Pokemon hypnosis story

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General Rating. Download Submission. File type : Text File. Rather it was going to an amusement park or to see the latest blockbuster they were all about it! The two were always suggesting things to do and the other would almost always agree to it. They both loved each other, so doing all sorts of things together was always good fun! This had led them to many adventures, from thrilling to wacky to loving. And at the end of each of them their bond grew stronger and deep down they both knew it was a bond that was never going to break.

Love was in their hearts and in all their adventures. This was going on since they started dating, and they both showed no of stopping anytime soon. While the two were sitting in their apartment together, they were trying to find something new to do together. There was something Pokemon hypnosis story today that made them want to try something new, something different. Eat at a new restaurant? Nah, they weren't hungry enough. An amusement park was too expensive, plus they'd been to most of the good ones near them already.

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That's when Leanan suggested something. Cameron agreed to the idea, and the two searched for a hypnotist who'd give them a small little induction. Both fans of transformation, thought it would be cool to find someone who would make it feel like they just went through one! While browsing online they found someone who not only specialized in that, but Pokemon transformation as well! It was like the perfect match for a hypnotist for them! The two got in contact with him and made in appointment for later that day.

The address given to the couple lead them to a building with a lot of unowned businesses, as a matter of fact it was the only one there! Despite the oddity of the location, Leanan and Cameron both made there way to the office, opening the door and entering.

There Pokemon hypnosis story a desk with a man sitting in a chair and a couch across from him.

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He looked up and smiled at the two. You must be Leanan and Cameron! The both nodded happily. Leanan and Cameron both listened to the man, allowing him to take them into a trance state. With each change you'll feel better, and better. Allowing you to go deeper, and deeper. There seemed to be more than just hypnosis going on here, as he spoke to both of them separately, describing their changes at the same time, the other not hearing what was happening to the other as to not disturb their transformation.

He began to describe the transformation for both of them. This sent a very big wave of sensation through them, something that normally hypnosis shouldn't do, but since they were both new to it, thought it was completely normal. Leanan's body became harder as purple scales covered all over, white growing on her torso. Her face grew out vastly, teeth becoming sharper as more formed to align on her new impressively large jaw.

Her nose become but mere holes no bigger than an inch. There was a brief pain on Leanan's forehead as a dull, but long purple horn protruded out from it. Her ears became much larger, turning green on the insides as spikes formed alongside them. A spine of spikes Pokemon hypnosis story down her back now. Her body grew much, much larger as Leanan's Pokemon hypnosis story became mere white claws, her rings and index fingers gone completely during this transition. Her shoulders became orbs while her legs became much larger, but shorter, essentially only knees and below left, but her massive torso made up for her height.

Leanan's kneep became much larger while only one digit on his toe survived, becoming a large white claw. From behind Leanan, she felt her spine sudden elongate as a long, sectioned tail formed behind her, nearly as long as her body itself.

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There was one more noticeable change left, as her sex finally swapped to fit into her, or rather, his new Nidoking body. Cameron's changes would be rather similar. His body structure would be near identical to Leanan's new body, however he had blue scales as opposed to purple.

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Cameron's ears and spikes going down his spine remained the same look, sans the insides of his ears which were brown. Unlike Leanan, Cameron's jaw grew longer, but was toothless, the bottom part of it taking on a cream color. The structure of Cameron's arms and legs were identical to Leanan's. His feet had only lost 3 digits as opposed to 4, his toes becoming small claws. The long tail formed out behind him while the bottom part of Cameron's body grew a sectioned cream scales. Not only that, two more formed at his chest, resembling breasts because well, they were. However they were hard and firm, not causing him any discomfort from the sudden new weight.

Lastly, the sex of Cameron swapped downstairs, officially making him into a Nidoqueen. The two looked at each other and at their bodies and didn't have any reaction. Nothing was out of the ordinary You're under my control now? The two new "Nidos" nodded and walked through the portal that the Pokemon had just opened up and the Zoroark followed behind.

Pokemon hypnosis story turned back to look through the rift one more time. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Contest Prize for arrogantkitsune DA for a contest they run a good while ago. She request herself and boyfriend turning into Nidoking and Queen respectively through hypnosis by Pokemon.

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Pokemon hypnosis story

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