight of us.

And they have something to say to all of you. Denise, you may go first. And don't forget to curtsy. Tearfully, Denise, with somewhat of a waddle from his heavy diapering, made his way to the microphone. His petticoat and skirt bobbed gaily as he walked. He curtsied to great laughter and began to read aloud the statement Miss Quimby had prepared for him. Hayes ordered him to read it but Denise still refused and started to walk off stage. He was grabbed by two guidance counselors, who easily returned him back to center stage. Hayes ordered. Hayes replied.

The two guidance counselors turned Denise's back to the audience, bent him over, and lifted up the back of his pleated skirt and petticoats. Then, they pulled down his diapers and plastic pants and frilly bloomers; exposing his bare butt to the audience who roared with laughter. They held him in place. Hayes then produced a thick yard stick and reddened Denise's bare bum with a dozen whacks.

A few minutes later, diapers and panties still around his ankles, a very forlorn and contrite and shamed Denise sobbed as he read his statement. I love being a girl. I need to wear diapers because I sometimes have accidents. Erica and I then each read our similar humiliating statements without fuss. We surely didn't wish to be spanked like Denise. After finishing our humiliating speeches, the three of us held hands and quickly made our way off stage.

Miss Quimby, the assistant principal was waiting for us. There were three girls from our eighth grade class with her. They were all quite pretty and I recognized them from being school cheerleaders.

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They will be 'mentors' for you. Their job is to make sure that you act with proper girlish deportment at all timesmeaning you behave as proper little school girls at all times. Do what they say at ALL times. In essence, they are in charge of and in control of you for the year. Do you understand sissies? Miss Quimby dismissed all six of us to go to our first class of the day. Ashley, my mentor, spoke. And if you don't, you'll be severely and very humiliatingly punished by us. Now, form a circle holding hands. We were abhorred at the order and hesitated. I had never even really kissed a girl, much less a boy and the thought of it sickened me.

In the middle of the hall, the three of us gave wet kisses on the lips to each other, as passers by roared and taunted us. It was awful, not the humiliation as much as having to kiss a boy. One thing really surprised me though, and annoyed me too. When Erica kissed me, he stuck his tongue down my throat. I assumed he did the same with Denise.

Petticoated sissy stories certainly didn't like it and wondered why he did that. Sashay as you walk. We want to see your pretty skirts and petticoats bobbing nicely as you go!

Petticoated sissy stories

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