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There is a hymn on the first few s of Shine of the Ever. We are something else and we are part of each other. We will never fit. Why would we want to be like you? The chorus comes and we are a mass of bliss and fury and love and pain and truth and sound. Finally through the roof. We are going to shake you loose. A collection of stories for the pixies, the punks, the lovers and the loveless. Shine of the Ever has the image of a mixed tape as its cover art but I want to call it a hymnal, a psalm, for those who have wanted to see themselves in fiction and felt ignored for way too long, for those who are ready to shake loose of the traditional constraints of society and literature.

In thirteen stories, Shine of the Ever Pixies sex stories a collection of narratives with queer characters navigating Portland, Oregon—the city a character itself.

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Each character is searching for a sense of understanding and human connection while they continue the work of figuring their own selves out. What is special about this collection is that each story ends not on the stereotypical dreadful tone most stories about queer characters have.

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Claire Rudy Foster is a queer, nonbinary trans writer who lives in Portland. I spoke with Foster about why Portland is a popular place to write about, happy endings as a political act, longing and belonging, and if the world is ready for queer stories from people other than cis white men. Tyrese L. Claire Rudy Foster: Pixies sex stories collection takes place in grunge-era Portland, and the Pixies were so much part of the sound and texture of that time for me.

We will wade in the tides of the summer. TLC: Is this collection a result of the vibe, the longing, in this Pixies song or of Portland or of a mix of it all or something completely different? I connect with that. I often have the feeling of being outside, observing how other people live. I guess voyeurism is a kind of secondhand fulfillment. Portland has enough of those: memorials to the wonderful, weird culture that was pushed out by rapid expansion and gentrification. I hate it. These deers put in a lot of effort to make things seem natural, but I think the only people who believe it are the ones who never saw the original.

A theme park of the places we used to love. TLC: You and Mitchell Jackson both write about Portland as this place that has been replaced with a fictional utopian veneer, though you talk about Pixies sex stories communities within the city. It strikes me though that you both write about the city with a reminiscing tone—a love for the good bad old days. What is it about Portland that lends itself so well to characterization in the ways you and Jackson have written about it?

Maybe less: ten. The condos appeared in the early s, followed by an infestation of ampersands. Twee boutiques obscured the existing DIY culture, the punk scene, and the grittier places. Institutions protected by money stayed, but the day-to-day stuff vanished. Almost every mom-and-pop store is now a gleaming, white weed dispensary. The landscape here was altered.

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For most cities, these changes happen slowly, or they already happened a few decades ago. Yet, in spite of these changes, the core parts of Portland remain the same. The longer you live here, the smaller it seems. TLC: You both also Pixies sex stories about the drug epidemic in the city, but again, from different perspectives. You are not shy about writing and talking about your struggles with addiction.

CRF: First, I think all writing in every genre is autofiction of some kind. Writers draw from their own experiences, impressions, and sensations. An apple tastes like an apple. An apple that tastes like a pear is invented using the Pixies sex stories concepts that define taste, fruit, and eating. For Shine of the EverI was less concerned with historical accuracy than emotional precision. The book was born from my own attachment to a city that has been erased by time, and from my grief at watching its changes as it slipped away from me.

This grief is selfish, of course. Many excellent things have come from these changes. But I think most people have felt displaced in one way or another, forced to start over, or disconnected from community. I can complain about Portland changing, but I am not a victim. I am merely inconvenienced.

The white presence in Oregon is the result of an ongoing cultural genocide against Native people. Addiction is part of more contemporary, urban displacement. Addiction is commercialized; it turns a profit. Returning to the same place, song, person, or emotion is not that different from picking up a drink: both of them feel good for a while, and they enable the person to depart from the here and now. Shine of the Ever was an indulgence of my nostalgia. TLC: The fact that this book has no sad endings is a political act.

CRF: If literature is synonymous with sadness, we need to change what literature means! My favorite authors, like Richard Chiem, Katherine D. Morgan, and Sam Hooker can make me laugh. When I was writing Shine of the EverI could easily have fallen into tropes and stereotypes that enact violence on the queer and trans body, especially in communities of color.

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This is my city, my book, and my story. I can do whatever I want. Devastating at times. But my problems weigh less than a grain of the struggle that many other people face. Not all my characters are white. Not all of them are solidly middle class. They encounter issues with housing and income stability, access to medical care, real-world problems. But they are not in danger, as queer and trans people are often endangered in popular media.

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They have the luxury of making mistakes with minimal consequences. Or, as many white people do, fail up from their mistakes. A queer struggle story may involve some aspect of homophobia, self-hatred, tense family relationships, or the whole narrative would surround the protagonist coming out. Contemporary literature is shifting away from the struggle narrative—the kids have all come out if they want to, no one has time for homophobic people in their lives, etc…. But though I feel like your stories did not Pixies sex stories the traditional struggle narrative, I did notice that many of your characters still suffered with insecurity associated with their identity or sexuality or love life, a sense of unease and lack of trust.

Our voices are being heard because so many people, primarily queer and trans people of color, have led the way for trans rights. We have the right to be human and the right to be heard. The courage I have is a gift from them, and I try to live up to their generosity in my work. We are worthy of respect because we are human beings with equal rights. Identity is a process of becoming, not of arriving.

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Coming out is always hard. Dealing with transphobic family members and friends will always be heartbreaking. In either case, proximity to privilege determines how much systemic discrimination a person experiences. Struggle is relative: my writing attempts to dignify those struggles and weave them into daily life, which is how I encounter them. And then I think about the queer community and the continued fight, or longing, for equal and basic rights. What are the parallels here? However, I often felt like my identity was obscured, or reflected back to me in a way that was distorting and cruel.

For me, my shame around my queerness was expressed by that longing. Like you said, the longing to be known. Do you love me yet? When I got older, I learned to give that love to myself—and found a community that accepts me unconditionally, too. Outside those spaces, my safety, individuality, security, and agency are all entirely dependent on whether cisgendered people tolerate me, or heterosexual people choose not to hurt me. The longing I feel now is not for myself, but Pixies sex stories social justice. Amit is on the cusp of that discovery. They are afraid to name their desires.

They seek security in invisibility and gather crumbs of love. She enjoys her relative social and sexual privilege. This juxtaposition demonstrates how ludicrous I think it is for queer and trans people to deliberately mimic cishet power structures—and why I think allies are important, but not an intrinsic part of our community.

Pixies sex stories

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