Pokemon transformation stories

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Like RedShadowDragon's stuff? Support them by sending some Shinies their way! Transformation Stories. File type : Text File. You always did wonder what it would be like to actually go out and explore dungeons as a pokemon. Just a figment of your imagination that you maybe would write a fanfiction of? You thought to yourself for a while before realizing that Pokemon transformation stories were being stared at by people passing on the street for just aimlessly staring at that poster for a good five minutes. Finally snapping out of your thought process, you open the door a bit slowly, as you investigated the game store with the usual shelves being filled top to bottom with the most recent games for the latest consoles.

You decided to head to the front desk to ask about the game advertised on the poster. You just needed to know about this game, was there bonus content or was it something more? The employee behind the desk chuckled a bit as they went to grab a copy of the game for you to see. Though it seems you got lucky, this is the only copy of the game with this specific code. Wonder what will be in it. Well alright!

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After the purchase, the cashier gave you in the game in a bag, waving you goodbye as you headed out of the store. The thought of what could be hidden behind that code could be endless, but you had another more pressing issue. Who would you choose to play as? Who do you want your partner to be? Now it is up to you! Suggest in the comments who you want to become, and who will your partner be? What do you want to be named? Prev Main Gallery Download Next.

Choose your own TF Story!

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Part 1 PMD. It's a really good song! Make sure to suggest in the comments who you want to become, and who will your partner be? Not all of them have to be answered of course! If you enjoyed this story, and want to support future stories consider watching me!

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If you are thinking of commissioning I am usually always open! Keep a watch out for journals! Want to Request or Commission? Fill out this form!

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Listed in Folders Transformation Stories. If you have several "routes" to this idea, you could go through a CYOA almost without problems. In this type of ideas I have seen a system of "votes", either adding the same type of suggestion or people voting on a subject that one agrees. Well, outside of that, my hold: protagonist charmander, partner treecko. So I have some affection for that combination XD. I was planning to go with a voting system starting at part 2 with it only having two or three choices. People will be able to vote on a straw poll for it. I would say names, but as I said before, I am not very good at names.

It was between squirtle and torchic, but I'm left with totodile and cyndaquil. The totodile thing fits well with that fun, emerged, inosenton and unconditional companion. In my opinion in Pokemon transformation stories the type of companion that can "drag" the main character, either to adventure or to problems, although one thing does not rule out the other XD. Radiculus link.

AJthekeldeo68 link. My character name: AJ pokemon: umbroen My partner name: brawn pokemon: lucario. Ruki-the-Zorua Zorua of Trickery link. This appears to be a very intriguing setup you have here! I like the lighthearted, happy dialogue at the beginning! And the fact that there are options as to what and who you want to be is quite phenomenal! As for the little questionnaire you set up, I'd like to be a Pichu by the name of Kyo, and another Pichu by the name of Kaiku.

Again, very nice setup here! Can't wait to see what future finished works look like!

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Keep it up, for I support it all the way! Thanks so much! I do know I probably can only really take one pair pokemon! I'll take all of the suggestions and put them into a poll for people to vote on. Just so it's fair for everyone!

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If you are not sure about multiple options, better not do it, as I have seen more than one that was left in the middle and unfinished ro. So you better go on with what you had in mind. I'll go with having two options, and the most popular option is what will go. Ruki-the-Zorua Zorua of Trickery link parent. Either way you make it, I'll read it all the way! My support is endless for these types of creativity! This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. Learn More.

Pokemon transformation stories

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Static Electricity. (A Pokemon TF story)