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I met my husband Andy when I was 17 and we were a couple, we married when I turned 18 far too young I think now he was 21 then. We struggled, had a two bedroom flat not big, 2 small rooms, kitchen, bathroom and living room.

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I got part time job but again crap pay. When I turned 19 I fell pregnant, we both were overjoyed but financially not great timing. Some people say a lady looks radiant a special glow but my stomach was big and I felt fat. We were having less sex, whether he was scared to or I was a turn off who knows. We had no car so the guy would pick him up and leave him home again. The guy his name was Perry, a very polite well dressed gentleman but a pervert, had fetish about pregnant girls. The night before job he called and explained job.

I should have said get out you weirdo but then we needed money and Andy wanted the job. Preggo sex story drank our tea, he kept looking at me and smiled, as he left flat he said well yes or no, I hesitated and said yes. Next morning we got up had breakfast and about 7. I gave Andy a kiss and they left. I was dressed in red frock and underneath I had matching red bra and pants and slipped on high heels. With that he ordered me to stand up, he told me to turn round. I could feel tension in the air, I could feel his eyes stare at me.

Then unzip your dress he ordered, mmmm beautiful as my back showed, I let the dress fall to ground, lovely he remarked. Preggo sex story unclip your bra he ordered, I was shaking as I unclipped my bra and let fall to ground if Andy could see me now. I turned my big juicy tits exposed and my big pregnant tummy. Come here, I walked over stood in-front of him, his hands caressed my stomach kissing it, his hands caressed my milky breasts, as leaned forward he licked them gently sucking milk from my tit, it felt sore but good as well.

Now his hand was between my legs teasing my pussy, which was moist and getting wetter. His fingers pushing the material inside me, I was in heaven as he pulled my pants down exposing my wet hairy pussy. I was so excited I was wetting myself as pee run down my legs. OMG he slipped finger inside me, I held his shoulders as he worked his magic on my body this guy knew how to make a 19 year old girl cum. I was begging him to fuck me, he smiled not yet, omg I thought please. He sat me down on my settee and opened my legs and began licking my pussy and fingering to I had another orgasm, o yes I screamed as I came, with that he undressed and I could see he had about 6 to 7 inches of hard cock.

He offered it to me, I opened my legs and begged him now.

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He entered me, it felt great as he slid it in, slow thrusts had me screaming then deeper and faster, omg he was good. He then got me on all fours and fucked me doggy style, I felt every thrust as he fucked me then felt hot sperm full my pregnant hole, we lay together, I was shattered. He helped me stand up even if I was shaken still. He helped me to my bed and disappeared into living room, it seemed he tied up mess and came into bedroom still naked.

Threw my clothes on chair and climbed on bed beside me and cuddled up kissing me caressing my naked body. He lifted my leg slightly and I could feel he was hard again, and entered my sore hole and fucked Preggo sex story again. OMG I felt him cum again. I looked at him stunned and said ah ok. He left and brought Andy home he Preggo sex story tired but said I looked worse than him.

The next morning I just put on dressing Gown and again Perry picked up Andy and they left. I had shower and put on hold me up stockings and high heels and nothing else. I left door ajar about ten and went into bedroom and waited. I walked in naked apart from stockings and high heels. O yes a pregnant slut mmmm lovely said the guy name was Ronnie. I stood in-front of Perry and he began caressing my pregnant stomach moving his fingers between my legs, teasing my pussy. Ronnie was standing behind me groping my tits, squeezing my nipples as he kissed me.

I felt milk squeeze from nipples, Perry had 2 fingers inside me and was rubbing my bum cheeks as he done this. I screamed as my juices run out of me then was guided into my bedroom and put on all fours.

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He was fucking me hard without mercy, I kept lifting my head shouting go easy but Perry kept pushing my head down to suck it. I felt Ronnie cum inside me then Perry swapped rolls and began fucking me, my pussy was on fire, my body felt used, desired and lust for, then I felt Perry cum. Ronnie opened his wallet and offered double the money to let him fuck my ass. I lifted my bum offering him my ass.

He slowly pushed his cock in my bum I nearly bit my lip as he entered meslowly fucking me, Perry rubbed my cum filled pussy to take away pain, as Ronnie began fucking me deep and hard it seemed to be in me forever then he cum big in my ass. Ronnie washed up and got dressed, when he came back in bedroom Perry was fucking my pussy again, though I must admit both holes felt raw, they both kissed me and left, again paying me. Andy arrived home, I was lying in bath soaking my sore used body.

Unfortunately that night Andy wanted to make love and I had to oblige, I was sore but still felt satisfied. Next morning was last day of job and as usual he was picked up and Perry returned as usual. He was by himself this time and we kissed and I took him by the hand and we entered bedroom. I sat him on bed and started doing sex striptease for him, once naked I undressed him then started to kiss him but lowered my pussy onto his hard cock and slowly moved up and down fucking him, it felt nice as he sucked my tits or groped me.

Then I felt Perry shoot his load inside me. He laid me onto bed and began fucking me Preggo sex story. He looked at me then entered my ass, it was sore but I wanted him. He shot his load and we fell asleep, when we awoke he got dressed Preggo sex story paid me, kissed me and thanked me and left. I had to hide the money from Andy, but I was a pregnant whore, a sweet innocent 19 year old pregnant girl who had become a slut.

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Preggo sex story

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