Pokemon rape story

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Pastebin API tools faq. up. Charizard Rape Story. Jun 4th, Not a member of Pastebin yet? Upit unlocks many cool features! It was a warm summer day. Charizard was sitting out under the sun, basking in the heat. He had his head rested firmly, yet comfortably, in his hand; he was truly content.

He was slowly drifting off to sleep until…. Thoughts that bordered more around sleeping and eating had steadily become sweaty and passionate. His hand slipped down his body as he began to caress the raging meat stick that extruded from his body. As his hand moved up and down he thought about the hottest things he could.

He pretended his hand was the mouth of a female Charizard and he was getting a much needed blow job. He ran images through his mind about fucking Pikachus as they Thundershocked him, making him explode into their yellow goodness. It seemed today though, that none of that was working. At this point, he was beginning to lose his boner. Suddenly, he heard something. He quickly opened his eyes and in front of him was a helpless Clefairy.

It was strolling by, mumbling its name to itself. At first, Charizard thought nothing of it, but as he watched the Clefairy, his cock hardened and he had an overwhelming urge to fuck that tight Clefairy ass. So Charizard began to stand. When he did, the Clefairy stopped and looked at him with Pokemon rape story look of confusion and Pokemon rape story tilted head. Charizard slowly made his way to the Clefairy with an evil look, one that penetrates a soul, one that embodies three million dead Jews burnt by the righteous fires; possibly a foresight into what was to come….

The Clefairy now stood there; to afraid to move as the Charizard slowly made his way to it. It glared at the testicles, both bigger than its own head, as they dragged against the sharp blades of grass. When the Charizard had almost reached the Clefairy, he lunged at it and pinned it down. The Clefairy struggled and tried to escape, and begged in its own language for the Charizard to stop, but this only made the Charizard hotter.

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When the Charizard had a firm grasp on the Clefairy, he began to shove his oversized cock into its tiny balloon knot. With each thrust the Clefairy let out a cry. The Clefairy felt the cream shoot off into its own ass as the cock slowly slid out. When Charizard was done with the Clefairy, he flew off to sleep, as the Clefairy lay on the ground crying its own name, with cum dripping from its ass. Pokemon rape story a long nap, Charizard awoke from his slumber.

He let out a big yawn when suddenly he remembered what had happened. He knew he should feel bad… but it felt so good. All he could think of was doing it again. So he flew up in the air, a raging hard on dangling with him. He searched the forest for something else to have his way with. After about 15 minutes of flying, he found something…. It was a Pikachu! He could finally make his fantasy come true! So he descended and stomped down in front of the wild Pikachu, startling it and leaving it frozen in place, its dick spinning as a high powered stream of urine exploded forth.

Right before the Pikachu went to run, Charizard grabbed it. The Pikachu struggled, trying to escape. It only made him hornier. The Charizard began to brutally fuck the Pikachu in the ass, relishing the few last lighting attacks the feral rodent could spawn before submitting to the massive red dick penetrating it.

The Pikachu had let out hopeless squeaks as the Charizard had its way with it. This time, it took a little longer for the Charizard to ejaculate, but it was still quick… and very explosive. When he was done with the Pikachu, he let go of it, and let it slide off his dick, hitting the ground with a thud and a moan. The Charizard thought he was done at first, but he looked down, only to see he still had a hard on. He had only just began. The Charizard flew through the air, waiting for another victim to enter his sight. After about 30 minutes he was beginning to Pokemon rape story up hope, until, in the distance, he saw a town.

And what does every town have? He flew as fast as he could to the small little town, the town of pallet. He flew around the outskirts, looking for a suitable victim.

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He knew it could be dangerous for him to fly right into the center of the town and start raping everything he saw; he needed tact and finesse. After a little while of searching the outskirts, he saw someone. Instantly, Charizard knew this would be him. So Charizard waited, and watched as the boy.

He began to walk back to his large house. When they reached the woods, Charizard went down to the ground and began to rip off the boys pants. The boy tried to flee, but it was no use. With tears running down his cheeks the boy felt the huge dick rip his asshole as it penetrated his person. The Charizard Pokemon rape story into him with no mercy, enjoying the moaning sounds of the boy. After what seemed like forever, the Charizard was finished. Right before the Charizard had flown away, he saw something on the ground.

It must have fallen out of his wallet when Charizard ripped his pants off.

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Pokemon rape story

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The DM has our Pokemon rape us, and other such events