Pig tf stories

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General Rating. Download Submission. Like Indagare's stuff? Support them by sending some Shinies their way! File type : Word Document. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Pig Out. A young man stops in for a bite to eat only to find he's making a pig of himself! I wrote this story many years ago. It is placed in the Circe's Funhouse universe set up by Comus. It may also be found at the Funhouse under "Wolfy". I would encourage any tf fans to read all of the fantastic tales there, though! Pig transformation tf weight gain slob. Listed in Folders Transformation.

Oh man.! I loved this story so, so much when I first read it upon encountering at the Funhouse, way back in !!! One of my all-time top 3 TF stories ever, in fact!

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What really gets me, every time, is how easily and eagerly Mark abandons his humanity after just a short spiel from Circe. As much as you want, anytime you want. I mean, Thank you so much. Indagare Writer link parent. Your story is just fantastic, so it's really Pig tf stories arrogance but due pride in work well done!

I have always seen Circe as something of a trickster, so I like to make her playful and teasing as well as encouraging. After all, Mark isn't exactly shy about his love of food. Hehe, the slight mental tweaks that help folks to better enjoy themselves are always fun. People tend to have inhibitions that keep them from being fully happy, and I've always figured Circe helps guys overcome them. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! I remember comus once suggesting, with regard to the Funhouse, that "The more you change, the more you enjoy the change" -- that certainly seems to be the case with your Mark and my Leo who's really me anyway Yes, I don't think of these "slight mental tweaks" as brainwashing or hypnosis, since 'you' are still 'you' even when totally TF'd.

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My Leo, as a lion, no more wants to eat human flesh than he did as a man. Rather, I see it as a pleasant mystical enhancement of your inner animal, combined with a loosening of certain inhibitions when it comes to gluttony, sex, nudity, etc.

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The latter is a more recent thing and I keep thinking that it's due to a certain unhappiness on my part. In essence, I get tired of being me, and I wonder what it would be like to be someone else. RustyRaccoon Writer link. I remember this story now :. Always a treat to read a tf story where the person enjoys it. I wonder what wallowing in fudge would feel like? I wonder how it would feel to have another playful piggy friend lick the fudge off oneself and to then return the favour doesn't have to be naughty, although being pigs, well, I'm sure it's forgivable?

Although I tend to prefer the salty snacks over the sweet ones, it still would be a fun way to turn into a piggy. Thank you very much! I imagine it would be very sticky and goopy, though being licked could be quite Pig tf stories - a bit tickly, but probably very nice, especially in certain places.

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Pig tf stories

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