Pink ping pong ball story

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An average father gives his average son a ping pong table for his 12th birthday, and to his surprise the son loves ping pong.

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Plays it every day and night, and when no friends or family wants to play a round with him the kid sets up the table against a wall and pracices with himself. After a few years the father notices that his son is playing ping pong less and less, He asks him about this and the son replies, "Can't. No more ping pong balls". The father looks and just like his son had told him there were no longer any balls left on the table.

No big deal. Approaching the sons 14th birthday the father decides he wants to do something extra special. He finds his son watching TV and says, "Son! It's almost your 14th birthday! What kind of bike would you like?! The father was a little taken back by this, he continued and asked, "What do you mean? You don't want a bike son? You're turning 14?!?!

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The son made further comment and just returned to his program. Well this wasn't going to fly the father thought. You know what. I'm buying him the damn bike! So the father goes to the local sporting goods store and picks his son out a nice stylish bike with all of the shocks and removable doo d he can get.

He also decides to get him a few packs of ping pong balls and throw them in the helmet hanging from the handlebars. The morning of his sons birthday the father sets up the bike with a big ribbon then goes off to work. Returning home the father finds the bike sitting in the living room seemingly untouched. The bow is still on it, the kick stand still in the perfect little carpet divit it created from this morning. The father assumes the son must be playing ping pong!

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But to his surprise he finds him in his bedroom playing on his game console. The father assumes his son lost the balls already and is too embarrased to tell him so drops the subject and moves on. Knowing this isn't something you can just buy for someone he asks his son, "Son! What kind of computer would you like for your birthday? The son answers shortly, "No computer, Ping pong balls". The father thinks this is a bit odd but knows how much his son enjoys ping pong so doesn't say anything else about the subject.

After buying the new computer for his son and setting it up the father again tosses a few packages of ping pong balls in with the present and off to work he goes. His son is sitting in the living room listening to music and the ping pong balls have all dissapeared. The son doesn't reply, going back to his music he ignores the father.

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Being a good trustworthy son in the past the father decides to let this drop. If his son didn't like the presents he's sure he would tell him. Approaching the sons 16th birthday the father thinks, "Ok this is the year!

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I will finally give him a present he won't be able to ignore! I'll buy him a car! The father finds the son and says "Son! What kind of car do you want for your birthday? Being a little annoyed now the father decides to pull a fast one on his son, After buying him a new car he decided to prank his son and fill it from floor to sunroof with thousands of ping pong balls. He put them in the trunk, the vents, the glove box, under the seats.

Pushed the car into the drive way with a big bow on it and off to work he went. Driving upto the house after work the father notices the car doors are open, so is the trunk. As he gets closed he also notices the bow and ribbons were still on the car It hadn't been moved! Thinking his son just taught him a lesson on pranking the father walks into the house expecting a pie in the face or to be drowned in his own ping pong ball joke But again, the son just ignores his father.

The father dismisses this as his son just trying to get under his skin for the innital prank and once again ignores it. So a few years have passed and for Pink ping pong ball story occasion the son is asked what he would like his reply is only ever "ping pong balls". Unfortunatly for the Pink ping pong ball story, around his mid 30's he's diagnosed with a terminal illness and is laying on his death bed.

Is there anything I can do for you or get you to make you more comfortable? Pictures of loved ones? The son looking very weak and pale says, "ping pong balls dad Returning to the room the father gives the basket to his son and kisses him on the forehead.

This does it: "Son? What happened to all of the ping pong balls? After reading this joke you probably hate me But now go tell it to someone else and watch their faces do the thing yours just did. You're welcome. After I read this joke for the first time last year, I hated it so much that I've now told it to about 30 different people since then. Thank you. in up. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Last active Sep 9, Code Revisions 2 Stars 4. Embed What would you like to do?

Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Learn more about clone URLs. Download ZIP. The father asks the son, "Son! What is wrong with the bike? This time the father wants answers; he says to the son "Son! What was wrong with the computer? OK thinks the father, "Also what happened to the ping pong balls? Don't you like the car!? I love you dad.

Looking very weak now. I'll tell you. Then he died. This comment has been minimized. Copy link Quote reply. Owner Author. To relinquish the pain in my soul, I shall share this with others. That thingy gave me anxiety for my whole life. Already have an ? You ed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You ed out in another tab or window.

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